Discover the notable alumni of University Of Virginia. The list includes people like Robert F. Kennedy, Woodrow Wilson, Tina Fey, William Faulkner & Georgia O'Keeffe. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as miscellaneous, scientists, lawyers & judges, writers and leaders etc.
Robert F. KennedyRobert F. Kennedy
20 November 1925, American
Brother of President John F. Kennedy
Woodrow WilsonWoodrow Wilson
28 December 1856, American
28th U.S. President

Tina FeyTina Fey
18 May 1970, American

Katie CouricKatie Couric
07 January 1957, American

Laura IngrahamLaura Ingraham
19 June 1963, American
Television Host

Georgia O'KeeffeGeorgia O'Keeffe
15 November 1887, American
William FaulknerWilliam Faulkner
25 September 1897, American
Writer, Nobel Laureate

Vince GilliganVince Gilligan
10 February 1967, American
Screenwriter, Director

Steve HuffmanSteve Huffman
12 November 1983, American
Co-founder of the Reddit
Christina TosiChristina Tosi
09 November 1981, American

Sean Patrick ThomasSean Patrick Thomas
17 December 1970, American
Alben W. BarkleyAlben W. Barkley
24 November 1877, American
35th Vice President of the U.S

Schuyler FiskSchuyler Fisk
08 July 1982, American
Actress, Singer, Songwriter

Paul BowlesPaul Bowles
30 December 1910, American
Writer, Music Composer

Barry MarshallBarry Marshall
30 September 1951, Australian
Australian physician

Ronald CoaseRonald Coase
29 December 1910, British
John W SnowJohn W. Snow
02 August 1939, American
Former United States Secretary of the Treasury

Ferid MuradFerid Murad
14 September 1936, American
Physician and Pharmacologist

Hanan AshrawiHanan Ashrawi
08 October 1946, Palestinian
Palestinian legislator

Henry HagerHenry Hager
10 May 1978, American
Husband of Jenna Bush
Ben McKenzieBen McKenzie
12 September 1978, American

Sarah DrewSarah Drew
01 October 1980, American
Sam RiegelSam Riegel
09 October 1976, American
Voice Actors

Chris LongChris Long
28 March 1985, American
American football player

Dawn StaleyDawn Staley
04 May 1970, American
Basketball player
Krystal BallKrystal Ball
24 November 1981, American

Shelley Moore CapitoShelley Moore Capito
26 November 1953, American
Gesine Bullock-PradoGesine Bullock-Prado
06 March 1970, American
Chef, Lawyer

William Halsey Jr.William Halsey Jr.
30 October 1882, American
Military officer

Michael LeMoyne KennedyMichael LeMoyne Kennedy
27 February 1958, American
Sean Patrick MaloneySean Patrick Maloney
30 July 1966, American

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Richard E. ByrdRichard E. Byrd
25 October 1888, American
Naval officer
Jonathan ChebanJonathan Cheban
21 February 1974, American
Television personality

John WarnerJohn Warner
18 February 1927, American

Tiki BarberTiki Barber
07 April 1975, American
American Football Player

Walter ReedWalter Reed
13 September 1851, American
Military physician, Zoologist, Entomologist
Claudio ReynaClaudio Reyna
20 July 1973, American
Ronde BarberRonde Barber
07 April 1975, American
American football player

Francis CollinsFrancis Collins
14 April 1950, American

Eugene ScaliaEugene Scalia
14 August 1963, Italian, American

Jason GeorgeJason George
09 February 1972, American
Brit HumeBrit Hume
22 June 1943, American

Paul Tudor JonesPaul Tudor Jones
28 September 1954, American
Stockbroker, Financier

Travis Lane StorkTravis Lane Stork
09 March 1972, American

Max KennedyMax Kennedy
11 January 1965, American

Marvin BushMarvin Bush
22 October 1956, American
Bruce LiptonBruce Lipton
21 October 1944, American

Alexander TherouxAlexander Theroux
17 August 1939, American
John C. StennisJohn C. Stennis
03 August 1901, American

Stan WinstonStan Winston
07 April 1946, American
Film director, Make-up artist, Film producer,

Robert AldrichRobert Aldrich
09 August 1918, American
John DickersonJohn Dickerson
06 July 1968, American

Tom ShadyacTom Shadyac
11 December 1958, American
Film director
Thomas FrankThomas Frank
21 March 1965, American
Historian, Journalist

