Find out more about the greatest 21st Century Martial Artists, including Ronda Rousey, José Aldo, Brock Lesnar, Chuck Norris and Chris Weidman.
Chuck NorrisChuck Norris
10 March 1940, American
Martial artist
Jackie ChanJackie Chan
07 April 1954, Hong Konger
Actor, Martial Artist

Steven SeagalSteven Seagal
10 April 1952, American

Gina CaranoGina Carano
16 April 1982, American
Mixed Martial Artist

Jet LiJet Li
26 April 1963, Singaporean
Actor, Martial Artist

Shayna BaszlerShayna Baszler
08 August 1980, American
Mixed Martial Artist
Brett DierBrett Dier
14 February 1990, Canadian

Jim KellyJim Kelly
05 May 1946, American

Joe TaslimJoe Taslim
23 June 1981, Indonesian
Carlos GracieCarlos Gracie
14 September 1902, Brazilian
Martial Artist

Benny UrquidezBenny Urquidez
20 June 1952, American
Darren ShahlaviDarren Shahlavi
05 August 1972, British
Actor & Stunt Performer

Richard SandrakRichard Sandrak
15 April 1992, Ukrainian
Bodybuilder & Martial Artist

Yuen BiaoYuen Biao
26 July 1957, Canadian

Akshay KumarAkshay Kumar
09 September 1968, Canadian, Indian

Olivia MunnOlivia Munn
03 July 1980, American
Tiger ShroffTiger Shroff
02 March 1990, Indian

Jorge MasvidalJorge Masvidal
12 November 1984, American
Mixed martial artist, Boxer

Donald CerroneDonald Cerrone
29 March 1983, American
Mixed martial artist, Kickboxer, Boxer, Thai boxer

Alistair OvereemAlistair Overeem
17 May 1980, British
Mixed martial artist, Kickboxer
Tyron WoodleyTyron Woodley
17 April 1982, American
Mixed martial artist

Daniel CormierDaniel Cormier
20 March 1979, American
Amateur wrestler, Mixed martial artist
Donnie YenDonnie Yen
27 July 1963, Chinese
Actor, Film producer, Film director,

Nate DiazNate Diaz
16 April 1985, American
Mixed martial artist, Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Michael BispingMichael Bisping
28 February 1979, British
Mixed martial artist, Kickboxer, Thai boxer
Scott AdkinsScott Adkins
17 June 1976, British
Actor, Martial artist, Film actor, Taekwondo

Chael SonnenChael Sonnen
03 April 1977, American
Mixed martial artist, Podcaster, Promoter,
Frank DuxFrank Dux
13 July 1956, American
Sportsperson, Actor, Screenwriter

Anthony PettisAnthony Pettis
27 January 1987, American
Mixed martial artist, Taekwondo athlete

Vidyut JammwalVidyut Jammwal
10 December 1980, Indian
Chuck LiddellChuck Liddell
17 December 1969, American
Mixed martial artist, Kickboxer, Karateka

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Randy CoutureRandy Couture
22 June 1963, American
Film actor, Actor, Mixed martial artist, Military
Demetrious JohnsonDemetrious Johnson
13 August 1986, American
mixed martial artist

Nick DiazNick Diaz
02 August 1983, American
Mixed martial artist, Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Urijah FaberUrijah Faber
14 May 1979, American
Mixed martial artist

Bolo YeungBolo Yeung
03 July 1946
Actor, Film actor
Will Yun LeeWill Yun Lee
22 March 1971, American
Thiago SilvaThiago Silva
12 November 1982, Brazilian

Thakur Anoop SinghThakur Anoop Singh
23 March 1989, Indian

Iko UwaisIko Uwais
12 February 1983, Indonesian

Mark DacascosMark Dacascos
26 February 1964, Spanish, Japanese, American
Alexander GustafssonAlexander Gustafsson
15 January 1987, Swedish

Quinton JacksonQuinton Jackson
20 June 1978, American
Professional wrestler, Actor, Mixed martial

Cary-Hiroyuki TagawaCary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
27 September 1950, Japanese, American
Actor, Film producer, Film actor, Television

B.J. PennB.J. Penn
13 December 1978, American
Mixed martial artist, Writer, Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Vitor BelfortVitor Belfort
01 April 1977, Brazilian
Boxer, Judoka, Mixed martial artist, Karateka
Ip ChunIp Chun
31 July 1924

