The basic outline of the characteristic features of individuals born on October 27 is dependent on two planets, Pluto and Mars. While Pluto is the ruling planet of the zodiacal group, Scorpio, the latter governs the actual date. The influence of the two celestial bodies determines the uniqueness and individuality of those with this birthdate. October 27 individuals are endowed with constancy, compassion and charm. They are sensible and intellectual and have a great sense of responsibility and dependability in them. Additional attributes include their independence, forward thinking ability and the yearning for knowledge and wisdom. However, these people are prone to displaying unnecessary possessiveness and impatience in unfavourable situations.

Theodore RooseveltTheodore Roosevelt
60, American
26th U.S. President
Sylvia PlathSylvia Plath
30, American
Poet, Novelist, and Writer

John GottiJohn Gotti
61, American
Mobster & Mafia

Lonzo BallLonzo Ball
22, American
Basketball Player

John CleeseJohn Cleese
80, British
Actor & Comedian

Marla MaplesMarla Maples
56, American
James CookJames Cook
50, British
Explorer & Navigator

Scott WeilandScott Weiland
48, American
Singer, Lyricist, Songwriter, Record producer

Aron RalstonAron Ralston
44, American
Outdoorsman, Motivational Speaker

James CosmoJames Cosmo
72, British, Scottish
Abu BakrAbu Bakr
60, Saudi Arabian
Companion of Muhammad

Dylan ThomasDylan Thomas
39, Welsh
Poet & Writer
Roy LichtensteinRoy Lichtenstein
73, American
Painter, Sculptor

Troy GentileTroy Gentile
26, American

Carrie SnodgressCarrie Snodgress
58, American
Nanette FabrayNanette Fabray
97, American

Han Hye-jinHan Hye-jin
38, South Korean
K. R. NarayananK. R. Narayanan
85, Indian
President of India

Teresa WrightTeresa Wright
86, American

41, British
Stephanie AbramsStephanie Abrams
41, American
TV Meteorologist

Matthew NoszkaMatthew Noszka
27, American
Desiderius ErasmusDesiderius Erasmus
69, Dutch

Emilie UllerupEmilie Ullerup
35, Danish

Rick CarlisleRick Carlisle
60, American
Basketball Coach

33, American
A. N. WilsonA. N. Wilson
69, British
Writer & Columnist
26, Welsh

Teilor GrubbsTeilor Grubbs
18, American

Missy LanningMissy Lanning
30, American
YouTube Personality

David WarnerDavid Warner
33, Australian
Jiro OnoJiro Ono
94, Japanese

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John Davis LongJohn Davis Long
76, American
Lawyer, Politician & Writer

Niccolo PaganiniNiccolo Paganini
57, Italian

Cullen Cullen & KatieCullen Cullen & Katie
37, American

Luciana ZogbiLuciana Zogbi
25, Brazilian
YouTuber, Singer, Songwriter
David WaltonDavid Walton
41, American

Charlie LenehanCharlie Lenehan
21, British
Wyatt WhitakerWyatt Whitaker
18, American

Casey MoretaCasey Moreta
24, American
Guitarist, Vocalist

Claudia SampedroClaudia Sampedro
30, Cuban
Ethan BradberryEthan Bradberry
27, American

Paris BishopParis Bishop
15, Australian
Pooja BatraPooja Batra
43, Indian

Alba FloresAlba Flores
33, Spanish

Shawn PorterShawn Porter
32, American

Kelly OsbourneKelly Osbourne
35, British
Actor, Singer-songwriter, Fashion designer,

Ivan ReitmanIvan Reitman
73, Canadian
Film producer, Film director, Screenwriter,
Kurt ZoumaKurt Zouma
25, French
Association football player

Kumar SangakkaraKumar Sangakkara
42, Sri Lankan

Brady QuinnBrady Quinn
35, American
American Football Player

Stephan El ShaarawyStephan El Shaarawy
27, Italian
Association football player
Luiz Inácio Lula da SilvaLuiz Inácio Lula da Silva
74, Brazilian
Politician, Trade unionist

Simon Le BonSimon Le Bon
Singer, Songwriter
Glenn HoddleGlenn Hoddle
62, British

Anuradha PaudwalAnuradha Paudwal
67, Indian
Actor, Singer, Composer

Roberto BenigniRoberto Benigni
67, Italian
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Comedian,
Ruby DeeRuby Dee
91, American

Peter Marc JacobsonPeter Marc Jacobson
62, American
Screenwriter, Film producer, Television actor,
Patrick FugitPatrick Fugit
37, American

Oliver TamboOliver Tambo
75, South African

Francis FukuyamaFrancis Fukuyama
67, American
Writer, Political scientist, Blogger, Economist
Peter FirthPeter Firth
66, British

Catherine of ValoisCatherine of Valois
35, British
Queen consort of England
Robert PicardoRobert Picardo
66, American

