Discover the notable alumni of Phillips Exeter Academy. The list includes people like Mark Zuckerberg, Franklin Pierce, Gore Vidal, Daniel Webster & Daniel Dennett. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as writers, intellectuals & academics, media personalities, miscellaneous and leaders etc.
Mark ZuckerbergMark Zuckerberg
14 May 1984, American
Founder of Facebook
Franklin PierceFranklin Pierce
23 November 1804, American

Dan BrownDan Brown
22 June 1964, American

Gore VidalGore Vidal
03 October 1925, American

Daniel WebsterDaniel Webster
18 January 1782, American
Former United States Senator

Daniel DennettDaniel Dennett
28 March 1942, American
Jay RockefellerJay Rockefeller
18 June 1937, American
Political Leader

John IrvingJohn Irving
02 March 1942, American

Arthur M SchlesingerArthur M. Schlesinger Jr.
15 October 1917, American
Robert BenchleyRobert Benchley
15 October 1889, American

Edward EverettEdward Everett
11 April 1794, American
Former American senator
Alessandro NivolaAlessandro Nivola
28 June 1972, American

Peter BenchleyPeter Benchley
08 May 1940, American

Roxane GayRoxane Gay
15 October 1974, American

David EisenhowerDavid Eisenhower
31 March 1948, American

Win ButlerWin Butler
14 April 1980, American
Songwriter, Singer, Composer, Poet, Guitarist
Frederick Winslow TaylorFrederick Winslow Taylor
20 March 1856, American
Tennis player, Engineer, Economist, Golfer,

George PlimptonGeorge Plimpton
18 March 1927, American

M. Scott PeckM. Scott Peck
22 May 1936, American

Michael CerverisMichael Cerveris
06 November 1960, American
Gifford PinchotGifford Pinchot
11 August 1865, American
Forestry scientist

Lewis CassLewis Cass
09 October 1782, American
Former United States Senator
Fred GrandyFred Grandy
29 June 1948, American
Television actor, Film actor, Actor, Politician,

John NegroponteJohn Negroponte
21 July 1939, American
Politician, Diplomat

Benmont TenchBenmont Tench
07 September 1953, American
Adam D'AngeloAdam D'Angelo
1984 AD, American

Roscoe ConklingRoscoe Conkling
30 October 1829, American
Judd GreggJudd Gregg
14 February 1947, American

Nicholas KatzenbachNicholas Katzenbach
17 January 1922, American

Fitz John PorterFitz John Porter
31 August 1822, American
Military Officer
George BancroftGeorge Bancroft
03 October 1800, American
Diplomat, Historian of the modern age, Historian,

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Amos Alonzo StaggAmos Alonzo Stagg
16 August 1862, American
John Adams DixJohn Adams Dix
24 July 1798, American

Joseph CoorsJoseph Coors
12 November 1917, American

Donald HallDonald Hall
20 September 1928, American

Paul SweezyPaul Sweezy
10 April 1910, American
John KnowlesJohn Knowles
16 September 1926, American
Writer, Novelist, Journalist
David MumfordDavid Mumford
11 June 1937, American
Mathematician, University teacher

Thomas W. LamontThomas W. Lamont
30 September 1870, American

Ralph Adams CramRalph Adams Cram
16 December 1863, American

Liu WenLiu Wen
27 January 1988, Chinese
Jared SparksJared Sparks
10 May 1789, American

Alfred D. Chandler, Jr.Alfred D. Chandler, Jr.
15 September 1918, American

Robert AndersonRobert Anderson
28 April 1917, American

Herbert Baxter AdamsHerbert Baxter Adams
16 April 1850, American

Whitney BalliettWhitney Balliett
17 April 1926, American
Richard Pike BissellRichard Pike Bissell
27 June 1913, American

Drew PearsonDrew Pearson
13 December 1897, American
American journalist
Haniel LongHaniel Long
09 March 1888, Burmese, American

Jonathan Homer LaneJonathan Homer Lane
09 August 1819, American

R.W.B. LewisR.W.B. Lewis
01 November 1917, American
John Irving BloomJohn Irving Bloom
27 January 1953, American
Film critic

Established in the year 1781 by John Phillips, Phillips Exeter Academy is a coeducational independent school for high schoolers, particularly between the 9th and 12th grade. Phillips Exeter Academy is one of the oldest and prestigious secondary schools of the United States of America and is situated in New Hampshire. Being regarded as a school for the American political elite, it has been valued at an enormous 1.2 billion dollars, making it the largest endowment of all New England boarding schools. The school roughly consists of 1000 students who pursue their secondary education in various programs. With the student body representing over 33 countries and the option to study in 5 continents, the school provides a diverse platform to excel beyond boundaries, globally. With over 450 courses, in 18 core areas of study, the students can intellectually challenge themselves with the unparalleled opportunities they have in hand. The school also boasts a remarkable panel of faculty, with well-accomplished and qualified teachers who have created a mark in their respective areas of study. Phillips Exeter Academy has produced various distinguished personalities over time. The numerous alumni’s of the school went on to achieve greatness in various fields of study. David Rockefeller Jr., Mark Zuckerberg, Daniel Webster, John Knowles and Franklin Pierce all attended Phillips Exeter Academy. We are certain that you will be quite surprised to know the rest of the celebrities who started their humble beginnings here.