The probabilities of all Sagittarius personalities are imagined to be astrologically influenced by the planet Jupiter's authority. However, the actual day in which these individuals are born is governed over by Neptune’s astral influence, thus amending some of the typical traits and explaining the difference in personality traits that these individuals possess as compared to other Sagittarians. November 25 individuals are born with a creative and idealistic mind. These people have a lot of sensitivity, compassion and sentimentality and are genuinely affectionate and demure. However, since these people are prone to stress, they may often show critical, impatient and restless behavior in stressful situations. Being over judgemental and rigid also is one of the negative aspects of November 25 individuals’ personality.

Christina ApplegateChristina Applegate
48, American
John F. Kennedy Jr.John F. Kennedy Jr.
38, American
Son of John F. Kennedy

Andrew CarnegieAndrew Carnegie
83, American, Scottish
Industrialist, Businessman, Entrepreneur and a

Joe DiMaggioJoe DiMaggio
84, American
American Baseball Star

Joel KinnamanJoel Kinnaman
40, Swedish, American

Augusto PinochetAugusto Pinochet
91, Chilean
Former President of Chile
Katie CassidyKatie Cassidy
33, American

Bruno TonioliBruno Tonioli
64, Italian

Jenna Bush HagerJenna Bush Hager
38, American

Amy GrantAmy Grant
59, American
Karl BenzKarl Benz
84, German

Rudolf HössRudolf Höss
45, German
Nazi War Criminal
Pope John XXIIIPope John XXIII
81, Italian

Kevin ChamberlinKevin Chamberlin
56, American

Larry HooverLarry Hoover
69, American
Ben SteinBen Stein
75, American
Writer, Actor, Lawyer

Jeffrey SkillingJeffrey Skilling
66, American
Mary Jo DeschanelMary Jo Deschanel
74, American

Henrietta Maria of FranceHenrietta Maria of France
59, French
Queen of England

Alan JoubanAlan Jouban
38, American
American Mixed Martial Artist
Jill FlintJill Flint
42, American

Charles KennedyCharles Kennedy
55, Scottish
Former Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom
Casey HolmesCasey Holmes
28, American
YouTube Star, Beauty Guru

Darlanne FluegelDarlanne Fluegel
64, American

Alessandro MicheleAlessandro Michele
47, Italian
Fashion Designer

Anastasia KvitkoAnastasia Kvitko
25, Russian
Disguised ToastDisguised Toast
28, Canadian
Twitch Streamer
Sean LewSean Lew
18, American
Dancer, Choreographer

Jamie GraceJamie Grace
28, American

Corbyn BessonCorbyn Besson
21, American

31, American
Youtube Star, Gamer
Trey TraylorTrey Traylor
21, American
Singer, Musician, YouTube Star

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Cody WilliamsCody Williams
28, American

Eilish McColganEilish McColgan
29, Scottish

Diego TinocoDiego Tinoco
22, American

Ashley AlexissAshley Alexiss
29, American
Model/Reality TV Star
Chase MatthewChase Matthew
17, American

Kate GleasonKate Gleason
67, American
Mechanical Engineer
Billy BurkeBilly Burke
53, American

Andres BAndres B
42, Chilean
YouTuber, Viner

Franjo RačkiFranjo Rački
65, Croatian
24, American
YouTube Gamer

Machaizelli KaheyMachaizelli Kahey
23, American
Comedian, YouTube Star
Andrés BurgosAndrés Burgos
42, Canadian, Chilean

Kaylin GriesKaylin Gries
23, Canadian
TikTok ( Star

Mandi MaciasMandi Macias
17, American

Joey ChestnutJoey Chestnut
36, American
Competitive Eaters

Chip KellyChip Kelly
56, American
Rakhi SawantRakhi Sawant
41, Indian
Model, Actor

Jeffrey HunterJeffrey Hunter
42, American

Jerry FerraraJerry Ferrara
40, American

Xabi AlonsoXabi Alonso
38, Spanish
Association football player
Ricardo MontalbánRicardo Montalbán
88, Mexican
Television actor, Film actor, Character actor,

Maurício RuaMaurício Rua
38, Brazilian
Mixed martial artist, Thai boxer
John LarroquetteJohn Larroquette
72, American
actor, stage actor, television actor, film actor

Jill HennessyJill Hennessy
51, Canadian
Actor, Street artist, Singer, Film director,

Cris CarterCris Carter
54, American
American Football Player
Donovan McNabbDonovan McNabb
43, American
American Football Player

Stanley HoStanley Ho
98, Chinese
Politician, Entrepreneur
Amy SeimetzAmy Seimetz
38, American

Natalia Cordova-BuckleyNatalia Cordova-Buckley
37, Mexican, American

Nick SwisherNick Swisher
39, American
Baseball Player
Damian de AllendeDamian de Allende
28, South African
Rugby union player

Bernie KosarBernie Kosar
56, American
American Football Players
Mark LaneganMark Lanegan
55, American

