The celestial influence of the planetary bodies, Pluto and Saturn determine the personality traits and characteristic of individuals born on November 17. While the planet Pluto rules the zodiacal group in which these individuals fall, Saturn is the governor of the birthdate. Thus, the two planets together cast an influential role in forming the probable personality uniqueness of individuals born on November 17.  Those with this birthdate are intelligent and clever with a helpful and responsible disposition. They are good motivators and have a slight touch of idealism in their being. The only thing that is a matter of concern for November 17 folks is their proneness to stubborn attitude, aloofness, overly moody and slightly controlling behaviour. However, the same mostly crops up due to their disappointment over excessive anticipations. November 17 folks need to tame their expectations to stay blessed. 

Rachel McAdamsRachel McAdams
40, Canadian
Danny DeVitoDanny DeVito
74, American

58, American
Drag Queen

Martin ScorseseMartin Scorsese
76, American
Director, Producer

Billy the KidBilly the Kid
21, American

Rock HudsonRock Hudson
59, American
Jeff BuckleyJeff Buckley
30, American
Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist

Leslie BibbLeslie Bibb
44, American
Actress, Model

Stephen RootStephen Root
67, American

Gordon LightfootGordon Lightfoot
80, Canadian
Singer, Songwriter
Bojana NovakovicBojana Novakovic
37, Australian, Serbian

Sophie MarceauSophie Marceau
52, French
Actress, Screenwriter, Director
Cyril RamaphosaCyril Ramaphosa
66, South African
President of South Africa

Mary Elizabeth MastrantonioMary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
60, American

Aaron FinchAaron Finch
32, Australian, New Zealander
69, Ancient Roman
Roman Emperor

Lauren HuttonLauren Hutton
75, American
Louis XVIII of FranceLouis XVIII of France
68, French
King of France

Dean Paul MartinDean Paul Martin
35, American

Big Narstie Big Narstie
33, British
Rapper, MC
Daisy FuentesDaisy Fuentes
52, Cuban, Spanish, American
Television Host

Eric NamEric Nam
30, American
Chanda KochharChanda Kochhar
57, Indian
CEO of ICICI Bank Vygotsky
37, Russian

Jonathan RossJonathan Ross
58, British

Dylan WalshDylan Walsh
55, American
Diane NealDiane Neal
43, American
Yolanda KingYolanda King
51, American

Brandon CallBrandon Call
42, American
Child Actor

Ronnie DeVoeRonnie DeVoe
51, American

Viva BiancaViva Bianca
35, Australian
23, American
Social-media Personality

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Eugene Paul Eugene Wigner
92, American
Physicist & Mathematician

Bernard Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of AlameinBernard Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein
88, British
Allied Commander in World War II

Terry BranstadTerry Branstad
72, American
42nd Governor of Iowa

Tom EllisTom Ellis
40, British
Devin GordonDevin Gordon
18, American
Pop Singer

Charles WaltersCharles Walters
70, American
Film Director, Choreographer

Roger TomlinsonRoger Tomlinson
80, British
Father of GIS

Dr. Heavenly KimesDr. Heavenly Kimes
48, American
Reality TV star, Dentist, Inspirational Speaker
Logan ThirtyacreLogan Thirtyacre
24, American

24, British
YouTuber, Gamer
Doug WalkerDoug Walker
37, Italian, American
YouTube Personality, Actor, Comedian

Ethan KarpathyEthan Karpathy
18, Australian

29, American

B.J. McLeodB.J. McLeod
35, American
Race Car Driver

Peter Edward CookPeter Edward Cook
57, British
Actor, Comedian, Satirist, Writer
Chris StirewaltChris Stirewalt
43, American

Kim YugyeomKim Yugyeom
21, South Korean
K-Pop Singer

Koraun MayweatherKoraun Mayweather
19, American
Floyd Mayweather's Son

Shareef JacksonShareef Jackson
23, American
Ice Cube's Son
Zoë BellZoë Bell
40, New Zealander
Actor, Taekwondo athlete

32, Cape Verdean, Portuguese
Association football player
Lorne MichaelsLorne Michaels
74, American
Screenwriter, Film producer, Actor, Television

Neeti MohanNeeti Mohan
39, Indian

William SimonsWilliam Simons
78, British
Lee StrasbergLee Strasberg
80, American
Film actor, Theatre director, Film director, Stage

John BoehnerJohn Boehner
69, American
Politician, Entrepreneur, Businessperson
Susan RiceSusan Rice
54, American
Diplomat, Politician, Screenwriter

Bob GaudioBob Gaudio
76, American

Howard DeanHoward Dean
70, American
Former Governor of Vermont
Shelby FooteShelby Foote
88, American
Historian, Novelist, Writer, University teacher,

Yusuf PathanYusuf Pathan
36, Indian
Christopher PaoliniChristopher Paolini
35, American
Writer, Novelist, Science fiction writer,

Isamu NoguchiIsamu Noguchi
84, Japanese, American
Sculptor, Architect

Gene ClarkGene Clark
46, American
Guitarist, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer

