Those born on April 11 fall under the sun sign, Aries and they are ruled by Moon and Mars, making them social butterfly, while at times their hot tempered attitude works against their nature. The ruling of Mars and the Moon also make them impatient personalities and they adopt a unique outlook towards life. The intuitive nature of this sign is counter acted by an idealistic temperament making this ram long to be part of a team, while keeping their independence intact. The need for security in their love life will work toward helping them stay loyal to those who matter.

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50, American
Professional Wrestler
Jennifer EspositoJennifer Esposito
46, American
Actress, Ex-Wife of Bradley Cooper

Jeremy ClarksonJeremy Clarkson
59, British

Richard Leonard Kuklinski Richard Kuklinski
70, American
Contract Killer

Dele AlliDele Alli
23, British

Chloe BennetChloe Bennet
27, American
Actress, Singer
Anton LaVeyAnton LaVey
67, American

Dakota Blue RichardsDakota Blue Richards
25, British

Alessandra AmbrosioAlessandra Ambrosio
38, Brazilian
Fashion Model

Ethel KennedyEthel Kennedy
91, American
Wife of Robert Francis Kennedy
Kasturba GandhiKasturba Gandhi
74, Indian
Wife of Mahatama Gandhi

Septimius SeverusSeptimius Severus
65, Libyan
Roman Emperor
Michelle PhanMichelle Phan
32, American
Beauty Vlogger, YouTuber

Joss StoneJoss Stone
32, British
Soul Singer-songwriter

Joel GreyJoel Grey
87, American
Actor, Singer
Vincent GalloVincent Gallo
58, American

Dodie ClarkDodie Clark
24, British
Toddy SmithToddy Smith
28, American

Mark TeixeiraMark Teixeira
39, American
Baseball Player

Meshach TaylorMeshach Taylor
67, American
Julien KangJulien Kang
37, Canadian, French, Saint-Pierrais
Actor, Model

Amy Van NostrandAmy Van Nostrand
66, American
Jill GascoineJill Gascoine
82, British

George CanningGeorge Canning
57, British
Former British Prime Minister

Viola LiuzzoViola Liuzzo
39, American
Civil Rights Activist

Suicide ChristSuicide Christ
30, American
Punk Rapper
Jamini RoyJamini Roy
85, Indian
Indian painter
Percy Lavon JulianPercy Lavon Julian
76, American

Zachary Pym WilliamsZachary Pym Williams
36, American

Will TudorWill Tudor
32, British

Edward EverettEdward Everett
70, American
Former American senator
DJ FreshDJ Fresh
42, British
DJ, Musician, Record Producer

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Kid BuuKid Buu
25, Canadian, American

Brandon WestenbergBrandon Westenberg
18, American
TikTok ( Star, YouTuber

Kailin CurranKailin Curran
28, American
Mixed Martial Artist

Mark ThomasMark Thomas
56, British
Sebastian MoySebastian Moy
16, American
TikTok ( Star

James ParkinsonJames Parkinson
69, British
Jyotiba PhuleJyotiba Phule
63, Indian
Social Reformer

Leo RostenLeo Rosten
88, American
American humorist

18, American
YouTube Star
Marcus JohnsMarcus Johns
26, American
Viner/ YouTuber

Bryan TanakaBryan Tanaka
36, American
Dancer, Choreographer
Ava SangsterAva Sangster
27, British

Maddie LambertMaddie Lambert
16, American

Mark KennedyMark Kennedy
64, American
A former member of the United States House of

Heather PoeHeather Poe
58, American
Mary Cheney's wife

Gage ButlerGage Butler
11, American
Katy MaeKaty Mae
18, American
YouTube Star

Liv FreundlichLiv Freundlich
17, American

Robby EpicsauceRobby Epicsauce
25, American

Super SiahSuper Siah
6, American
Harley RaceHarley Race
76, American

Tricia HelferTricia Helfer
45, Canadian
Actor, Model, Beauty pageant contestant
Lou HoltzLou Holtz
87, American

Thiago AlcântaraThiago Alcântara
28, Brazilian, Spanish
Association football player

Bill IrwinBill Irwin
69, American
Lisa StansfieldLisa Stansfield
53, British
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Musician

