Discover the notable alumni of Southern Methodist University. The list includes people like Kourtney Kardashian, Jayne Mansfield, Laura Bush, Kathy Bates & Lauren Graham. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as film & theater personalities, business people, fashion, miscellaneous and sportspersons etc.
Kourtney KardashianKourtney Kardashian
18 April 1979, American
Model, Reality Star
Jayne MansfieldJayne Mansfield
19 April 1933, American

Lauren GrahamLauren Graham
16 March 1967, American

Kathy BatesKathy Bates
28 June 1948, American
Actress and film director

Laura BushLaura Bush
04 November 1946, American
Former First Lady of the United States

Rick scottRick Scott
01 December 1952, American
45th Governor of Florida
Hope HicksHope Hicks
21 October 1988, American
PR Consultant

Mary Elizabeth EllisMary Elizabeth Ellis
11 May 1979, American

Bill FagerbakkeBill Fagerbakke
04 October 1957, American
Actor, Voice Actor
Aaron SpellingAaron Spelling
22 April 1923, American
Film and television producer

Dorothy MaloneDorothy Malone
29 January 1924, American
H. L. HuntH. L. Hunt
17 February 1889, American

James CroninJames Cronin
29 September 1931, American

Whitney Wolfe HerdWhitney Wolfe Herd
01 July 1989, American

Bryson DeChambeauBryson DeChambeau
16 September 1993, American

Cole BeasleyCole Beasley
26 April 1989, American
American Football player
Amy AckerAmy Acker
05 December 1976, American

Josh McCownJosh McCown
04 July 1979, American
American football player

Payne StewartPayne Stewart
30 January 1957, American

Stephen TobolowskyStephen Tobolowsky
30 May 1951, American
Emmanuel SandersEmmanuel Sanders
17 March 1987, American
American Football Player

Edie BrickellEdie Brickell
10 March 1966, American
Steven PasqualeSteven Pasquale
18 November 1976, American

Dylan BakerDylan Baker
07 October 1959, American

Todd HaberkornTodd Haberkorn
16 August 1982, American, Vietnamese
Voice actor
Jim DugganJim Duggan
14 January 1954, American

Jim IrsayJim Irsay
13 June 1959, American
Eric DickersonEric Dickerson
02 September 1960, American
American Football Players

Jay McGrawJay McGraw
12 September 1979, American
Television director, Taekwondo athlete

Lee HazlewoodLee Hazlewood
09 July 1929, American
Country Singer
Don MeredithDon Meredith
10 April 1938, American
American Football Player

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Debra MonkDebra Monk
27 February 1949, American
Katie FeatherstonKatie Featherston
20 October 1982, American

Courtland SuttonCourtland Sutton
10 October 1995, American
American football player

Doak WalkerDoak Walker
01 January 1927, American
American football player

Sibongile MlamboSibongile Mlambo
25 June 1990, South African, Zimbabwean
Jack BrewerJack Brewer
08 January 1979, American
American football player
Margus HuntMargus Hunt
14 July 1987, Estonian
American Football player

Trammell CrowTrammell Crow
10 June 1914, American
Art collector, Rancher

Beth HenleyBeth Henley
08 May 1952, American

Nadja SwarovskiNadja Swarovski
1970 AD, Austrian, American
Yanick MoreiraYanick Moreira
31 July 1991, Angolan
Basketball player

Walter WinkWalter Wink
21 May 1935, American

NoViolet BulawayoNoViolet Bulawayo
10 December 1981, Zimbabwean

Robert H. DennardRobert H. Dennard
05 September 1932, American
Electrical Engineer

Clyde SnowClyde Snow
07 January 1928, American
Richard QuickRichard Quick
31 January 1943, American

Martina MoravcováMartina Moravcová
16 January 1976, Slovak
William HumphreyWilliam Humphrey
18 June 1924, American

David Karsten DanielsDavid Karsten Daniels
20 August 1979, American

Nancy GuillénNancy Guillén
14 October 1976, Salvadoran
Hammer thrower
Southern Methodist University is one of the most popular research universities in the world found in the University Park, Texas. With over 6,411 are undergraduates graduating from this reputed institution is probably something every student dreams of. With over 7 degree schools under this prestigious university, the ‘Southern Methodist University’ is out rightly one of the most sought after institutions in the world. The ‘Southern Methodist University’ is also ranked as the 13th best institution for the ‘Best Alumni Network’; it was also ranked as the 11th college that offers ‘Best Quality of Life’ for students. This survey was carried out by the ‘The Princeton Review’ also ranked this institution 14 for having the most beautiful campus. This university has a fantastic blend of student from all cultures having tons of people from, China, India, and Saudi Arabia. Some of the famous alumni of this institution are making a name for themselves in the world and setting higher bars for the next generation. They have made a name for themselves in the field of sports, entertainment, and business so on and so forth. Some of the famous alumni of this reputed institution are, Former First Lady of the United States, ‘Laura Bush’ and Ray L. Hunt, the popular Businessman and Kathy Bates, the famous actress. Here’s a list of notable Southern Methodist University students who have reached great heights and have been a source of inspiration for many people across the world.