Pluto is primarily responsible for the personality traits of individuals born under the zodiacal group Scorpio. However, the actual date in which October 29 individuals are born comes under the influence of Moon. Thus, the two celestial bodies play a dominant role is determining the probability of the personality of October 29 individuals. These people are blessed with a caring and considerate side and have a strong sense of responsibility. A sharp observation and highly imaginative innovation fills these people with ideas and makes them have an optimistic and positive outlook of the world. On the other hand, these people are likely to get stubborn and have a bossy and domineering nature. Proneness to moodily obsessive and uncommunicative is also common in October 29 folks.

Gabrielle UnionGabrielle Union
46, American
Winona RyderWinona Ryder
47, American

Bob RossBob Ross
52, American
Joseph GoebbelsJoseph Goebbels
47, German
German Nazi politician

Tracee Ellis RossTracee Ellis Ross
46, American

Italia RicciItalia Ricci
32, Canadian
Ben FosterBen Foster
38, American

Skylander DadSkylander Dad
44, American
Michael SchurMichael Schur
43, American
Actor, Producer, Writer

Beth ChapmanBeth Chapman
51, Italian, American
Television Personality
Katherine TimpfKatherine Timpf
30, American
TV Presenter

Tove LoTove Lo
31, Swedish
Dan CastellanetaDan Castellaneta
61, American
Ma HuatengMa Huateng
47, Chinese
CEO of Tencent

Miguel CottoMiguel Cotto
38, Puerto Rican
Professional Boxer
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
80, Liberian
Africa’s First Elected Female Head of State

Vijender Singh Vijender Singh
33, Indian
Indian Professional Boxer
Ralph BakshiRalph Bakshi
80, Israeli
Director of Animated Films

Astrid SAstrid S
22, Norwegian

Ali VelshiAli Velshi
49, Canadian
Television host
Ariana BerlinAriana Berlin
31, American
Former College Gymnast, Dancer

Eddie McGuireEddie McGuire
54, Australian
Television presenter
Fleur East Fleur East
31, British

Maurice ClarettMaurice Clarett
35, American
American Football Player
Milena GovichMilena Govich
42, American

Gavin ThomasGavin Thomas
8, American
Social Media Star
16, British
Baruj BenacerrafBaruj Benacerraf
90, Venezuelan

Peter GreenPeter Green
72, British
Musician & Songwriter
Richard DreyfusRichard Dreyfus
71, American

Ellie ThumannEllie Thumann
17, American
Brad LemanBrad Leman
22, British
YouTube Star

Alec BaileyAlec Bailey
22, American
Country Singer

FGTeeV DuddyFGTeeV Duddy
44, American
Ian HaueterIan Haueter
14, American
TikTok Star

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YBN GlizzyYBN Glizzy
20, American
Richard DreyfussRichard Dreyfuss
71, American
American actor

Edwin van der SarEdwin van der Sar
48, Dutch
Association football player
Rufus SewellRufus Sewell
51, British

Lee ChildLee Child
64, British
Writer, Novelist, Author
Joely FisherJoely Fisher
51, American
Actor, Stage actor, Television actor
Kevin DuBrowKevin DuBrow
52, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Composer

Franz von PapenFranz von Papen
89, German
Chancellor , Prime Minister
Yasmin Le BonYasmin Le Bon
54, British

Matthew HaydenMatthew Hayden
47, Australian
Finola HughesFinola Hughes
59, British

Eric StaalEric Staal
34, Canadian
Ice hockey player

R.A. DickeyR.A. Dickey
44, American
Baseball player
Fanny BriceFanny Brice
59, American
Film Actress, Comedian, Radio Personality, Theater

Isao TakahataIsao Takahata
83, Japanese
Film director, Animator, Screenwriter
Andy DaltonAndy Dalton
31, American
American football player

Phillip CocuPhillip Cocu
48, Dutch
Association football player, Association football
Evan FournierEvan Fournier
26, French
Basketball player

Varun AaronVarun Aaron
29, Indian
Ximena SariñanaXimena Sariñana
33, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Jazz musician, Television actor,
Jérémy MathieuJérémy Mathieu
35, French
Association football player

Galen WestonGalen Weston
78, Canadian
Abdullah GülAbdullah Gül
68, Turkish
Former President of Turkey

Niki de Saint PhalleNiki de Saint Phalle
71, French
model, painter, visual artist, sculptor
Tina YuzukiTina Yuzuki
32, Japanese
Film actor, Singer, Adult Film Star, Actor, AV

Tiff NeedellTiff Needell
67, British
Formula One driver, Journalist

Cleopatra ColemanCleopatra Coleman
31, Australian
Actor, Film actor
Nathaniel CrosbyNathaniel Crosby
57, American

Cecilie ThomsenCecilie Thomsen
44, Danish
Actor, Model
Eric SaadeEric Saade
28, Swedish

Omara PortuondoOmara Portuondo
88, Cuban
Cuban singer
Daniel J. BernsteinDaniel J. Bernstein
47, American
Mathematician, Cryptologist, Programmer,

