Nothing sounds sweeter to the ears than songs native to one's roots and home — songs that are free from the frills and fancies of modern day music, songs that throb with the spirit of one's country. Over the years, we have seen and heard folk whiz like Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Jimmie Rodgers, Woody Guthrie and countless others belt out some pretty iconic, chest-thumping, no-nonsense music on things that matters most to the Americans — war, work, civil rights, hardship, satire and love. Folk singers, both old and new, have been source of great pride for America. Over the years, folk music has undergone a sea of changes in terms of music and lyrics. Unlike the folk singers in the past who rendered oral histories musically, today's Gen-X folk singers are way more relaxed and stirring in their tunes and lyrics. Melding folk tunes with contemporary music and lacing it with some hard-hitting, nostalgic, or dreamy lyrics, American folk music has found a new identity with the current crop of folk singers. Join us as we trail down the timeline, trivia, and interesting facts on the lives of some famous American folk singers to have ever walked on the American soil. These biographies will leave you with a newfound love for folk songs.
Kris KritoffersonKris Kristofferson
22 June 1936
Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Actor
Linda RonstadtLinda Ronstadt
15 July 1946
Singer, Songwriter, Musician

Tracy ChapmanTracy Chapman
30 March 1964

Cass ElliotCass Elliot
19 September 1941

Wilmer ValderramaWilmer Valderrama
30 January 1980

Joanna NewsomJoanna Newsom
18 January 1982
Townes Van ZandtTownes Van Zandt
07 March 1944
Singer & Songwriter

Deborah FalconerDeborah Falconer
13 August 1965

Woody GuthrieWoody Guthrie
14 July 1912
American singer-songwriter

Arlo GuthrieArlo Guthrie
10 July 1947
Aimee MannAimee Mann
08 September 1960
Alternative Artist

Pete SeegerPete Seeger
03 May 1919
American singer
Pernell RobertsPernell Roberts
18 May 1928

Harry ChapinHarry Chapin
07 December 1942

Avi KaplanAvi Kaplan
17 April 1989
08 September 1979

Christina Perri Christina Perri
19 August 1986
Maddie PoppeMaddie Poppe
05 December 1997

Garrett MorrisGarrett Morris
01 February 1937

Janis IanJanis Ian
07 April 1951
Singer, Songwriter, Musician & Author
Alan LomaxAlan Lomax
31 January 1915

Deborah RyanDeborah Ryan
13 May 1993
Actress, Singer
Sierra DeatonSierra Deaton
11 February 1991
Pop Singer

Chris BurkeChris Burke
26 August 1965

Harry BelafonteHarry Belafonte
01 March 1927
Singer, Actor, Stage actor

Phil ElverumPhil Elverum
26 May 1978
Marcus MumfordMarcus Mumford
31 January 1987
American-British singer
Ray LaMontagneRay LaMontagne
18 June 1973

Judy CollinsJudy Collins
01 May 1939
Singer, Street artist, Singer-songwriter,

Bob GibsonBob Gibson
16 November 1931

Roger McGuinnRoger McGuinn
13 July 1942
Kim CarnesKim Carnes
20 July 1945

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Exene CervenkaExene Cervenka
01 February 1956

Devendra BanhartDevendra Banhart
30 May 1981

Paul StookeyPaul Stookey
30 December 1937
Musician, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist

Phil OchsPhil Ochs
19 December 1940
Tom T. HallTom T. Hall
25 May 1936

Tim HardinTim Hardin
23 December 1941
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Composer
Tyler HiltonTyler Hilton
22 November 1983

Rebecca PidgeonRebecca Pidgeon
10 October 1965

Bobby BareBobby Bare
07 April 1935
Dar WilliamsDar Williams
19 April 1967
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Writer, Singer,

Jill GibsonJill Gibson
18 June 1942
Painter, Photographer, Singer, Songwriter
Jackson C. FrankJackson C. Frank
02 March 1943
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist

Judee SillJudee Sill
07 October 1944
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Composer, Pianist

Mason WilliamsMason Williams
24 August 1938
Musician, Songwriter, Guitarist, Classical

Tom PaxtonTom Paxton
31 October 1937
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Musician, Guitarist,

Kate WolfKate Wolf
27 January 1942
Composer, Singer-songwriter
Laura VeirsLaura Veirs
24 October 1973
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer

Lori McKennaLori McKenna
22 December 1968
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Guitarist

Peggy SeegerPeggy Seeger
17 June 1935

Will OldhamWill Oldham
24 December 1970
Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips
15 May 1935
Musician, Poet, Street artist, Singer-songwriter,

Dean FriedmanDean Friedman
23 May 1955
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Jazz musician,
Bob ShaneBob Shane
01 February 1934
Singer, Guitarist

Tommy MakemTommy Makem
04 November 1932
Singer, Banjoist

Jean RitchieJean Ritchie
08 December 1922
Historian, Singer, Musicologist, Musician,
Dave GuardDave Guard
19 October 1934
Singer, Banjoist, Singer-songwriter, Composer,

Sam AmidonSam Amidon
03 June 1981
John StewartJohn Stewart
05 September 1939
singer, banjoist, songwriter, singer-songwriter

Jeffrey FoucaultJeffrey Foucault

Anais MitchellAnais Mitchell
26 March 1981
John FaheyJohn Fahey
28 February 1939
composer, guitarist

Greg BrownGreg Brown
02 July 1949