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Birthday: June 19, 1983 (Gemini)

Born In: Palo Alto, California, United States

Lisa Hanawalt is an American Illustrator, who is also known for her excellent cartooning, painting, writing, and sculpting skills. She was the first woman to win an 'Ignatz Award' (in 2010). She later won it several times. Her other honors include the 'James Beard Journalism Award for Humor' and the 'Critics’ Choice Award,' and she has won them more than once. Her most famous work is 'BoJack Horseman,' an American adult animated web series, available on 'Netflix.' She was the production designer and producer of the show. She also worked as the creator and executive producer for the 'Netflix' series 'Tuca & Bertie.’ Her other well-known and award-winning works include the comic series 'I Want You' and the book 'Hot Dog Taste.'
Quick Facts

Age: 40 Years, 40 Year Old Females


father: Philip Hanawalt

mother: Graciela Spivak

Partner: Adam Conover

Born Country: United States

Artists Illustrators

Height: 5'3" (160 cm), 5'3" Females

U.S. State: California

City: Palo Alto, California

More Facts

education: University Of California, Los Angeles

Childhood & Early Life
Hanawalt was born on June 19, 1983, in Palo Alto, California, U.S., to Philip Hanawalt and Graciela Spivak.
Both her parents are biologists working with 'Stanford University.'
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In the early years of her career, between 2007 and 2010, she made a lot of drawings and paintings, such as 'Cats Drawing,' 'Two Cats Kicking a Dog in the Balls,' 'Living Room,' 'Shoe Store Birds,' 'Bird Meeting,' 'Arcade,' 'Cat Bots 1', ‘Cat Bots 2,' 'Auto Shop Mansion,' 'Party at Fowl Field,' 'Catman and Birds,' 'Macaw With Peanuts,' 'Swimming Hole,' 'Krampus,' and 'Tough Kitties.'
On December 3, 2011, her works were displayed at 'The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival,’ which was being conducted at two different venues: 'Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church' and 'Union Pool,' both in Brooklyn, New York.
Between 2011 and 2013, she contributed to a portal called 'The Hairpin' and released a series of illustrated film reviews. Some of her most notable paintings and drawings created during these years were 'Birch Tree Forest,' 'Monkey Garden,' 'Jungle Dogs,' 'Colossus Horse,' 'Horse Roping (The Misfits),' 'Snake Pile,' 'Lizard Town,' 'DeLorean Lizards,' 'Pink Fashion Cat,' 'Basilisk Lizard and Flowers,' 'Nature's Bouquet,' 'Motorcycle Nude,' 'Street Construction 1,' 'Street Construction 2,' and 'Drive-in Movie Theater.'
In 2009, her first comic series, ‘I Want You,’ was published by ‘Buenaventura Press.'
In 2010, she became the first woman to win the 'Ignatz Award' for “Outstanding Comic.”
‘McSweeney's’ released her first illustrated children's book, 'Benny's Brigade,' in 2012. It was written by Arthur Bradford. 'Foreword Reviews' described the book as “exuberant and imaginative,” and children's lit blog ‘100 Scope Notes' named the book the “Wildest Book of the Year.”
‘My Dirty Dumb Eyes,' her one-woman anthology of illustrations and comics, including her earlier-published works, was published by 'Drawn and Quarterly' in 2013. The book was a mixture of idiosyncratic, anthropomorphic, mostly uncomfortable, and sharp-witted humor.
In 2014, 'Netflix' produced the American animated adult TV series 'BoJack Horseman,' which was designed by her.
In 2016 ‘Hot Dog Taste Test' was published by 'Drawn and Quarterly.' The book was funny and captured the pop culture, relationships, and animal instincts of humans.
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Her graphic Western comedy novel titled 'Coyote Doggirl' was published by 'Drawn and Quarterly' on August 21, 2018. A talented equestrian, the titular character of the novel was half-dog and half-coyote.