Necmettin ErbakanNecmettin Erbakan
84, Turkish
politician, engineer, university teacher
Christy ClarkChristy Clark
53, Canadian
Politician, Radio personality
John ByngJohn Byng

Amanda BeardAmanda Beard
37, American
Swimmer, Model
David RemnickDavid Remnick
60, American

Bill MauldinBill Mauldin
81, American
Actor, Caricaturist, Screenwriter, School of the
Abraham KuyperAbraham Kuyper
Journalist, Theologian, Politician, University

Yevgeny PrimakovYevgeny Primakov
85, Russian
Geopolitician, Politician, Diplomat, Journalist,

Hans-Valentin HubeHans-Valentin Hube
53, German
Officer, Military personnel
Roni SizeRoni Size
49, British
Club DJ

Alexander von FalkenhausenAlexander von Falkenhausen
87, German
Soldier, Politician, Military personnel
Richard BrancatisanoRichard Brancatisano
35, Australian
Musician, Stage actor, Film actor

Espinoza PazEspinoza Paz
37, Mexican
musician, songwriter
Stanley DonwoodStanley Donwood
50, British
Artist, Writer

Othniel Charles MarshOthniel Charles Marsh
67, American
Kate PeruginiKate Perugini
89, British
Harold GarfinkelHarold Garfinkel
99, American
Sociologist, Educationist, University teacher

Louis BlancLouis Blanc
71, Spanish, French
Journalist, Politician, Historian, Writer
Fabiola GianottiFabiola Gianotti
56, Italian

Klaus RothKlaus Roth
90, British
Mathematician, University teacher
Carl DjerassiCarl Djerassi
91, Austrian, American
Chemist, Writer, University teacher, Science

Mick GallagherMick Gallagher
Elvira NabiullinaElvira Nabiullina
55, Russian
Economist, Politician, Banker

R. B. KitajR. B. Kitaj
74, American
Artist, Painter
Henry GreenHenry Green
68, British
Writer, Novelist

Johann Olav KossJohann Olav Koss
50, Norwegian
Physician, Speed skater
Jean GiraudouxJean Giraudoux
61, French
Playwright, Screenwriter, Diplomat, Novelist,

Ann-Marie MacDonaldAnn-Marie MacDonald
70, German
actor, television presenter, novelist, journalist
Ruslan RotanRuslan Rotan
37, Ukrainian
Association football player

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on October 29

The personality traits of individuals born on October 29 include a charismatic appearance, sociable nature and courteous mannerism. These people are kind, caring and considerate towards the need of others and fairly protective of family and friends. October 29 folks are good at sharing and compromising and are blessed with a thoughtful temperament. The influence of Moon on their personality adds traits of shyness, secrecy and calmness in these individuals. However, much like other Scorpions, these people are endowed with an investigative mind and possess great listening skills. They are creatively and musically talented, in addition to having a lively youthful outlook. Naturally instinctive, these people are highly observant and innovative.

October 29th individuals are overly conscious about their figure and in their aim to remain slim and svelte they often end up limiting their diet to the point of experiencing health issues. These people should learn the nutritional benefits of food to enhance their overall well-being. One more aspect that October 29 individuals need to watch out for is adequate rest. Since these people have a fondness for challenge, they often tend to drain their physical and mental energies to the maximum. Also, these people enjoy very energetic exercises such as climbing, long distance running and a high energy sport activity which leads to exhaustion and fatigue.

Financially, October 29 born individuals are sound. Though they have the capability to be extremely wealthy, they put much emphasis on job satisfaction and have a rather casual attitude towards money. Nevertheless, October 29 individuals rarely face a financial crisis situation. Though they have the habit of spending money without thinking, they rarely go out of the budget to suit their fantasy. Only when it becomes utmost necessary do these people spend largely.

A regular nine to five job is not on the wishlist of individuals with this birthday. These people crave for professions which are out-of-the-box. If not for it, they usually take up self-employment. Though these people are mostly shy, their charismatic stance coupled with their social skills make them apt for their chosen profession. Additionally, they careful planning and artistic approach helps them attain success in their field.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Scorpions born on October 29 are emotionally demanding individuals. these people truly believe in the institution of marriage and thus rarely are game for any casual affairs. An ideal partner for these individuals is one who shares similar likes and dislikes and has shared interests. One with whom they can build a strong rapport and enjoy meaningful conversation is perfect for those with this birthday. October 29 individuals have a big heart in love but they cannot stand adulterous behavior. They can sense dishonesty and two timing very early. Due to this, sometimes these people become overly jealous, possessive and suspicious. Nevertheless, October 29 individuals display spontaneous gestures of affection and are loving, attentive and unselfish. Parenthood is easy for these individuals. They provide their children with utmost independence and freedom.

Lucky Color: Cream, White, Green
Lucky Number: 2, 11, 20, 29, 38, 47, 56
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Thursday, Sunday
Lucky Days (of the month): 2, 11, 20