People may pass off essays as elaborate and extensive but ask reading aficionados and they would tell you that essays are the greatest pedigree of English literature – the real jewel in the crown. Essays are written to amuse, entertain and educate readers about a subject or an issue close to the heart of the essayists. Though they aren’t as much read as short stories, book lovers would confirm that no amount of reading can give a sense of gratification as an essay reading. Essays are mostly written in varying genres, right from comedy, fiction, history or current events. Furthermore, they may either be written as stand-alone pieces or grouped together in collections.
Aldous HuxleyAldous Huxley
26 July 1894
D. H. LawrenceD. H. Lawrence
11 September 1885

Samuel JohnsonSamuel Johnson
18 September 1709

John RuskinJohn Ruskin
08 February 1819
Art Critic and Painter

E. M. ForsterE. M. Forster
01 January 1879

Jhumpa LahiriJhumpa Lahiri
11 July 1967
V. S. NaipaulV. S. Naipaul
17 August 1932

Alain de BottonAlain de Botton
20 December 1969

Nick HornbyNick Hornby
17 April 1957
Author & Editor

Matthew ArnoldMatthew Arnold
24 December 1822
Charles LambCharles Lamb
10 February 1775
Writer & Essayist

William HazlittWilliam Hazlitt
10 April 1778
English Writer & Literary Critic
Joseph AddisonJoseph Addison
01 May 1672
Essayist & Poet

Thomas De QuinceyThomas De Quincey
15 August 1785

Leigh HuntLeigh Hunt
19 October 1784
English Essayist, Poet & Critic
A.C BensonA. C. Benson
24 April 1862
English essayist

Amy LevyAmy Levy
10 November 1861
Poet, Novelist, Essayist
Arthur Conan DoyleArthur Conan Doyle
22 May 1859
Physician, Writer, Poet, Cricketer, Novelist,

David IrvingDavid Irving
24 March 1938
Essayist, Journalist, Historian, Writer,

Zadie SmithZadie Smith
25 October 1975
Writer, Novelist, Essayist
Dorothy L. SayersDorothy L. Sayers
13 June 1893
Writer, Translator, Novelist, Playwright,

Hilary MantelHilary Mantel
06 July 1952
Writer, Novelist, Essayist, Film critic, Poet
Daniel TammetDaniel Tammet
31 January 1979

Houston Stewart ChamberlainHouston Stewart Chamberlain
09 September 1855
Racial theorist, Writer, Politician, Philosopher,

Harriet MartineauHarriet Martineau
12 June 1802
Linguist, Journalist, Economist, Historian,

Jean RhysJean Rhys
24 August 1890
Stephen SpenderStephen Spender
28 February 1909
Poet, Writer, Essayist, University teacher,
Elias CanettiElias Canetti
25 July 1905
Writer, Aphorist, Playwright, Chemist, Essayist

Hannah MoreHannah More
02 February 1745
Writer, Poet, Essayist

Robert FaurissonRobert Faurisson
25 January 1929
Essayist, Faculty, University teacher, Writer,

Timothy Garton AshTimothy Garton Ash
12 July 1955
Journalist, Historian, Writer, Essayist
Adam FergusonAdam Ferguson
20 June 1723
Philosopher, Librarian, Historian, Soldier,

Guillermo Cabrera InfanteGuillermo Cabrera Infante
22 April 1929
Linguist, Screenwriter, Translator, Essayist,

Aaron HillAaron Hill
10 February 1685
Poet, Playwright, Essayist

James WoodJames Wood
01 November 1965
Writer, Literary critic, University teacher