The musical heritage of America is rich and overflowing with supremely endowed musicians and composers who have composed some of the most enduring musical pieces. A potpourri of talent, American soil has seen meteoric rise in the field of music, thanks to the brilliant American composers who with their skill at musical play created some of the most mind-blowing musical compositions that world has ever listened to. Interestingly, American composers have touched the lives and moods of one and all with their compositions – witty lyrics and catchy melodies for that playful listening spree or soulful renditions backed by heart-melting words for those moments of love or even down under lyrics and soft music for the feeling of blue. And any discussion on America composers and compositions cannot be fulfilled without the mention of Stephen Foster, father of American music. He is regarded as the first professional American songwriter and is the proud composers of more than 200 songs, including two state songs. Other eminently talented and noted American composers include George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Richard Rogers, John Philip Sousa, Irving Berlin, Burt Bucharach, Amy Beach and so on. Check this section to know about the life and works of famous American composers.
Chaka KhanChaka Khan
23 March 1953
Bret MichaelsBret Michaels
15 March 1963

John DenverJohn Denver
31 December 1943

Paul SimonPaul Simon
13 October 1941
Singer, Songwriter

John WilliamsJohn Williams
08 February 1932

Lea MicheleLea Michele
29 August 1986
Actress, Singer, Composer
Stephen SondheimStephen Sondheim
22 March 1930
American composer

Rick RubinRick Rubin
10 March 1963
Record Producer

Luther VandrossLuther Vandross
20 April 1951
John ColtraneJohn Coltrane
23 September 1926
Saxophonist, Composer

Danny ElfmanDanny Elfman
29 May 1953
Tori AmosTori Amos
22 August 1963
Musician and Singer

David McCallumDavid McCallum
19 September 1933

Neil SedakaNeil Sedaka
13 March 1939

Sergei RachmaninoffSergei Rachmaninoff
01 April 1873

Kathie Lee GiffordKathie Lee Gifford
16 August 1953
TV Host, Actress
Jeff RichmondJeff Richmond
07 January 1961
Composer, Director

André PrevinAndré Previn
06 April 1929

Pat MethenyPat Metheny
12 August 1954

Dizzy GillespieDizzy Gillespie
21 October 1917
Edie SedgwickEdie Sedgwick
20 April 1943
Actress, Model

Robby BensonRobby Benson
21 January 1956
Aaron CoplandAaron Copland
14 November 1900
Composer, teacher, writer

A.B. QuintanillaA.B. Quintanilla
13 December 1963
Record Producer

John Philip SousaJohn Philip Sousa
06 November 1854
Conductor, Composer
Adrian BelewAdrian Belew
23 December 1949
Guitarist, Singer, Composer, Songwriter

Fats WallerFats Waller
21 May 1904
Jazz Pianist
Thomas McDonellThomas McDonell
02 May 1986

Samuel BarberSamuel Barber
09 March 1910

Rostam BatmanglijRostam Batmanglij
28 November 1983
Charles IvesCharles Ives
20 October 1874

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Justin HurwitzJustin Hurwitz
22 January 1985
Paul BowlesPaul Bowles
30 December 1910
Writer, Music Composer

Gian Carlo MenottiGian Carlo Menotti
07 July 1911
Composer and librettist

Sigmund RombergSigmund Romberg
29 July 1887

Wesley StrombergWesley Stromberg
06 December 1993
Edgard VareseEdgard Varese
22 December 1883
James McBrideJames McBride
11 September 1957

Brad Douglas PaisleyBrad Douglas Paisley
28 October 1972
American singer-songwriter

Igor Fyodorovich StravinskyIgor Fyodorovich Stravinsky
17 June 1882

Alfred NewmanAlfred Newman
17 March 1901
American composer
Jeff MagidJeff Magid
26 March 1977
Ex-Boyfriend of Emily Ratajkowski

Amatus Sami-KarimAmatus Sami-Karim
Musician, Composer, Actress

Carroll O’ConnorCarroll O’Connor
02 August 1924

William MasonWilliam Mason
24 January 1829
Composer, Pianist

Exzavier WhitleyExzavier Whitley
24 May 1997
Singer-Songwriter, Musician
Adam SchlesingerAdam Schlesinger
31 October 1967

