The probabilities of characteristic of August 25th born individuals are influenced by the planet Mercury and Neptune. Practical and confident, these people are unique in their being and nature. Due to their astuteness and sensible thinking, they often turn out to be more mature than their counterparts. Coupled by a commonsensical awareness and helpful nature, these individuals make wonderful friends with almost everyone. However, individuals born on this date are highly insecure and have a tendency to be possessive and protective of people they love. This trait, sometimes gives rise to thoughtlessness and carelessness in these individuals. August 25th natives need to come over with the same and stop seeking constant approval and appreciation from others to lead an enlightening life.

Blake LivelyBlake Lively
32, American
Model and Actress
Sean ConnerySean Connery
89, British, Scottish

Billy Ray CyrusBilly Ray Cyrus
58, American
American singer-songwriter

Liu YifeiLiu Yifei
32, Chinese
Actress, Singer, Model

Tim BurtonTim Burton
61, American
Film Director, Producer, Writer, Artist

Gene SimmonsGene Simmons
70, Israeli, American
China Anne McClainChina Anne McClain
21, American
Actress, Singer

George WallaceGeorge Wallace
79, American

Elvis CostelloElvis Costello
65, British

Ivan the TerribleIvan the Terrible
53, Russian
First Russian Tsar
Kel MitchellKel Mitchell
41, American

James RightonJames Righton
36, British
Joanne WhalleyJoanne Whalley
58, British

Leonard BernsteinLeonard Bernstein
72, American
Conductor (New York Philharmonic)

Rachael RayRachael Ray
51, American
TV Personality, Celebrity Cook, Author
Tom SkerrittTom Skerritt
86, American

Mel FerrerMel Ferrer
90, American
Blair UnderwoodBlair Underwood
55, American

Van JohnsonVan Johnson
92, American

Althea GibsonAlthea Gibson
76, American
Tennis player
Conrad BlackConrad Black
75, British
Former Newspaper Publisher, Author, Investor

Ally WalkerAlly Walker
58, American
Cameron MathisonCameron Mathison
50, Canadian

Caitlin FitzGeraldCaitlin FitzGerald
36, American

Allan PinkertonAllan Pinkerton
64, British, American, Scottish
American Detective

Michael RennieMichael Rennie
61, British
24, Australian
YouTuber, Gamer
David CanaryDavid Canary
77, American

Akbar Hashemi RafsanjaniAkbar Hashemi Rafsanjani
82, Iranian
Former President of Iran

Helena SegerHelena Seger
49, Swedish
Partner of Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic

John Nathan DealNathan Deal
77, American
82nd Governor of Georgia
Tray BillsTray Bills
24, American
Musical Artist

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Bret Harte Bret Harte
65, American
Author & Poet

Bryana SalazBryana Salaz
22, American

Hans Adolf KrebsHans Adolf Krebs
81, German

Abraham MateoAbraham Mateo
21, Spanish
Michael Cohen Michael Cohen
53, American

Jaymee SireJaymee Sire
39, American
Television Host, Sportscaster, Blogger
Herbert KroemerHerbert Kroemer
91, German

Charles Robert Richet Charles Richet
85, French

Christian LalamaChristian Lalama
16, Canadian
Pop Singer
Frederick Chapman RobbinsFrederick Chapman Robbins
86, American
Virologist and Paediatrician

Azmin AliAzmin Ali
55, Malaysian
Malaysian Politician
Skylar HealeySkylar Healey
20, Canadian

Theodor KocherTheodor Kocher
75, Swiss

Thomas OliveiraThomas Oliveira
26, Brazilian

Ana Delia De IturrondoAna Delia De Iturrondo
40, Puerto Rican
Bikini Athlete, Fitness Trainer

Seymour KetySeymour Kety
84, American
Justin SiegelJustin Siegel
38, American

King HarrisKing Harris
15, American

Regis PhilbinRegis Philbin
88, American
Actor, Voice actor, Television presenter, Singer,

Ben FalconeBen Falcone
46, American
Joe WrightJoe Wright
47, British
Film director

Claudia SchifferClaudia Schiffer
49, German
Actor, Model, Supermodel
Rob HalfordRob Halford
68, British
Singer, Musician, Composer, Songwriter

Julia DavisJulia Davis
53, British

Honey IraniHoney Irani
64, Indian
Actor, Writer, Screenwriter
Erich HoneckerErich Honecker
81, German
Politician, Autobiographer, Non-fiction writer

Vivian CampbellVivian Campbell
57, British
Guitarist, Association football player
Mia ZapataMia Zapata
27, American
Singer, Musician, Guitarist, Pianist

Taslima NasrinTaslima Nasrin
57, Bangladeshi
Poet, Physician, Novelist, Essayist, Writer,

