Panama is the southernmost Central American nation bordered by Costa Rica, Columbia and Caribbean. The history of the country goes back to the 16th century when it was inhabited by the Spanish. Today, one of the fastest growing economies amongst the Central American countries, it has made its mark in all the major sectors, including arts and culture, science and technology, commerce and business, visual arts and entertainment, sports and so on. Much of Panama’s cultural soul is derived from European music and art by the Spanish inhabitants who beautifully blended African and Native American culture with European culture. Panama has been home to several stalwarts from various fields, who have raised the bar and made the country stall tall in the world platform. Artists such as Antonio Jose Guzman, Margarita Henriquez, Jose Quintero, Aaron Zebede and others gave Panama’s cultural world a new dimension. Gloria Gaurdia is well known for her works as a novelist, writer and essayist. Panama is also home to three world boxing champions namely, Pedro Alcazar, Roberto Duran and Panama Al Brown. The country also made its mark at Olympics with athletes such Irving Saladino, the country first and only Olympic gold medallist and Llyod La Beach two times Bronze medallist. Find out more about famous Panamanians with this section.
Manuel NoriegaManuel Noriega
11 February 1934
Former Panamanian Dictator
Mariano RiveraMariano Rivera
29 November 1969
Baseball Player

Omar TorrijosOmar Torrijos
13 February 1929
Elected official

Guillermo EndaraGuillermo Endara
12 May 1936
President of Panama

Ricardo MartinelliRicardo Martinelli
11 March 1952
Former President of Panama

Martín TorrijosMartín Torrijos
18 July 1963
Mireya MoscosoMireya Moscoso
01 July 1946
Political figure

Irving Saladino Irving Saladino
23 January 1983
Long Jumper

Kate RodriguezKate Rodriguez
05 November 1989

Roberto DuránRoberto Durán
16 June 1951
Professional Boxer
Juan WilliamsJuan Williams
10 April 1954

Rubén BladesRubén Blades
16 July 1948
Panamanian singer

Rod CarewRod Carew
01 October 1945
Baseball coach

Román TorresRomán Torres
20 March 1986

Rubén TejadaRubén Tejada
27 October 1989
Baseball player
Juan Carlos VarelaJuan Carlos Varela
12 December 1963

Julio Dely ValdésJulio Dely Valdés
12 March 1967
Panamanian footballer

Arnulfo AriasArnulfo Arias
15 August 1901
President of Panama

Felipe BaloyFelipe Baloy
24 February 1981
Panamanian footballer
Eusebio PedrozaEusebio Pedroza
02 March 1956

Jaime PenedoJaime Penedo
26 September 1981
Association football player
Blas PérezBlas Pérez
13 March 1981
Panamanian footballer

Armando CooperArmando Cooper
26 November 1987
Colón, Panama

Luis TejadaLuis Tejada
28 March 1982
Football striker
José QuinteroJosé Quintero
15 October 1924
Theatre director

Gabriel TorresGabriel Torres
31 October 1988
Panamanian footballer
Guillermo JonesGuillermo Jones
05 May 1972

Fidel EscobarFidel Escobar
09 January 1995
Panamanian footballer

Gabriel Enrique GómezGabriel Enrique Gómez
29 May 1984
Panamanian footballer
John IsaacsJohn Isaacs
15 September 1915
Basketball player

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Harold CummingsHarold Cummings
01 March 1992
Panamanian footballer
Andrew SalkeyAndrew Salkey
30 January 1928

Erick DavisErick Davis
31 March 1991
Panamanian footballer

Roberto ChenRoberto Chen
24 May 1994

Enrique GrauEnrique Grau
18 December 1920
Rómulo Escobar BethancourtRómulo Escobar Bethancourt
05 September 1927
Ricardo ClarkeRicardo Clarke
27 September 1992

Carlos RuizCarlos Ruiz
22 January 1979
baseball player

Manuel Solís PalmaManuel Solís Palma
03 December 1917
Panamanian politician

Gabriel Lewis GalindoGabriel Lewis Galindo
24 February 1929