Planets Jupiter and Mercury determine the uniqueness of the probable personality traits of individuals born on November 23. These people fall under the zodiac sign Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter. Their actual date of birth however comes under the governance of Mercury, which is why their characteristic features is a combined influence of the two celestial bodies. Talking about the personality traits of November 23 individuals, these people are absolutely honest with a predicted high-spiritedness, determination and curiosity. They are creative folks and hate mundane routine. It is their enthusiastic nature and energetic disposition that guides them through everything in life. however, these people need to control their tendency to display isolated, impulsive or touchy behavior which mostly arises due to emotionally upsetting situations.

Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus
26, American
Singer, Songwriter, Actress
Nicolás MaduroNicolás Maduro
56, Venezuelan
President of Venezuela

Christopher Ryan HardwickChris Hardwick
47, American
Stand-up Comedian, Actor
Kelly BrookKelly Brook
39, British
Fashion Model & Actress

Franklin PierceFranklin Pierce
64, American

Sathya Sai BabaSathya Sai Baba
84, Indian
Spiritual Guru
Dominique DunneDominique Dunne
22, American

Franco NeroFranco Nero
77, Italian
Ludovico EinaudiLudovico Einaudi
63, Italian
Pianist, Composer

Alexis RenAlexis Ren
22, American
Model & Instagram star
Lia Marie JohnsonLia Marie Johnson
22, American
Singer, Songwriter, Actress, YouTuber

Alex StokesAlex Stokes
22, American
Instagram Star
Boris KarloffBoris Karloff
81, British
Lucas GrabeelLucas Grabeel
34, American

Maxwell CaulfieldMaxwell Caulfield
59, British
Danielle NicoletDanielle Nicolet
45, American

Harpo MarxHarpo Marx
75, American
John SchnatterJohn Schnatter
57, American
Founder of Papa John's Pizza

Bradley Steven PerryBradley Steven Perry
20, American

Sean TuohySean Tuohy
59, American
Sports Commentator
Diana QuickDiana Quick
72, British

Mary SeacoleMary Seacole
75, British
Heroine of the Crimean War
John DehnerJohn Dehner
76, American

Page KennedyPage Kennedy
42, American
Actor, Rapper
Andrew GoodmanAndrew Goodman
20, American
Civil Rights Acrivist

Henry MoseleyHenry Moseley
27, British
24, Australian
YouTube Gamer, Twitch Star
Dylan JordanDylan Jordan
20, American
Instagram Star, Actor

Massy AriasMassy Arias
30, Dominican
Fitness Trainer
Manuel de FallaManuel de Falla
69, Spanish
Classical music composer

Nirad C. ChaudhuriNirad C. Chaudhuri
69, Indian
Indian writer
José Napoleón DuarteJosé Napoleón Duarte
64, Salvadoran
Salvadoran Political figure

Pat CondellPat Condell
69, British
Writer, Comedian

27, Canadian
YouTube star
Ashley Nicole Roberts Ashley Nicole Roberts
29, American
Model, Reality TV Star

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Nicole Snooki PolizziNicole Polizzi
31, American
Reality TV Personality & Dancer
Holly BankemperHolly Bankemper
54, American
Cris Collinsworth’s Wife

Jack MaynardJack Maynard
24, British
Johannes Diderik van der WaalsJohannes van der Waals
85, Dutch
Theoretical Physicist

Niqoles HeardNiqoles Heard
19, American
17, American
Muser, vlogger
Ambrie FaithAmbrie Faith
14, American
TikTok Star

Jay UlloaJay Ulloa
17, American
Pop Singer
Naga ChaitanyaNaga Chaitanya
32, Indian

Paulie MalignaggiPaulie Malignaggi
38, American
Chuck SchumerChuck Schumer
68, American
U.S. Representative, U.S. Senator

Vincent CasselVincent Cassel
52, French

Oded FehrOded Fehr
48, Israeli
Stage actor, Film actor
Dennis NilsenDennis Nilsen
73, British
Trade unionist, Serial killer

Don FryeDon Frye
53, American
Professional wrestler, Actor, Judoka, Mixed
Gary KirstenGary Kirsten
51, South African

Rick BaylessRick Bayless
65, American
Chef, Restaurateur
Zoë BallZoë Ball
48, British

Otto I, Holy Roman EmperorOtto I, Holy Roman Emperor
60, German
Michael GoughMichael Gough
94, Malaysian, British
Juventud GuerreraJuventud Guerrera
44, Mexican

Gabriel LandeskogGabriel Landeskog
26, Swedish
Ice hockey player
Susan AnspachSusan Anspach
75, American

Ross BrawnRoss Brawn
64, British
Chris AdlerChris Adler
46, American
Drummer, Musician

Jonathan PapelbonJonathan Papelbon
38, American
Baseball player

John RabeJohn Rabe
67, German
Ahmed ShehzadAhmed Shehzad
27, Pakistani

Geeta DuttGeeta Dutt
41, Indian
Actor, Singer
Tom JoynerTom Joyner
69, American
Radio personality

