David Hockney Biography

David Hockney is a painter and photographer of English descent. This biography of David Hockney provides detailed information about his childhood, profile, career & timeline

Quick Facts

Birthday: July 9, 1937

Nationality: British

Famous: Gays Artists

Age: 82 Years, 82 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Cancer

Born in: Bradford

Famous as: Painter


father: Kenneth Hockney

mother: Laura Hockney

City: Bradford, England

More Facts

education: Royal College of Art, Bradford College, England, Bradford Grammar School

awards: Shakespeare Prize

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David Hockney is one of the prominent painters of the contemporary world, who has revolutionized the style of painting called 'British Pop art'. Without merely sticking to landscapes or portraits, David explored his weird fascinations such as the swimming pools of Los Angeles and homosexuality. With such unconventional themes, his works were widely acclaimed and well-received by art patrons and critics alike. David Hockney even experimented with photography during the 1980's decade and introduced a new style of art called 'The Joiners'. The artist, who felt that photography using a wide lens, which was popular at that time, was quite boring, and merged pieces of Polaroid together to create unique pictures which narrated short stories. The artist's reputation also grabbed the attention of art schools, who invited the creative David to impart lessons on art to their students. The artist has also expressed his opinions on art through dozens of books like 'Secret Knowledge: Rediscovering the lost techniques of the Old Masters' and Martha’s Vineyard and Other Places: My Third Sketchbook from the Summer of 1982'. Hockney has also been felicitated by various institutions for his contributions towards art, which includes an honor by the monarch 'Queen Elizabeth'. Quite a few exhibitions were organized as a mark of tribute to the artist's works, where many patrons of art got to witness his creativity. He continues to be an inspiration to many painters even today

Childhood & Early Life
  • David first shot to fame through the work titled ‘We Two Boys Together Clinging’, which was created in 1961. Many interpreted the painting to have a strong inclination towards homosexuality.
  • In 1962, the artist created a wonderful piece of art named ‘The Diploma’. Hockney expressed his fury against the administration of the ‘Royal College of Art’ through this work, since they denied him the opportunity to graduate from the institution at the time.
  • He then relocated to Los Angeles in 1963, owing to his love for America and an undying obsession towards Hollywood. The same year, he created ‘Domestic Scene, Los Angeles’, yet another painting which depicted homosexuality.
  • Hockney started teaching at the ‘University of Iowa’ in 1964, after being invited by the institution to impart lessons in art. Although the artist found the work mundane, his time at the University allowed him to create four paintings in a span of just a few weeks.
  • The artist’s love for Los Angeles made him relocate to the city during the year 1966. The swimming pools in the city caught his fancy, and inspired the artist to create pieces of art like ‘A Bigger Splash’ and ‘Portrait of an Artist’.
  • David rose to the rank of an iconic artist during the 1970’s through his work. The first half of the decade saw the release of a few of his works like ‘Three Chairs with a Section of a Picasso Mural’, ‘La Chaise’, ‘Celia in a Wicker Chair’ and ‘Hollywood Tree’.
  • During the period 1975-80, Hockney created masterpieces such as ‘Celia Observing’, ‘The Buzzing of the blue guitar’ and ‘Portrait of Henry Geldzahler’.
  • During the 1980’s, this artist moved from paintings to creating collages using photos. This new experiment of art was termed ‘Joiners’. Davis juxtaposed photographs and Polaroid prints together to create outstanding pieces of art.
  • Some of his well-known works during this period were ‘Pearblossom Highway #2’ and ‘Kasmin, 1982’. The artist also produced more than a dozen paintings during this period, which were well acclaimed by art lovers and critics.
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  • In 1985, this artist was appointed by the world-renowned fashion magazine ‘Vogue’ to design the cover page of their French version. Many art lovers felt that this work was inspired by the artist’s admiration for the legendary painter Pablo Picasso.
  • In the same year, he was among the first few people to popularize the use of a software called ‘Quantel Paintbox’ for painting.
  • During the period 1985-90, the artist produced other pieces of art like ‘Malibu House’, ‘Green and Blue Paint’, ‘Red and Black Fruit’, ‘Henry’ and ‘Used Chair’.
  • Hockney created a few portraits in the 1990’s, which included that of ‘Jonathan Silver’, ‘Gregory Evans’, ‘Ken Wathey’ and ‘Mum’. Apart from these, his paintings like ‘The Other Side’, ‘Dog Painting’ and ‘Three Sunflowers and a Water Bottle’, which were released during this period, also earned a lot of acclaim.
  • Hockney started frequently visiting Yorkshire and in the early 2005, he started creating paintings inspired by the environment in the city.
Major Works
  • David’s biggest painting and one of his best works came out in 2007. This piece of art called ‘Bigger Trees Near Warter’ was around 15 feet by 40 feet in size. This painting was exhibited at the gallery of the ‘Royal Academy of Art’.
Awards and Achievements
  • David was felicitated with the first annual award of achievement by the 'Archives of American Art', in 1993.
  • He was awarded an honorary membership to the 'American Academy of Arts & Sciences', in the year 1997.
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  • An exhibition of Hockney’s paintings was organized at The ‘National portrait Gallery’, London in 2006, as a mark of tribute to the artist’s contribution to the field of fine art.
  • The ‘Royal Academy’ of London organized a 3-month exhibition named ‘A Bigger Picture’, which included many paintings of this famous artist.
  • ‘de Young Museum’ located in San Francisco organized an exhibition called ‘David Hockney: A Bigger Exhibition’, in honor of the artist. Dozens of paintings of the artist were exhibited to the joy of art lovers.
Personal Life & Legacy
  • Hockney’s mother passed away in the year 1999, the artist had even dedicated a painting to his mom, whom he loved dearly.
  • The talented artist has publicly admitted that he is gay and many of his works reflect his homosexual personality.
  • Christopher Simon Sykes, who is a writer and photographer, has penned a book on the famous painter, titled 'David Hockney: A rake's Progress', published in the year 2012. The same year, saw the release of an indie-pop album called 'Mia Pharaoh' which featured a song named after this great artist, titled 'Afternoons with David Hockney'.
  • The artist has penned more than a dozen books, the popular ones among these include '72 Drawings', 'Hockney's Pictures', 'David Hockney: Poster Art' and 'Travels With Pen, Pencil and Ink'.
Net Worth
  • Hockney's net worth was estimated to be around $55.2 million as of 2012.
  • Hockney's life was the inspiration behind the 1974 movie 'The Bigger splash'. The title of the movie was inspired by a renowned painting of the artist with the same name.

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