When we talk of famous Puerto Ricans, the first images that come to mind are of sexy and glamorous celebrities like Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez who have taken the entire world by storm with their music and dance moves. Very prominent on the international music scene, Puerto Ricans have also made a name for themselves in literature, performance arts, fashion, science, and politics among other fields. Scientists like Carlos E. Chardón, Nitza Margarita Cintron, and Juan R. Correa-Pérez have made pioneering contributions to the development of science and technology in the country while physicians such as José F. Cordero and Martín Corchado have enriched the field of medical science. The country has also given birth to several notable literary figures including the 19th century poet and journalist Dr. Manuel A. Alonso who is considered to be the first Puerto Rican writer of notable importance. Many prominent figures in the field of entertainment like Juan Emilio Viguié Cajas were born in Puerto Rico. A pioneer in the film industry of Puerto Rico, Cajas was the first Puerto Rican to produce commercially successful films. Interested in learning more? This section provides you information about the life and works of famous Puerto Ricans.
Joaquin PhoenixJoaquin Phoenix
28 October 1974
Ricky MartinRicky Martin
24 December 1971

Daddy YankeeDaddy Yankee
03 February 1977
Rapper, Actor

Julianna FarraitJulianna Farrait
Frank Lucas' Wife

Anuel AAAnuel AA
27 November 1992

Roberto ClementeRoberto Clemente
18 August 1934
Luis FonsiLuis Fonsi
15 April 1978
Singer, Songwriter

Luis MiguelLuis Miguel
19 April 1970

Jose Ferrer José Ferrer
08 January 1912
Actor, Director

Luis GuzmánLuis Guzmán
28 August 1956
Miguel CottoMiguel Cotto
29 October 1980
Professional Boxer

02 May 1991
Singer, Songwriter
Joseline HernandezJoseline Hernandez
03 November 1986
Reality TV Star, Actress

13 March 1992

Angelo PaganAngelo Pagan
16 May 1968
Millie CorretjerMillie Corretjer
18 April 1974

Benicio Del ToroBenicio Del Toro
16 February 1967
Marcel RuizMarcel Ruiz
09 July 2003

Ricky GarciaRicky Garcia
22 January 1999
Singer & Actor

Carmen pretty_hispanicCarmen pretty_hispanic
16 October 1998
Ana Delia De IturrondoAna Delia De Iturrondo
25 August 1979
Bikini Athlete, Fitness Trainer

03 May 2003
TikTok Star
21 December 1994
YouTube Star

Paola Nicole AndinoPaola Nicole Andino
22 March 1998

Bad BunnyBad Bunny
10 March 1994

Amaury NolascoAmaury Nolasco
24 December 1970
Actor, Film actor, Television actor
José FelicianoJosé Feliciano
10 September 1945
Musician, Singer, Composer, Guitarist, Jazz
28 June 1968
Actor, Musician, Singer, Television actor

Don OmarDon Omar
10 February 1978
Singer, Actor

Zuleyka RiveraZuleyka Rivera
03 October 1987
Model, Actor, Beauty pageant contestant

Gina LynnGina Lynn
15 February 1974
Adult Film Star, Model, Glamour model
Adamari LópezAdamari López
18 May 1971
Actor, Television actor

Omar Rodríguez-LópezOmar Rodríguez-López
01 September 1975
Composer, Jazz musician, Guitarist

Joyce GiraudJoyce Giraud
04 April 1975
Actor, Model, Beauty pageant contestant

31 August 1975
singer, composer, songwriter

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Tito El BambinoTito El Bambino
05 October 1981
Gilberto Santa RosaGilberto Santa Rosa
21 August 1962
Bandleader, Musician, Conductor, Singer

Paul MasvidalPaul Masvidal
20 January 1971
Guitarist, Singer
Valter BirsaValter Birsa
07 August 1986
association football player

Myrta SilvaMyrta Silva
11 September 1927
singer, composer, songwriter

Joseph M. AcabaJoseph M. Acaba
17 May 1967
Astronaut, Teacher, Mathematician
Juan TizolJuan Tizol
22 January 1900
Composer, Jazz musician

Manuel Rivera-OrtizManuel Rivera-Ortiz
23 December 1968
Victor ManuelleVictor Manuelle
27 September 1968

Carly ColonCarly Colon
21 February 1979
Professional wrestler

René Pérez JoglarRené Pérez Joglar
23 February 1978