Robert TowneRobert Towne
84, American
Screenwriter, Film director, Actor
Krzysztof PendereckiKrzysztof Penderecki
85, Polish
Composer, Conductor, Educationist, Musicologist,

Baba SehgalBaba Sehgal
53, Indian
Actor, Singer, Composer
Asafa PowellAsafa Powell
36, Jamaican
Sprinter, Athletics competitor
Alfonso X of CastileAlfonso X of Castile
62, Spanish

Lew HoadLew Hoad
59, Australian
Tennis player
Merv HughesMerv Hughes
57, Australian
Cricketer, Australian rules footballer

Ali ShariatiAli Shariati
43, Iranian
Politician, Writer, Essayist, Philosopher,
Denis Sassou NguessoDenis Sassou Nguesso
75, Congolese (Republic)
President of Republic of the Congo

Christian CuevaChristian Cueva
27, Peruvian
Peruvian footballer

Hal LindseyHal Lindsey
89, American
Joe EszterhasJoe Eszterhas
74, American
Screenwriter, Writer, Journalist

Karl GebhardtKarl Gebhardt
50, German
Surgeon, Torturer, University teacher
José Clemente OrozcoJosé Clemente Orozco
65, Mexican

Sajid KhanSajid Khan
47, Indian
film director, presenter, screenwriter
Paul CelanPaul Celan
49, French, Ukrainian

Johnny MandelJohnny Mandel
93, American
Composer, Songwriter, Film score composer
Nick AllbrookNick Allbrook
31, Australian
Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter
François-Noël BabeufFrançois-Noël Babeuf
36, French
Journalist, Writer, Archivist, Politician

Run Run ShawRun Run Shaw
36, Hong Konger
Klement GottwaldKlement Gottwald
56, Czech

Saku KoivuSaku Koivu
44, Finnish
Ice hockey player
John WallisJohn Wallis
86, British
mathematician, philosopher, musicologist,

Peter LindberghPeter Lindbergh
74, German
Danny HochDanny Hoch
48, American
Actor, Film actor

Angelo SodanoAngelo Sodano
91, Italian
Diplomat, Theologian, Catholic priest
Nihat KahveciNihat Kahveci
39, Turkish
Turkish footballer

Tom DenneyTom Denney
36, American
Record producer, Rapper
Edward RutledgeEdward Rutledge
50, British, American

Pope Clement IVPope Clement IV
73, French
Juan AgudeloJuan Agudelo
26, Colombian, American
Association football player

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on November 23

Independent, adventurous and incredibly curious are few of the personality traits that are common to individuals sharing their birthday on November 23. These people are enthusiastic and free-spirited with a mind that is full of creative ideas and innovative views. Like other Sagittarians, these people are honest in their dealings with a strong morality and a keen sense of fairness. They have an optimistic approach to life and look at the brighter side of things. November 23rd individuals are alert and organized with a good sense of planning and great communication skills. They are knowledge seekers and look to diversify their pool of information from life experiences. Most people born on this date have artistic or musical talent and a fondness for travelling and exploring.

The good health experienced by those born on November 23rd is determined by their will to stay physically fit and active. In order to achieve sound health, these people mostly turn to sport to stay slim, relieve tension and build confidence. It is recommended for November 23rd individuals to binge on food that provides a calming effect to the nerves and supplies the body with enough nutrients to remain active and going. Going on a holiday would also benefit the mental health and restlessness of these individuals, thus causing a direct effect on their physical well-being. November 23rd individuals are advised to avoid fatty food and regularly visit the dentist for maintain the health of teeth and gums.

Individuals born on November 23rd do not like to be concerned with financial issues and stability. Though they do aim for a comfortable home and lifestyle, they do not accumulate tension and anxiety for the same. Instead, these individuals believe in spending sensibly and saving hugely to meet the needs and desire and cover up any future expenses and unexpected disbursements. However, this does not by any means mean that they are stingy. November 23rd individuals budget sensibly and keep their personal finances sufficiently stable.

Endowed with leadership qualities and an enterprising spirit, individuals born on November 23 aim to find themselves exciting and challenging job opportunities. A profession that gives them the adrenaline rush and keeps them pepped up and on their toes would be an ideal choice. The other option would be securing a job at an education type of setting. This is due to the fact that November 23rd individuals love dealing with lots of people at the same time. Occupations related to traveling would also be a good option to explore for November 23 individuals.  

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Sagittarians born on November 23rd consider their relationship with family members and friends sacred. They have intense faith and loyalty and believe in bestowing true love and devotion to them. In matters of love, these people have high expectations from their partner. They do not believe in trifling and look for lifelong commitment. More than physical attraction, these individuals aim to connect with their soul mate on an emotional level and seek for honesty, loyalty, love and devotion from the relationship. They like to maintain both friendship and loving relationship with their partner. November 23rd individuals as much love home comforts as they love travelling. Thus, they look for a partner who shares similar interest and has the same level of intelligence as theirs. As parents, these people are liberal and freedom providers. They allow their children complete independence to explore the world the way they want to.

Lucky Color: Green
Lucky Number: 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50
Lucky Days (of the week): Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Lucky Days (of the month): 5, 14, 23