Throughout history, there have been many Australian women models who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great Australian female models such as Ruby Rose, Miranda Kerr, Anusha Dandekar, Sahara Ray, Rachael Taylor.
Ruby RoseRuby Rose
20 March 1986, Australian
Portia de RossiPortia de Rossi
31 January 1973, Australian, American
Actor, Writer, Model

Teresa PalmerTeresa Palmer
26 February 1986, Australian

Miranda KerrMiranda Kerr
20 April 1983, Australian

Elle MacphersonElle Macpherson
29 March 1964, Australian
Model, Entrepreneur

Anusha DandekarAnusha Dandekar
09 January 1982, Australian
VJ, Actress, Model
Peta WilsonPeta Wilson
18 November 1970, Australian
Actress, Model

Erica PackerErica Packer
10 November 1977, Australian
Model, Singer, Ex-wife of James Packer

Simone HoltznagelSimone Holtznagel
12 July 1993, Australian

Bianca CheahBianca Cheah
1981 AD, Australian
Sahara RaySahara Ray
10 March 1993, Australian

Casey BoonstraCasey Boonstra
29 May 1994, Australian
Model, Actress, Television Presenter
Meika WoollardMeika Woollard
21 April 2004, Australian

Alli SimpsonAlli Simpson
24 April 1998, Australian
Cody Simpson's Sister

Tziporah MalkahTziporah Malkah
30 November 1973, Australian, American
Model, Actress
Rachael TaylorRachael Taylor
11 July 1984, Australian
Actor, Model, Film actor

Dannii MinogueDannii Minogue
20 October 1971, Australian
Actor, Singer, Model, Songwriter
Holly ValanceHolly Valance
11 May 1983, Australian
Actor, Singer, Model

Isabel LucasIsabel Lucas
29 January 1985, Australian
Actor, Model

Sophie MonkSophie Monk
14 December 1979, Australian, British
Actor, Singer, Musician, Model
Gemma WardGemma Ward
03 November 1987, Australian
Model, Actor

Nicky WhelanNicky Whelan
10 May 1981, Australian
Actor, Model
Alyssa SutherlandAlyssa Sutherland
23 September 1982, Australian
Actor, Model, Film actor

Abbey Lee KershawAbbey Lee Kershaw
12 June 1987, Australian
Model, Actor

Jennifer HawkinsJennifer Hawkins
22 December 1983, Australian
Model, Beauty pageant contestant

Megan GaleMegan Gale
07 August 1975, Australian
Model, Actor
Sharni VinsonSharni Vinson
22 July 1983, Australian
Actor, Model, Singer, Dancer
Jessica GomesJessica Gomes
25 September 1985, Australian

Nicole TrunfioNicole Trunfio
16 March 1986, Australian, Italian

Michelle JennekeMichelle Jenneke
23 June 1993, Australian
Hurdler, Athletics competitor, Model

Jessica MaraisJessica Marais
29 January 1985, Australian, American, South African
Actor, Film actor, Television actor, Model
Erin McNaughtErin McNaught
22 May 1982, Australian
Actor, Model, Beauty pageant contestant, Music

Zoe NaylorZoe Naylor
04 July 1977, Australian
Actor, Model

Robyn LawleyRobyn Lawley
13 June 1989, Australian

Tahyna TozziTahyna Tozzi
24 April 1986, Australian
Actor, Model, Karateka

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Nikki WebsterNikki Webster
30 April 1987, Australian
Actor, Singer, Model
Iya VillaniaIya Villania
29 June 1986, Australian
Actor, Model

Samantha HarrisSamantha Harris
20 July 1990, Australian
Nadya HutagalungNadya Hutagalung
28 July 1974, Australian, Indonesian
Actor, Model

Lara BingleLara Bingle
22 June 1987, Australian

Kristy HinzeKristy Hinze
16 October 1979, Australian
Cheryl RixonCheryl Rixon
12 October 1954, Australian
Actor, Film actor

Erika HeynatzErika Heynatz
25 March 1976, Australian
Cheyenne TozziCheyenne Tozzi
09 November 1988, Australian

Kristina AkheevaKristina Akheeva
01 November 1986, Australian
Actor, Model

Catherine McNeilCatherine McNeil
20 March 1989, Australian

Montana CoxMontana Cox
02 September 1993, Australian

Laura DundovicLaura Dundovic
16 September 1987, Australian
Model, Actor, Beauty pageant contestant
Jessica HartJessica Hart
26 March 1986, Australian