69 Year Old Females

The list of famous 69 year old females includes Elizabeth I of England, Sigourney Weaver, Anna Wintour, Griselda Blanco, Sissy Spacek. Famous females featured on this list, include actresses, political leaders, journalists and models and from other domains of life. This list of 69 Year Old includes people from United States, England, India & Canada and many more countries.

Sigourney WeaverSigourney Weaver
08 October 1949, American
Anna WintourAnna Wintour
03 November 1949, British
Magazine Editor, Fashion Journalist

Sissy SpacekSissy Spacek
25 December 1949, American
Actress, Singer

LaTanya RichardsonLaTanya Richardson
21 October 1949, American
Actress & Producer

Virginia VallejoVirginia Vallejo
26 August 1949, Colombian

Bonnie RaittBonnie Raitt
08 November 1949, American
Victoria PrincipalVictoria Principal
03 January 1950, American

Annie LeibovitzAnnie Leibovitz
02 October 1949, American
Portrait Photographer

Rebbie JacksonRebbie Jackson
29 May 1950, American

Barbi BentonBarbi Benton
28 January 1950, American
Former Girlfriend of Hugh Hefner
Arianna HuffingtonArianna Huffington
15 July 1950, American
American-Greek author

Kathy BakerKathy Baker
08 June 1950, American
Shera DaneseShera Danese
09 October 1949, American

Yasmin Aga KhanYasmin Aga Khan
28 December 1949, American

Princess AnnePrincess Anne
15 August 1950, British
Christine LahtiChristine Lahti
04 April 1950, American

Khalilah AliKhalilah Ali
17 March 1950, American
Genene JonesGenene Jones
13 July 1950, American
Nurse Who Killed Several Infants

Brynn ThayerBrynn Thayer
04 October 1949, American

Kathryn HarroldKathryn Harrold
02 August 1950, American
Candice DeLongCandice DeLong
16 July 1950, American

Sasha CzackSasha Czack
17 July 1950, American
Linda ThompsonLinda Thompson
23 May 1950, American

Agnetha FaltskogAgnetha Faltskog
05 April 1950, Swedish
Swedish musician

Jane O Meara SandersJane O Meara Sanders
03 January 1950, American
Social Worker

Joan Celia LeeJoan Celia Lee
1950 AD, American
Ann ReinkingAnn Reinking
10 November 1949, American
Actor, Choreographer, Dancer, Stage actor
Morgan FairchildMorgan Fairchild
1950 AD
Television Actress

Julie WaltersJulie Walters
22 February 1950, British

Ann WilsonAnn Wilson
19 June 1950, American
Musician, Singer

Suzi QuatroSuzi Quatro
03 June 1950, American
Guitarist, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Musician,
Debbie AllenDebbie Allen
1950 AD
Theater Actress, Film Actress, Choreographer,

Sudha MurthySudha Murthy
19 August 1950, Indian
Author, Social worker, Computer scientist,

19 September 1949, British
Actor, Model, Singer, Stage actor

Tavleen SinghTavleen Singh
1950 AD, Indian
author, political journalist, journalist

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Ma Anand SheelaMa Anand Sheela
28 December 1949, Swiss, Indian, American
Erin GrayErin Gray
07 January 1950, American

Gloria GaynorGloria Gaynor
07 September 1949, American
Mary HopkinMary Hopkin
03 May 1950, British
Singer, Songwriter

Sônia BragaSônia Braga
08 June 1950, American

Harriet HarmanHarriet Harman
30 July 1950, British
Politician, Lawyer, Solicitor
Deepa MehtaDeepa Mehta
01 January 1950, Indian
Film director, Screenwriter

Pamela StephensonPamela Stephenson
04 December 1949, New Zealander
Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Author, Television
Tantoo CardinalTantoo Cardinal
30 June 1950, Canadian

Jo Marie PaytonJo Marie Payton
03 August 1950, American
American television actress

Linda BassettLinda Bassett
04 February 1950, British

Helen ClarkHelen Clark
26 February 1950, New Zealander
Politician, University teacher

Jenny HolzerJenny Holzer
29 July 1950, American
Artist, Painter, Sculptor
Veronica De LaurentiisVeronica De Laurentiis
13 January 1950, Italian

Lois McMaster BujoldLois McMaster Bujold
02 November 1949, American
Writer, Novelist, Science fiction writer

Princess Olga Andreevna RomanoffPrincess Olga Andreevna Romanoff
08 April 1950, British

Mineko IwasakiMineko Iwasaki
02 November 1949, Japanese
Autobiographer, Geisha
Anne CarsonAnne Carson
21 June 1950, Canadian
Linguist, Poet, Translator, Writer, University

Laurie SimmonsLaurie Simmons
03 October 1949, American
Baleka MbeteBaleka Mbete
24 September 1949, South African

Yasmin Alibhai-BrownYasmin Alibhai-Brown
10 December 1949, Ugandan

Barbara SukowaBarbara Sukowa
02 February 1950, German
Singer, Stage actor, Film actor
Julia AlvarezJulia Alvarez
27 March 1950, American
American-Dominican poet

Daria NicolodiDaria Nicolodi
19 June 1950, Italian
Actor, Screenwriter
Rosie ShusterRosie Shuster
19 June 1950, Canadian

Michèle BennettMichèle Bennett
15 January 1950, French
First Lady

Kalsoom Nawaz SharifKalsoom Nawaz Sharif
1950 AD, Pakistani
Pakistani Politician
Ewa AulinEwa Aulin
13 February 1950, Swedish

Penelope TreePenelope Tree
02 December 1949, American
Roza OtunbayevaRoza Otunbayeva
23 August 1950, Kyrgyz
Politician, Diplomat

Diane WoodDiane Wood
04 July 1950, American
Judge, Lawyer

Natalya BondarchukNatalya Bondarchuk
10 May 1950, Russian
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter

Martine AubryMartine Aubry
08 August 1950, French
Dalia Rabin-PelossofDalia Rabin-Pelossof
19 March 1950, Israeli
Politician, Lawyer
Arianna StassinopoulosArianna Stassinopoulos
15 June 1950, American

Susan Eloise HintonSusan Eloise Hinton
22 July 1950, American

Cybill Lynne ShepherdCybill Lynne Shepherd
18 February 1950, American