Louis Antoine de Saint-JustLouis Antoine de Saint-Just
26, French
Politician, Writer
Jeff TweedyJeff Tweedy
52, American
American songwriter

Amy MacdonaldAmy Macdonald
32, British
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Guitarist
Dave TippettDave Tippett
58, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Võ Nguyên GiápVõ Nguyên Giáp
58, French, Vietnamese
Officer, Politician, Journalist

Spider OneSpider One
51, American

Alexandra BurkeAlexandra Burke
31, British
Monty HallMonty Hall
98, Canadian
Television presenter, Actor, Journalist
Frederick ForsythFrederick Forsyth
81, British

Wayne ShorterWayne Shorter
86, American
composer, saxophonist, jazz musician

Martin AmisMartin Amis
70, British
Novelist, Science fiction writer, Short story

David Mayer de RothschildDavid Mayer de Rothschild
41, British
Lisa HarrowLisa Harrow
76, New Zealander

Xavier NielXavier Niel
52, French
Businessperson, Entrepreneur

Ray QuinnRay Quinn
31, British
actor, dancer, jazz musician, singer

Guillaume ApollinaireGuillaume Apollinaire
38, French, Italian

Wilhelm von HomburgWilhelm von Homburg
63, German
Actor, Boxer
Aaron JefferyAaron Jeffery
49, Australian, New Zealander

Johann Gottfried HerderJohann Gottfried Herder
59, German, Polish
philosopher, theologian, poet, translator
Baal Shem TovBaal Shem Tov
61, Polish
Rabbi, Physician

David Alan BascheDavid Alan Basche
51, American

Ludwig I of BavariaLudwig I of Bavaria
81, French
Louis I of SpainLouis I of Spain
17, Spanish

Ivan SerovIvan Serov
84, Russian
Derek SherinianDerek Sherinian
53, American
Musician, Composer, Pianist

Enomoto TakeakiEnomoto Takeaki
72, Japanese

Henri ToivonenHenri Toivonen
29, Finnish
Rally driver, Motorcycle racer, Racecar driver

Danny CastilloDanny Castillo
40, American
Mixed martial artist
John McGeochJohn McGeoch
48, British
Musician, Guitarist

Adnan VirkAdnan Virk
39, Canadian
39, French
Adult Film Star, Film director, Writer, Sex

Kim KoldKim Kold
54, Danish
Hugh HudsonHugh Hudson
83, British
Film director

Michael ZorcMichael Zorc
57, German
Association football player
Arpad EloArpad Elo
89, American
Chess player, Physicist, Scientist, University

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on August 25

The personality traits of those born on August 25th include an intellectual and charming nature, with sensibility, practicality and friendliness. Influenced by the planet Neptune, which is the ruling planet for the date, these people have a yearning for knowledge, learning And challenges. They are endowed with noble principles and have quick mind and sharp judgement skills. Though these people have a nice and caring temperament, they however are independent souls and love doings things their own way. They may take on the advice of people but usually do things their own way. Endowed with a creative mind, the highly intellectual mind of these people makes them confident killing any existence of self doubt. Unlike other people, these individuals love changes and accept them with open arms.

The physical health and well being of individuals born on August 25th is highly dependent on their emotional state of being. When emotionally sound, the physical health of these individuals is also great but if the person faces any psychological turmoil, then the same is reflected in their overall health and well being. Since these people focus of having a healthy diet and indulging in moderate exercise, they are mostly blessed with a great health. They however should include breaks and holidays in their regular schedule to eliminate stress and anxiety.

Financially, August 25th individuals have a tendency to be overly concerned about their financial security and stability even if they are well off. These people are likely to have a steady income. They are frugal in their spending habits and thus save money for a rainy day. August 25th individuals do not indulge in impulsive shopping.

August 25th individuals are hardworking and diligent. They aim towards continuously improving themselves and turning every opportunity they have into an achievement. Endowed with practicality and common sense, these people do well in jobs that offer promotion and growth. They may take up an ordinary position at the beginning but with their skilled approach and talent, they work their way towards getting the managerial chair.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Virgo’s born on August 25th are reliant on relationships for emotional support. Be it friendship or love relationship, they take all their associations very seriously. In matters of heart, these people are loyal and sympathetic. They love pleasing their partner and doing small and significant things for him/her. However, August 25th borns are not in a hurry to commit to a relationship. They consider a lot of things before confirming their feelings to someone. Individuals with this birthday are on the lookout for a perfect partner, who stimulates them physically and mentally and with whom they can have a strong rapport of understanding. As parents, these people are caring but can be overprotective. They believe in disciplining their children but do not adhere to punishment or reprimand for the same.

Lucky Color: Dark Green
Lucky Numbers: 7, 16, 25, 34
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Thursday
Lucky Days (of the month): 7, 16, 27