Stuart AdamsonStuart Adamson
43, British
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Guitarist, Pianist
Mohit SuriMohit Suri
38, Indian
Film director

Oliver RiedelOliver Riedel
48, German

Cerys MatthewsCerys Matthews
50, British, Welsh
Louise LasserLouise Lasser
80, American

John MiliusJohn Milius
75, American
Kelli GarnerKelli Garner
35, American

Thomas HarrisThomas Harris
79, American
Writer, Screenwriter, Novelist, Playwright,

Andrew WilesAndrew Wiles
66, British, American
Mathematician, University teacher

Shilpa RaoShilpa Rao
35, Indian
Stephanie PrattStephanie Pratt
33, American
K. L. SaigalK. L. Saigal
42, Indian
Actor, Singer

Rohini HattangadiRohini Hattangadi
68, Indian

Guy VerhofstadtGuy Verhofstadt
66, Belgian

Peter RiegertPeter Riegert
72, American
Charles Evans HughesCharles Evans Hughes
86, American

Rachele MussoliniRachele Mussolini
89, Italian

Winston PetersWinston Peters
74, New Zealander
Rugby union player, Politician, Diplomat

49, Danish
Singer, Model

Cédric BakambuCédric Bakambu
28, French
Association football player
Dean AchesonDean Acheson
78, American
Former United States Secretary of State

Oleg CassiniOleg Cassini
92, French, American, Russian
Costume designer
Eka DarvilleEka Darville
30, Australian
Actor, Film actor

Kenta MaedaKenta Maeda
31, Japanese
Baseball player

Bao ZhengBao Zheng
63, Chinese
Masaru IbukaMasaru Ibuka
89, Japanese

John I of PortugalJohn I of Portugal
76, Portuguese
Will PackerWill Packer
45, American
Film producer

Thulani SereroThulani Serero
29, South African
Association football player

Chris BurdenChris Burden
69, American

Ferdinand LassalleFerdinand Lassalle
39, German, Polish
Writer, Politician, Economist, Lawyer, Philosopher
Erina ManoErina Mano
28, Japanese

Marguerite de NavarreMarguerite de Navarre
57, French
Gustav VigelandGustav Vigeland
73, Norwegian

Alberto GinasteraAlberto Ginastera
67, Argentinian
Saif al-AdelSaif al-Adel
59, Afghan, Egyptian

Robert StanfieldRobert Stanfield
89, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer
Norman McLarenNorman McLaren
72, Canadian
Film director, Animator, Screenwriter

Personality Traits & Characteristics Of Famous People Born On April 11th   

People with birthday on April 11th have a strong fiery personality that works in the right direction most of the time, keeping them from spinning their virtual wheels. A capacity of easing sharing and willingness to take on responsibilities will make them a popular person to have around. While most rams have a larger than life ego, this particular ram is more open to the rest of the world and are blessed with confidence. A vast imagination coupled with great empathy make these Arians very special individuals.

These individuals enjoy good overall health. Keeping a strong exercise routine will be vital as this sign has an exorbitant love for good food. Making sure to have sufficient rest to maintain their good health is also advisable to people born on this day. Dental issues can bother these Arians if they fail to go for regular dental checkups.

Financial independence is an easy task for people born on this day, as they have extreme control as far their finances are concerned. Resisting a senseless purchase is not difficult, as they hardly fail to keep an eye on their expenditures.

Career opportunities are unlimited for these Arians. Their fun loving attitude is evident in everything they choose to do and with a knack for managing money an occupation in the financial sector is to their best interest.

Relationships, Marriage And Children
The people born on this particular day generally have right to the point attitude toward romance and pursue a perfect relationship. This individual desire and asks of high standards of loyalty in their relationships, be it mere friendship or a love affair. Seeking emotional stability and security at times can be difficult because of their deep rooted desire to remain totally independent. However, these people are a delight to have in your life as they are fun loving, spontaneous, and devoted to no end. They offer their children certain degree of freedom and try to inculcate a sense of discipline.

Lucky Colors: Silver & Blue.
Lucky Numbers: 2 & 6
Lucky Days (of the Week): Monday & Tuesday
Lucky Days (of the Month): 2nd & 6th