Fiona AppleFiona Apple
13 September 1977
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Composer, Pianist,
Don ShirleyDon Shirley
29 January 1927

Adrienne BailonAdrienne Bailon
24 October 1983
Actor, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer,

Randy NewmanRandy Newman
28 November 1943
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Composer, Conductor,
Ashley TisdaleAshley Tisdale
02 July 1985
Singer, Model, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Voice

Joe WalshJoe Walsh
20 November 1947
Michelle PhillipsMichelle Phillips
04 June 1944
Television actor, Singer, Actor,

John FogertyJohn Fogerty
28 May 1945
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Songwriter, Composer,

Steven Van ZandtSteven Van Zandt
22 November 1950
Actor, Musician, Screenwriter, Record producer,

Don HenleyDon Henley
22 July 1947
Singer, Composer, Musician, Drummer, Pianist,

Tom MorelloTom Morello
30 May 1964
Guitarist, Singer-songwriter, Musician, Actor,
Dennis WilsonDennis Wilson
04 December 1944
Record producer, Singer, Drummer, Surfer, Composer

Susanna HoffsSusanna Hoffs
17 January 1959
Actor, Singer-songwriter, Film producer, Musician,

Lex LugerLex Luger
02 June 1958
Professional wrestler, Actor, Television actor,

John TeshJohn Tesh
09 July 1952
Composer, Pianist, Radio personality
Trent ReznorTrent Reznor
17 May 1965
Singer, Composer, Pianist, Musician,

Bebe BuellBebe Buell
14 July 1953
Singer-songwriter, Actor, Model, Playboy Playmate,
David Lee RothDavid Lee Roth
10 October 1954
Singer, Musician, Record producer, Radio

11 September 1965
Singer, Record producer, Composer, Musician,

Ronnie James DioRonnie James Dio
10 July 1942
Singer, Composer
Gladys KnightGladys Knight
28 May 1944
Singer, Actor, Composer, Musician, Television

Sufjan StevensSufjan Stevens
01 July 1975
Singer-songwriter, Composer, Oboist, Banjoist,
Dimebag DarrellDimebag Darrell
20 August 1966
Guitarist, Composer, Musician

Maynard James KeenanMaynard James Keenan
17 April 1964
Singer, Musician, Record producer, Composer

Scott StorchScott Storch
16 December 1973
Record producer, Rapper, Singer, Pianist, Composer
Mos DefMos Def
11 December 1973
Singer, Actor, Songwriter, Singer-songwriter,

Kenny LogginsKenny Loggins
07 January 1948
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Singer, Composer
Isaac HayesIsaac Hayes
20 August 1942
Singer, Actor, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Film

Steve YoungSteve Young
12 July 1942
Composer, Singer-songwriter

Sammy HagarSammy Hagar
13 October 1947
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Musician, Guitarist,

Curt SmithCurt Smith
24 June 1961
Singer, Bassist, Songwriter
Levon HelmLevon Helm
26 May 1940
Singer, Musician, Autobiographer, Composer, Actor,
Damon DashDamon Dash
03 May 1971
Actor, Film producer, Nightclub owner, Film actor,

Ronnie Van ZantRonnie Van Zant
15 January 1948
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Musician, Composer,

Linda PerryLinda Perry
15 April 1965
Singer, Composer, Musician, Songwriter, Record

Brandon FlowersBrandon Flowers
21 June 1981
Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Composer, Pianist
Grey DeLisleGrey DeLisle
24 August 1973
Singer, Actor, Singer-songwriter, Composer,

Harry NilssonHarry Nilsson
15 June 1941
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Singer, Composer,

21 August 1979
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Chef

Josh KelleyJosh Kelley
30 January 1980
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Actor, Songwriter,

Ben GibbardBen Gibbard
11 August 1976
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Actor, Composer,
Teddy PendergrassTeddy Pendergrass
26 March 1950

13 May 1969
Guitarist, Composer, Banjoist, Jazz musician, Jazz
Krist NovoselicKrist Novoselic
16 May 1965
Bassist, Musician, Composer, Blogger

Kyle EastwoodKyle Eastwood
19 May 1968
Actor, Composer, Jazz musician, Music arranger,
La Toya JacksonLa Toya Jackson
29 May 1956
Richie SamboraRichie Sambora
11 July 1959
Guitarist, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Banjoist,