The probability of the individuality of September 11 individuals is based on the influence of two celestial bodies, Mercury and Moon. While Mercury determines the personality traits of Virgo individuals, Moon casts its influence on the actual date in which these individuals are born. Thus, the two together determine the uniqueness of these individuals.  September 11 individuals are blessed with an innate yearning for love. They are practical in their approach and blessed with open, intuitive and inquisitive mind. Additionally, these people are futuristic in nature. However not all is good with these individuals as they have their own share of negativity. September 11 born individuals are prone to impatience and have picky judgments. Another negative trait that is present in most September 11 individuals is their indecisive nature.

Taraji P. HensonTaraji P. Henson
48, American
Actress, Singer
Bashar al-AssadBashar al-Assad
53, Syrian
President of Syria

41, American
Ferdinand MarcosFerdinand Marcos
72, Filipino
Former President of the Philippines

Harry Connick Jr.Harry Connick Jr.
51, American
American singer

Johnny VegasJohnny Vegas
47, British
D. H. LawrenceD. H. Lawrence
44, British

Amy MadiganAmy Madigan
68, American
27, Norwegian, Singaporean
DJ, Singer

O. HenryO. Henry
47, American
Short Story Writer
Maria BartiromoMaria Bartiromo
51, American
TV Journalist

Roxann DawsonRoxann Dawson
60, American
Franz BeckenbauerFranz Beckenbauer
73, German
Former German Footballer
Lola FalanaLola Falana
76, American
Singer, Dancer, and Actress

Jacoby EllsburyJacoby Ellsbury
35, American
Baseball Player
Tom LandryTom Landry
75, American
Former American Football Player & Coach

Bear BryantBear Bryant
69, American
Football Player, Coache
Hawley Harvey CrippenHawley Harvey Crippen
48, American
Homeopath & Killer of His Wife

Vinoba BhaveVinoba Bhave
87, Indian
Social Reformer

Sam BrownbackSam Brownback
62, American
46th Governor of Kansas
31, American

Vivi-Anne SteinVivi-Anne Stein
14, Guatemalan
Dancer, Actor
Mosunmola AbuduMo Abudu
54, Nigerian
Talk Show Host, Media Proprietor

Nik KeswaniNik Keswani
20, American
YouTube personality, Vine star and comedian.
James McBrideJames McBride
61, American

Jaxon ReactJaxon React
15, American
YouTube Star
Nazanin MandiNazanin Mandi
35, American
Singer, Actress, Model
Mungo ParkMungo Park
34, British

Justin CaylenJustin Caylen
26, American
YouTuber, Vlogger, Comedian
Tyler Lee HoechlinTyler Lee Hoechlin
31, American

Lux AtkinLux Atkin
7, British
Twitter Star
Emilia Saccone-JolyEmilia Saccone-Joly
6, Irish
Daughter of an Irish YouTube Couple

Emma KittiesmamaEmma Kittiesmama
15, American

53, American
Singer, Record producer, Composer, Musician,
Shriya SaranShriya Saran
36, Indian
Actor, Model

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Brian De PalmaBrian De Palma
78, American
film director, screenwriter, film producer
Mike ComrieMike Comrie
38, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Harry Connick Jr.Harry Connick Jr.
51, American
actor, singer-songwriter, bandleader, composer
Richard AshcroftRichard Ashcroft
47, British

Theodor W. AdornoTheodor W. Adorno
65, German, American
Philosopher, Composer, Musicologist, Sociologist,
Arvo PärtArvo Pärt
83, Estonian
Jon MossJon Moss
61, British

Herbert LomHerbert Lom
95, Czech, British
Television actor, Film actor, Actor, Novelist,
Ben LeeBen Lee
40, Australian
Actor, Singer, Songwriter

Jonny BucklandJonny Buckland
41, British
Charles KelleyCharles Kelley
37, American
Singer, Singer-songwriter

Alessandra RosaldoAlessandra Rosaldo
47, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Television actor

Lala AmarnathLala Amarnath
88, Indian
Victor WootenVictor Wooten
54, American
Bassist, Jazz musician

Betsy DrakeBetsy Drake
92, French, American
Actor, Novelist, Writer, Screenwriter, Stage
Murali KartikMurali Kartik
42, Indian
Indian cricketer

Erich von FalkenhaynErich von Falkenhayn
60, German, Polish
Politician, Officer
Craig CashCraig Cash
58, British
Actor, Comedian

Alec SuAlec Su
45, Taiwanese
Rudolf VrbaRudolf Vrba
81, Canadian
Pharmacologist, Physician, University teacher
Arpad MiklosArpad Miklos
45, Hungarian
Adult Film Star, Engineer, Actor

Julia Nickson-SoulJulia Nickson-Soul
60, Singaporean
Graeme ObreeGraeme Obree
53, British
Sport cyclist