Pam BondiPam Bondi
53, American
Lawyer, Politician
Sarah HardingSarah Harding
37, British
Actor, Singer
Bobby CoxBobby Cox
94, American

Rem KoolhaasRem Koolhaas
74, Dutch
Dutch architect

Elvin HayesElvin Hayes
73, American
Basketball player

Moses SitholeMoses Sithole
54, South African
Serial killer
Ed BrubakerEd Brubaker
52, American
Writer, Cartoonist

Kate CeberanoKate Ceberano
52, Australian
Singer, Jazz musician

Mikhail BakhtinMikhail Bakhtin
79, Russian
Philosopher, Linguist, Writer, Literary critic

Shobhna SamarthShobhna Samarth
83, Indian, British Indian Ocean Territory

Fenella FieldingFenella Fielding
90, British
Astrid of SwedenAstrid of Sweden
29, Swedish

Greg RutherfordGreg Rutherford
32, British
Sprinter, Long jumper, Athletics competitor
Katsuyori ShibataKatsuyori Shibata
39, Japanese
Professional wrestler, Mixed martial artist,

Runa LailaRuna Laila
66, Bangladeshi

Shannan ClickShannan Click
37, American
Robin LiRobin Li
Entrepreneur, Engineer, Inventor, Businessperson,

Walter HallsteinWalter Hallstein
80, German
Politician, Diplomat, University teacher
Butch DavisButch Davis
67, American
American football player

Ralph GarmanRalph Garman
54, American
Actor, Journalist, Film actor, Television actor,

Jack VettrianoJack Vettriano
67, British

Kang Kek IewKang Kek Iew
76, Cambodian
69, Italian

Linda Lee ThomasLinda Lee Thomas
70, American
Rick EliceRick Elice
62, American
Actor, Stage actor

76, French, American
Painter, Artist, Sculptor
Ioannis BourousisIoannis Bourousis
35, Greek
Basketball player

Jean-Michel SaiveJean-Michel Saive
49, Belgian
Table tennis player
Nicolas AppertNicolas Appert
91, French
confectioner, inventor

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on November 17

Endowed with an ambitious mind and highly focussed and determined approach, November 17 individuals are distinct from their Scorpion counterparts. These people are one of the most hardworking individuals of the zodiacal group. They have a gentle persuasiveness and are extremely clever and intelligent. In addition to this, they have a natural talent for reading the mind of others and are adept at anticipating their thought and actions. November 17 folks possess great leadership skills and are extremely good at motivating and boosting others. What makes these individuals unique from their counterparts is their ability to stay calm and composed under pressure and come out of a tricky situation with ease. These people are generous and creative with an idealistic and humoristic approach to life. the only thing that keeps these individuals going is their craving for praise and appreciation.

November 17 natives are extremely health conscious individuals. They believe in taking extra care of themselves and thus, tend to lay much emphasis on health matters. Due to this, the everyday healthiness of these individuals is mostly sound. What they need to take care of is including nutritious food and healthy diet in the routine. Since these people have an avid need to do everything on a daily basis, they need energetic vigor and utmost stamina. And for the same, having a wholesome diet becomes absolutely necessary. If in case these people tend to fail to eat adequately, their general vitality can really suffer. Apart from this, November 17 individuals need to keep a check on their stress levels on a regular basis. Finding ways to relax and subdue tension would be an ideal option. Listening to music, playing favourite game or reading would help these people relax and unwind.  

Financial stability comes naturally to those born on November 17. These individuals are extremely conscious about managing money and great at budgeting. They keep a close eye on their expenses and are critical at frivolous spending. These individuals are not interested in impulsive buying or shopping and mostly look for opportunities to save for future. However, by no means are these people stingy and instead are often seen donating generously to favoured charitable organization and causes.

Like other Scorpions, being independent, confident, focussed and determined are indispensable traits of those born on November 17. And it is these traits that determine the career choice or route taken by these individuals. What’s more, heightened creativity and gentle persuasiveness are other attributes that help in making an ideal job choice decision for these folks. November 17 natives mostly do well in all types of profession.  However, the best choice is one that allows them to be practical, thoughtful and dependable.
Relationships, Marriage & Children
November 17 individuals greatly value their relationship with parents and other family members. Due to this, they may find it hard to commit to a long term relationship romantically. An ideal partner for November 17 individuals is one with whom they can share strong bonds of friendship and romance. Since these people greatly believe in fate and meeting the destined soul mate, they do not hunt for the perfect partner. They know that it would happen to them automatically. When in a relationship, these people are extremely affectionate and caring. They have high expectations from their partner and want a soul mate who fulfils their need for extreme loyalty and devotion. Also, a partner who lets these people retain plenty of autonomy make a perfect choice for November 17 folks. As parents, these individuals are affectionate and caring. They believe in providing their children complete support and faith.  

Lucky Color: Deep Blue, Black
Lucky Number: 8, 17, 26, 35, 44, 53
Lucky Days (of the week): Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Lucky Days (of the month): 8, 17, 26