Andrew BynumAndrew Bynum
32, American
Basketball player

Irfan PathanIrfan Pathan
35, Indian

Lee GreenwoodLee Greenwood
77, American
Country music artist.
Yi JianlianYi Jianlian
Basketball player
Lee KrasnerLee Krasner
75, American
Painter, Printmaker

Shahnaz PahlaviShahnaz Pahlavi

Janusz Korwin-MikkeJanusz Korwin-Mikke
77, Polish
Politician, Bridge player, Economist, Journalist,

Jayne KennedyJayne Kennedy
68, American
Zab JudahZab Judah
42, American

Matt DrudgeMatt Drudge
53, American
Political commentator

Charo Santos-ConcioCharo Santos-Concio
64, Filipino

Dick TrickleDick Trickle
71, American

Evan TurnerEvan Turner
31, American
Basketball player
Semmy SchiltSemmy Schilt
46, Dutch
Actor, Kickboxer, Karateka

K. K. DowningK. K. Downing
68, British
Composer, Musician, Guitarist
Judy SmithJudy Smith
61, American
Crisis manager

Reema KhanReema Khan
48, Pakistani
Actor, Film producer, Film director, Model

Isaac SingerIsaac Singer
63, American
Actor, Inventor
Joe Medicine CrowJoe Medicine Crow
63, American
Anthropologist, Historian, Author, Non-fiction

Rubén TejadaRubén Tejada
30, Panamanian
Baseball player
Jean-Pierre CasselJean-Pierre Cassel
74, French
Actor, Dancer

Emily PostEmily Post
87, American

Mahiya MahiMahiya Mahi
26, Bangladeshi

Chris SawyerChris Sawyer
52, Scottish
engineer, programmer
Theodoros ZagorakisTheodoros Zagorakis
48, Greek
Association football player, Politician

Harry SaltzmanHarry Saltzman
78, American
Film producer, Screenwriter
Leon DraisaitlLeon Draisaitl
24, German
Ice hockey player

Fritz SauckelFritz Sauckel
51, German
Red PollardRed Pollard
71, Canadian, American
Horse racing jockey

Jóhann Berg GuðmundssonJóhann Berg Guðmundsson
29, Icelander
Icelandic footballer
Volkan DemirelVolkan Demirel
38, Turkish

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on October 27

The personality traits of individuals born on October 27 include artistic, eloquent and alert approach. Ambitious and determined, these people have a naturally intuitive and compassionate nature. They are sensitive towards the emotions of others and quite dependable. What is unique to these individuals is their vivid imagination skills coupled with the ability to channelize their energies, thoughts and words constructively. Another aspect that is distinctive to October 27 folks is their skilfulness and promptness in dealing with new situations and being rather independent.  Overall, these people have a kind, loyal and generous temperament towards everyone.

The usual healthiness and vitality of individuals born on October 27 is disrupted by the casual approach towards health and the tendency to ignore the symptoms. Since these people are prone to indulging in sumptuous diet, they need to include exercise in their daily routine to stay fit and active. However, over activeness can also be harmful as it can lead to drained physical and mental energy levels, thus causing quick exhaustion. What’s more, emotional turmoil in the form of mild depression and sulky inactivity can also lead to bad health. October 27 individuals take a long time to relax and slow down and hence can be susceptible to delay in recovery.

Future holds much importance to individuals born on October 27th. These people are great at handling and managing money. They have a wise and somewhat frugal approach towards spending and do not indulge in impulsive buying. Taking financial credit is also not on the agenda of these folks. Instead, people born on this date usually channelize their energy towards saving money or keeping aside some greens for funding future plans.

Making a career choice is not difficult for October 27 individuals as they are blessed with intense ambition, sharp sense and sound judgement. They can do very well in any chosen occupation due to their realistic and reasonable attitude and enhanced sense of responsibilities. Additionally, what acts in their favour are their creativity, eloquence and ability to use initiative to fare well and climb the ladder of success to reach the topmost position in the professional world.

Relationship, Marriage & Children
Scorpions born on October 27 are loving, faithful and romantic folks. These people have a tendency to love deeply. What is interesting to note is that they are enthusiastic and passionate concerning romance. An ideal partner for October 27 individuals is one who is lovingly attentive, honest and open with good listening skills. Also, he/she should be one who satisfies the emotional need of these folks. Since individuals with this birthdate are emotionally vulnerable, they are prone to being acutely hurt by betrayal or break-up of a long term relationship. As such, commitment take a long time for October 27 people but once committed, they are extremely serious about their relationship. However, lack of trust, fits of jealously and possessiveness is seen in these individuals. October 27 men and women make excellent parents. However, since they are too deeply involved professionally, they rely on their partner for being responsible for child-rearing.

Lucky Color: Red, Maroon, Scarlet
Lucky Numbers: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Lucky Days (of the month): 9, 18, 27