Carl ZeissCarl Zeiss
72, German
Scientific instrument maker
Deirdre McCloskeyDeirdre McCloskey
76, American
Economist, Professor, Teacher

Philipp BouhlerPhilipp Bouhler
45, German

Gherman TitovGherman Titov
65, Russian
Crystal LewisCrystal Lewis
49, American

Jo Inge BergetJo Inge Berget
28, Norwegian
Association football player
Robert CrippenRobert Crippen
81, American
Officer, Astronaut, Aviator

Yulia ZagoruychenkoYulia Zagoruychenko
37, Russian
Pierre de RonsardPierre de Ronsard
61, French
Poet, Writer

David PizarroDavid Pizarro
39, Chilean
Wilhelm Ritter von ThomaWilhelm Ritter von Thoma
56, German
Military personnel
Julio SalinasJulio Salinas
56, Spanish
Association football player, Screenwriter

Daniel WildensteinDaniel Wildenstein
84, French
Art collector, Art historian, Businessperson
E.G. DailyE.G. Daily
57, American

Serge HarocheSerge Haroche
74, French, Moroccan
Physicist, University teacher
45, Indian
film editor

Myrta SilvaMyrta Silva
60, Puerto Rican
singer, composer, songwriter

Ben ScrivensBen Scrivens
32, Canadian
Ice hockey player
Cedric PriceCedric Price
68, British

Mary Elizabeth LeaseMary Elizabeth Lease
83, American
Elephant ManElephant Man
43, Jamaican

Gerard de LairesseGerard de Lairesse
Painter, Art historian
Pierre HuyghePierre Huyghe
56, French

Jovito PalparanJovito Palparan
68, Filipino
Alan BergmanAlan Bergman
93, American
Rafael BacaRafael Baca
29, Mexican
Mexican footballer

James Hopwood JeansJames Hopwood Jeans
69, British
Mathematician, Physicist, Astronomer
Felix Edmundovich DzerzhinskyFelix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky
48, Belarusian

John HawkesJohn Hawkes
59, American
actor, television actor, film actor
Richard Melville HallRichard Melville Hall
53, American

Éric AbidalÉric Abidal
39, French
Association football player
Ștefan Octavian IosifȘtefan Octavian Iosif
37, Romanian

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on September 11

Endowed with the usual Virgoan charm, sociability and grace, individuals born on September 11th are outwardly calm and composed but inside have a nervy temperament. They natural curiousness and composure drives them to improve things. Individuals with this birthday are mostly blessed with an active mind. They are intelligent and seek greater knowledge which makes them ambitious. Fairly spirited, these people are open-minded, organized and practical. Individuals with a September the eleventh birthday are quite sensitive and warm with a humanitarian outlook and a special closeness to family. Though they have immense self confidence in them, these individuals crave for emotional stability

The health of those born on September 11 is usually robust despite lack of concern. This is usually due to ample of physical and mental stamina and the tendency to do everything in moderation. Exercising is not customary for people with this birthday. However, indulging in activities such as swimming, walking, thinking or keeping a pet comes in handy to promote vitality and overall healthiness and well-being. The only precaution that these individuals need to follow is that they should maintain a moderate intake of sugar and alcohol. If the same is not followed, illness and dental problems can occur.

Endowed with excellent management abilities, monetary crises is a rare occurrence for people born on this date. September 11th individuals know how to manage their finances well. However, sometimes, their indecisiveness makes it a bit difficult to save or cash in on financial opportunities. Excepting for the same, the financial condition of people with this birthday is sound.

Much unlike other Virgo’s, the vocational choice of an individual born on September 11 is not based on the rate of pay. Instead, they aim for a career that best utilizes their educational skills, abilities of calmness and an insight for improvement. Though these people may be calm and of a reserved nature while working, they have the ability to cooperate with others and maintain cordial relationship with everyone at the workplace.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Sensible yet fantasist, individuals with a September 11th birthday take their relationships very seriously. They love the feeling of being in a love relationship and find it to be emotionally comforting. Once committed, September 11 individuals are loyal and trustworthy. They take all the efforts to make the loved ones feel happy and elated. An ideal partner for September 11 individual is one who helps keep a balance between both sides of the souls, the passionate side and the restricted side. A September 11 individual would go to great lengths to keep the relationship meaningful and going. However, these people have the tendency to be prone to jealousy and have streaks of possessiveness and protectiveness in them. As parents, September 11 individuals are conscientious. They are able to strike a balance between discipline and liberality. September 11 individuals are likely to recreate the style of their upbringing with their own children.

Lucky Colors: Cream, White, Green
Lucky Numbers: 2, 11, 20, 29, 38, 47
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Thursday, Sunday
Lucky Days (of the month): 2, 11, 20