Famous People From Panama
Panama is a country located in Central America. Occupied by the Spanish, Panama broke free from the Spanish settlement in the 19th century but became a part of the union of the Nueva Granada, Ecuador, Venezuela and Republic of Gran Columbia. It was in 1903 that Panama finally separated from Columbia and declared its independence as a nation. Today the country is the fastest growing economy in Central America with a largest per capita consumer. Also, it ranks fifth in the Human Development Index in Latin American countries. Much of that has been due to its efficient and highly talented group of leaders who have led the country to the top. The Republic of Panama, similar to other American countries, follows a presidential representative democratic republic according to which the President of Panama is both the head of the state and the government. Manuel Amador Guerrero was the first President of Panama. Before taking up the coveted position, he played an instrumental role in the independence movement of Panama in 1903. Mireya Moscoso was the first female President of Panama. She was the wife of three-time Panama President Arnulfo Arias and played a crucial role in the handover of the Panama Canal from US to Panama. Juan Carlos Varela is the incumbent President of Panama. With this section, find out more about famous Panamanian leaders.
Manuel NoriegaManuel Noriega
11 February 1934
Former Panamanian Dictator
Omar TorrijosOmar Torrijos
13 February 1929
Elected official

Guillermo EndaraGuillermo Endara
12 May 1936
President of Panama

Ricardo MartinelliRicardo Martinelli
11 March 1952
Former President of Panama

Martín TorrijosMartín Torrijos
18 July 1963

Mireya MoscosoMireya Moscoso
01 July 1946
Political figure
Juan Carlos VarelaJuan Carlos Varela
12 December 1963

Arnulfo AriasArnulfo Arias
15 August 1901
President of Panama

Manuel Solís PalmaManuel Solís Palma
03 December 1917
Panamanian politician
Rómulo Escobar BethancourtRómulo Escobar Bethancourt
05 September 1927