Mireya Moscoso Biography

Mireya Moscoso was the first Female President of Panama, and of the ‘Arnulfista Party’, a leading Panamanian political organization. Read on to find detailed information about his childhood, profile, career and timeline

Quick Facts

Birthday: July 1, 1946

Nationality: Panamanian

Famous: Presidents Political Leaders

Age: 73 Years, 73 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Cancer

Also Known As: Mireya Elisa Moscoso Rodríguez de Arias

Born in: Pedasí township, Los Santos

Famous as: Political figure

political ideology: Political party - Arnulfista Party


Spouse/Ex-: Arnulfo Arias, Ricardo Gruber

siblings: Ruby Moscoso de Young

More Facts

education: Miami Dade College

Humanitarian Work: Served as member of ‘Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars' Council of Women World Leaders’, aiming at promoting democracy and involvement in politics among women

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Mireya Moscoso is a woman of humble family, who began working as a secretary, and then a campaigner for President Arnulfo Arias. When Arias was exiled to the United States of America, the young lady followed suit and finally married the President. It was in the US that she pursued her studies in interior designing from the 'Miami-Dade Community College'. After Arias' death she took over his estate as well the leadership of the 'Arnulfista Party'. As a member of the party she contested in two presidential elections. She lost the first attempt to President Ernesto Pérez Balladares, but returned the next term to snatch the votes away from Martin Torrijos. As the first female President of Panama, she took efforts to gain control over the Panama Canal, and tried to handle the environmental problems that were prevalent in the region. However, there were strict laws against public expenditure that stopped her from passing new legislative reforms. Added to that, there were several accusations of partiality as well as corruption against Mireya and her government. She could not hold on to her initial popularity and the later representatives of the ‘Arnulfista Party’ failed to impress the masses. She was succeeded by Martin Torrijos, a ‘Democratic Revolutionary Party’ candidate, who is considered by many to have fared better as President than Moscoso

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Childhood & Early Life
  • In 1994, Mireya contested in the Presidential elections as a representative of the 'Arnulfista Party'. Her opponents were Ernesto Pérez Balladares, representative of the 'Democratic Revolutionary Party' ('PRD'), and singer Rubén Blades, candidate of the 'Papa Egoro' party.
  • Ernesto won the elections with a majority of 33% votes, and succeeded the former President Guillermo Endara. Moscoso and Blades on the other hand received 29% and 17% votes respectively.
  • In 1999, Mireya was chosen again to run as candidate for the Presidential elections, this time contesting against Martín Torrijos of the ‘Democratic Revolutionary Party' ('PRD').
  • The 'Arnulfista Party' candidate campaigned using Latin phrases like "Vox populi, vox Dei" ("the voice of the people is the voice of God"). She also cited her husband and promised to look into issues of education, poverty and privatization, once elected.
  • Initially, people had doubts about her ability since she neither had any political experience, nor did she have proper education. However, in the end it was Mireya who won the elections, beating Torijjos with a majority of 45% votes.
  • Moscoso was sworn in on September 1, 1999, and Ruby Moscoso, her older sister, was declared the First Lady. During her term, the 'PRD' political party was in charge of the Legislative Assembly. Also, former President Balladares had introduced strict laws against public fund expenditure, thus hindering the new President's efforts to introduce new reforms.
  • She ensured that according to the ‘Torrijos-Carter Treaties’, the United States gave control of the Panama Canal to her government. Once that was done, she had to go about tackling environmental issues in the ‘Canal Zone’.
  • The area was earlier used by the US army to try out bombs as well as bio-chemical weapons. The region was also plagued with lead contamination, unused weapons, and large quantities of Uranium.
  • She dismissed the ‘PRD’ employees from the ‘Panama Canal Authority’, and hired businessman Ricardo Martinelli as the new head. However, the economic conditions of Panama deteriorated since the US army had stopped funding the region.
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  • Mireya tried bringing international felonies to a halt by introducing new laws to keep a check on corruption. Ironically instances of local crimes shot up in the country, and the President was forced by the US government into giving refuge to Vladimiro Montesinos, a spy from Peru. The Peruvian had escaped from his country after being caught on tape bribing a Congress member.
  • In December 2000, the President created quite a stir when she formed a truth commission to conduct a search at the 'Panamanian National Guard' bases in the country. The decision was taken after a body was discovered and was assumed to be of a priest named Jesús Héctor Gallego Herrera, who was murdered during dictator, Omar Torrijos' rule.
  • This decision was condemned by the 'National Assembly' and the President of 'PRD', Balbina Herrera. The truth commission however found out that several murders had taken place at the army bases, most of which were carried out by the government of the dethroned military leader Noriega.
  • As a President, Mireya faced accusations of being partial in government appointments, and was charged with several instances of corruption. The economy continued to deteriorate, while she allegedly presented Legislative Assembly members with watches worth 146,000 US dollars. Towards the end of her term, her presidency was dismissed by people as being inefficient and fraudulent.
  • In the 2004 presidential elections, she was succeeded by her ‘PRD’ rival Martin Torrijos.
  • Even after losing her presidency, she remained active in politics as a member of the rival political party.
Major Works
  • in her capacity as the President of Panama, Moscoso took responsibility of the Panama Canal hand-over, and addressed environmental issues in the ‘Canal Zone’, which used to be a weapon testing region for the American army.
Awards & Achievements
  • On November 26, 2002, this former President of Panama was awarded the title of the ‘Grand Officer of the Order of Saint-Charles’ by the government of Monaco. The next year the same government honoured her with title of the ‘Grand Cross’.
Personal Life & Legacy
  • In 1969, Mireya married sixty-seven year old former President of Panama, Arnulfo Arias, who died at the age of eighty-six.
  • Moscoso got married to Richard Gruber, a businessman, in 1991, and the couple adopted a son, but after 6 years, she divorced Gruber.
  • Just before her term as Panamanian President ended, she released Cuban prisoners Luis Posada Carriles, Gaspar Jimenez, Pedro Remon and Guillermo Novo Sampol. They were conspiring to assassinate communist leader Fidel Castro, leading Cuba to sever all political associations with Panama

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