D'Brickashaw FergusonD'Brickashaw Ferguson
10 December 1983, American
American football player

Thomas JonesThomas Jones
19 August 1978, American
American Football player

Teddy SearsTeddy Sears
06 April 1977, American

Leland D. MelvinLeland D. Melvin
15 February 1964, American
Monica WrightMonica Wright
15 July 1988, American
Basketball coach

Jens SöringJens Söring
01 August 1966, German

Heather BurgeHeather Burge
11 November 1971, American
Basketball player

Heidi BurgeHeidi Burge
11 November 1971, American
Basketball player
Alexander VandegriftAlexander Vandegrift
13 March 1887, American

Brent UrbanBrent Urban
05 May 1991, Canadian
Football player
Somdev DevvarmanSomdev Devvarman
13 February 1985, Indian
Tennis player

Javier SolanaJavier Solana
14 July 1942, Spanish
Physicist, Diplomat, Politician, Professor

James Clark McReynoldsJames Clark McReynolds
03 February 1862, American
Attorney General
John BackusJohn Backus
03 December 1924, American
Computer scientist

Paul Craig RobertsPaul Craig Roberts
03 April 1939, American
Economist, Conspiracy theorist, Journalist
Bowie KuhnBowie Kuhn
28 October 1926, American

David K. E. BruceDavid K. E. Bruce
12 February 1898, American
Lawyer, Diplomat, Politician

Edward Stettinius Jr.Edward Stettinius Jr.
22 October 1900, American
Secretary of State
Robert A. ToombsRobert A. Toombs
02 July 1810, American

Atifete JahjagaAtifete Jahjaga
20 April 1975, Kosovar
Herbert SteinHerbert Stein
27 August 1916, American

Karl Gordon HenizeKarl Gordon Henize
17 October 1926, American
Astronomer, Astronaut, Scientist

Larry SabatoLarry Sabato
07 August 1952, American
Political Scientist

Edward P. JonesEdward P. Jones
1951 AD, American
Louis Arthur JohnsonLouis Arthur Johnson
10 January 1891, American
Politician, Lawyer
Oscar UnderwoodOscar Underwood
06 May 1862, American

Tom ReganTom Regan
28 November 1938, American
Philosopher, University teacher

Joseph WolpeJoseph Wolpe
20 April 1915, American, South African
Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, Psychologist,

Sylven LandesbergSylven Landesberg
10 April 1990, Austrian, Israeli, American
Basketball player
Jeff AgoosJeff Agoos
02 May 1968, Swiss
Football player

Seymour SchulichSeymour Schulich
06 January 1940, Canadian

Tammi ReissTammi Reiss
02 April 1970, American

Edmund M. ClarkeEdmund M. Clarke
27 July 1945, American
Computer Scientist

Julien GreenJulien Green
06 September 1900, French, American
Kathryn C. ThorntonKathryn C. Thornton
17 August 1952, American

Gregory OlsenGregory Olsen
20 April 1945, American
Fred Fisher FieldingFred Fisher Fielding
21 March 1939, American

Thomas Nelson PageThomas Nelson Page
23 April 1853, American
Karl ShapiroKarl Shapiro
10 November 1913, American
Howell Edmunds JacksonHowell Edmunds Jackson
08 April 1832, American

The University of Virginia, popularly known as just Virginia is one of the most popular and reputed research universities in the world. This institution was founded by the famous author, Thomas Jefferson in the year 1819. Apart from being exceptionally popular for the kind of education they offer, the University of Virginia is also very famous for its academic honor code, Secret societies and the beautiful historic foundations. As per the reputed UNESCO, choose, University of Virgina as the only ‘World Heritage Site’ college. The alumni of any institution speak a lot about the institution they come from and the alumni of thus university are beyond belief. The best part of this institution is that they have a perfect blend between academics and sports. The way they encourage sports and academics makes most of their alumni complete all-rounders. This institution has set unbeatable standards of hard work, determination, grit and excellence. They have made sure that they have set high bench marks for the future generation. Some of the most famous alumni of University Of Virginia are Internet entrepreneur, Alexis Ohanian or famous writer, Edgar Allan Poe, pretty actress, Tina Fey. They have shown the world that with hard work and dedication, impossible is just a word. This list of notable University Of Virginia alumni is based on the individual’s achievements and fame. We are quite certain that you will be surprised by some of the notable University Of Virginia alumni who made it to this list.