‘Drawn and Quarterly' soon declared that they would be releasing a collection of her early works, 'I Want You,' with a reviewed introduction.
Her adult animated comedy ‘Tuca & Bertie' was released on 'Netflix.' The critics loved it.
Her recent paintings and drawings include 'Pooldog,' 'View from Airplane,' 'Birds Hungry for Worms,' 'Hot Dog Show,' 'Naughty Plants,' 'Forest Romp,' 'Dicktit Birds,' 'Tree Fulla Idiots,' and 'Birds in the Home.'
Her Other Works.
She has released quite a few innovative works. Her ‘Toilet Comics’ was a work that depicted the different postures of using the restroom and the problems involved.
‘Planting’ presented the story of two characters with the common hobby of planting.
‘Tuca the Toucan’ was about a toucan.
Toward the end of 2013, she was offered a contract to pitch new slogans for an advertising firm and came up with a lot of quirky concepts and sketches.
She has also contributed many illustrations to ‘The New York Times,' such as 'A Man with His Cat,' 'A Heartbroken Temp at' 'The GOP's Feminine Mystique.' 'Take Back the Streets,' and 'Tattoos for Terrified.'
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She designed the covers of two of Patricia Lockwood's books: a collection of poems called 'Motherland, Fatherland, Homelandsexuals' and 'Balloon Pop Outlaw Black.'
She worked on the music video 'Hang on to the Night.'
She was assigned to paint a mural image for an event sponsored by ‘Audi.’
‘Desert Island,' a comic-book store in Brooklyn, New York, commissioned her to sculpt 'Pinata Cats,' to be displayed on their window. She used material such as cardboard, papier-mâché, and watercolored feathers for the art.
Upon her friend and comedian Emily Heller's proposal, she began co-hosting the podcast 'Baby Geniuses.'
Her other well-known works include 'Caballos Con Carne,' 'Moosefingers,' 'War Horse,' and 'Big Bud Press Collab.'
Awards & Honors
The comic 'Stay Away from Other People' earned Hanawalt the 'Ignatz Award' for “Outstanding Minicomic” in 2009.
In 2010, she won the 'Ignatz Award’ for “Outstanding Comic” for 'I Want You #1.'
In 2011, she won the 'Stumptown Award' for the “Best Small Press” for 'I Want You #2.'
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She won the 'Society of Illustrators' silver medal in editorial illustration for 'Birch Trees Forest' in 2013. The same year, she was featured in 'American Illustration Annual 32.' She was also nominated for the 'James Beard Journalism Award for Humor' for 'The Secret Lives of Chefs,' printed in 'Lucky Peach' magazine.
In 2013, ‘Print' magazine tagged her as one of the best new, young designers of the year.
She received the 'James Beard Award for Humor in Journalism' for 'On the Trail with Wylie' in 2014. It was published in 'Lucky Peach' magazine.
Her 'Netflix' animated series 'BoJack Horseman' earned her the 2015 ‘Critics’ Choice Award’ for the “Best Animated Series.” The same year, she was nominated for the 'James Beard Journalism Award for Humor' for 'Goodbye to All that Sugar, Spice, Fat,' published in 'Lucky Peach.'
In 2016, she won the 'Ignatz Award’ for “Outstanding Graphic Novel” for 'Hot Dog Taste.' The same year, she earned the 'Critics’ Choice Award' again, For 'Bojack Horseman.'
She achieved the 'Critics’ Choice Award' for the third time in 2018, again for 'BoJack Horseman.'
In 2019, she bagged the 'Annie Award’ for the “Best General Audience” for 'BoJack Horseman.'
The year 2020 saw her win the 'Critics’ Choice Award’ for the “Best Animated Series' for 'BoJack Horseman.' The same year, she won two 'Annie Awards,’ one each for the “Best Writing” (for season 1, episode 9 of ‘Tuca & Bertie,’ "The Jelly Lakes," written by Shauna McGarry) and the “Best General Audience” (for 'BoJack Horseman').
Family & Personal Life
She has been dating comedian and TV personality Adam Conover for a long time.
Hanawalt claims she has always been passionate about horses.

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