Tim ArmstrongTim Armstrong
54, American
Singer, Songwriter, Artist, Film director, Poet,

Jack FrostJack Frost
65, American

Gaspard UllielGaspard Ulliel
35, French
Actor, Model
Chris ClaremontChris Claremont
69, British, American
Joe GibbsJoe Gibbs
79, American
American football coach

Atiku AbubakarAtiku Abubakar
73, Nigerian
Custom officer, Politician

Carrie NationCarrie Nation
64, American

Bev BevanBev Bevan
75, British
Percy SledgePercy Sledge
74, American
American singer

Peter SiddlePeter Siddle
35, Australian

Paul DesmondPaul Desmond
52, American
Composer, Saxophonist, Jazz musician

Kristian NairnKristian Nairn
44, Irish, British

Charlaine HarrisCharlaine Harris
68, American
Yoji ShinkawaYoji Shinkawa
48, Japanese

Jay SpearingJay Spearing
31, British
Lope de VegaLope de Vega
72, Spanish
Playwright, Poet, Writer

Poul AndersonPoul Anderson
74, American

Arturo Pérez-ReverteArturo Pérez-Reverte
68, Spanish
Patrick NagelPatrick Nagel
38, American

Shelagh DelaneyShelagh Delaney
72, British
Eduard RoschmannEduard Roschmann
68, Argentinian, Austrian
Torturer, Lawyer

Thea GilmoreThea Gilmore
40, British
Singer, Singer-songwriter

Riaz Ahmed Gohar ShahiRiaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi
60, Pakistani
Writer, Poet

Ahmed ShafikAhmed Shafik
78, Egyptian
Politician, Military personnel, Fighter pilot,
Martin FeldsteinMartin Feldstein
80, American
Economist, University teacher, Professor

Nat AdderleyNat Adderley
68, American
Jazz Trumpeter
Nodar KumaritashviliNodar Kumaritashvili
21, Georgian

Nova PerisNova Peris
48, Australian
field hockey player, athletics competitor,
Wilhelm KempffWilhelm Kempff
95, German

Carole HerseeCarole Hersee
61, British
Costume designer
Aaron MokoenaAaron Mokoena
39, South African
Association football player

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on November 25

Endowed with an idealistic and imaginative approach, November 25 individuals have unique personality traits and characteristic. While they have the usual Sagittarian affection and honesty, aspects that make them different from their counterparts include their visionary outlook, artistic sensibility, emotional sensitivity and philosophical approach. November 25 folks are dreamers. They love to live in the world of fantasy and are driven by emotions. These people are blessed with great communication skills and are especially kind with their words and actions. Fairly broadminded, tolerant and easy-going, individuals with a November the twenty fifth birthday are quite friendly with the likelihood to possess good dress sense and a liking of travel. They have strong moral values embedded in them and wish to base their life on these.

The usual healthiness experienced by individuals born on November 25 is due to their affinity for a common sense attitude and constant positivity. These people aim to find the right combination of exercise and meditation to benefit not just the mind and the body but the soul as well. However, despite having a healthy focussed approach, these people are prone to associating food with mood and thus may tend to overeat or not eat at all at times of happiness and sadness. Also, since November 25 individuals are prone to stress and anxiety, they should learn to say no to allow private time for themselves for reflection and re-energizing.

Monetary concerns do not hold much emphasis in the life of November 25 individuals. These people are not concerned about making a lot of money and are satisfied with what they have. However, they have a good luck when it comes to finances and can earn a lot if they invest sensibly. As far as spending is concerned, these people are frugal beings. They spend miserly on themselves but when it comes to spending on others, these people are over-generous to the point of spending way too much.  

Professions that allow these individuals to share their personal views and opinions are considered to be the best options for those born on this date. Some of the occupations that allow the same include teaching, counselling and advisory. If a November 25 individual enrols in any of the aforementioned or the likes, he/she is likely to continue with the same for years. Though these people are not the ambitious types, they surely aim to get promotions and pay hikes once in a while. It is these recognitions which boost their morale for working for long in the same profession.

Relationships, Marriage & Career
Romantic connections mean a lot to individuals with this birthdate. While looking for a partner, these people zero on one who shares similar interest and liking and shares the same kind of intelligence levels. Interestingly, more than physical compatibility, it is mental compatibility that these individuals aim to achieve. Additionally, an ideal partner of November 25 folks would be one who would help escape from the demands of life. He/she should also share the passion for adventure and extensive travelling. Once committed, these people are full of loyalty and heartfelt intentions. They are passionate lovers, fun-loving and trustworthy.  Parenting does not appeal to the sense of November 25 folks. However, with the help of the partner, they excel in the same and prove to be caring and considerate towards their children.

Lucky Color: Dark Green
Lucky Number: 7, 16, 25, 34, 43, 52
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Thursday
Lucky Days (of the month): 7, 16, 25