Robbie LawlerRobbie Lawler
20 March 1982, American
Mixed martial artist, Karateka
Junior dos SantosJunior dos Santos
30 January 1984, Brazilian
Boxer, Mixed martial artist, Coach

Steve BackshallSteve Backshall
21 April 1973, British

Michelle WatersonMichelle Waterson
06 January 1986, American
Mixed martial artist, Model, Karateka
Johnny Yong BoschJohnny Yong Bosch
06 January 1976, American

William ZabkaWilliam Zabka
20 October 1965, American
Eddie BravoEddie Bravo
15 May 1970, American

Uriah HallUriah Hall
31 July 1984, Jamaican, American
Mixed martial artist, Karateka, Kickboxer

Kelvin GastelumKelvin Gastelum
24 October 1991, American
Mixed martial artist

Clay GuidaClay Guida
08 December 1981, American
Mixed martial artist, Carpenter

Cat ZinganoCat Zingano
01 July 1982, American
Mixed martial artist
Dan HendersonDan Henderson
24 August 1970, American
Amateur wrestler, Mixed martial artist

Bruce BufferBruce Buffer
21 May 1957, American
Announcer, Kickboxer

Frank MirFrank Mir
24 May 1979, American
Mixed martial artist, Karateka, Thai boxer

Bas RuttenBas Rutten
24 February 1965
Actor, Judoka, Professional wrestler, Kickboxer,
Ip ChingIp Ching
1936 AD, Chinese
martial artist

Don FryeDon Frye
23 November 1965, American
Professional wrestler, Actor, Judoka, Mixed
Rashad EvansRashad Evans
25 September 1979, American
Mixed martial artist

Joseph BenavidezJoseph Benavidez
31 July 1984, American
Mixed martial artist

Forrest GriffinForrest Griffin
01 July 1979, American
Mixed martial artist
Gene LeBellGene LeBell
09 October 1932, American

Matt SerraMatt Serra
02 June 1974, American
Mixed martial artist
Dan SevernDan Severn
08 June 1958, American
Professional wrestler, Judoka, Mixed martial

War MachineWar Machine
30 November 1981, American
mixed martial artist, actor, Adult Film Star

Ben RothwellBen Rothwell
17 October 1981, American
Mixed martial artist, Kickboxer
Babu AntonyBabu Antony
22 February 1966, Indian
Film director, Actor

Johny HendricksJohny Hendricks
12 September 1983, American
Mixed martial artist, Amateur wrestler
Frank ShamrockFrank Shamrock
08 December 1972, American
Mixed martial artist, Kickboxer

Maurício RuaMaurício Rua
25 November 1981, Brazilian
Mixed martial artist, Thai boxer

Blagoy IvanovBlagoy Ivanov
09 October 1986, Bulgarian
Mixed martial artist

Rickson GracieRickson Gracie
21 November 1958, Brazilian
choreographer, judoka
Mark ColemanMark Coleman
20 December 1964, American
Mixed martial artist, Amateur wrestler,
Tank AbbottTank Abbott
26 April 1965, American
Mixed martial artist, Professional wrestler

Joshua WaitzkinJoshua Waitzkin
04 December 1976, American
Chess player

Benson HendersonBenson Henderson
16 November 1983, American
Amateur wrestler, Mixed martial artist, Taekwondo

Matt HamillMatt Hamill
05 October 1976, American
Amateur wrestler, Mixed martial artist
Linden AshbyLinden Ashby
23 May 1960, American
Actor, Television actor, Karateka, Taekwondo

Wong Jack ManWong Jack Man
1941 AD, American
martial artist

Victoria PrattVictoria Pratt
18 December 1970, Canadian

Antônio Rodrigo NogueiraAntônio Rodrigo Nogueira
02 June 1976, Brazilian
Mixed martial artist, Judoka, Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Antonio InokiAntonio Inoki
20 February 1943, Japanese
Politician, Professional wrestler, Writer, Actor
Robin ShouRobin Shou
17 July 1960
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer,

Billy BlanksBilly Blanks
01 September 1955, American
Martial artist
Rener GracieRener Gracie
10 November 1983, American

Carlos ConditCarlos Condit
26 April 1984, American
Mixed martial artist, Kickboxer
Stefan StruveStefan Struve
18 February 1988
Mixed martial artist, Kickboxer
Neil Brown Jr.Neil Brown Jr.
19 June 1980, American