Famous People From Mexico

The spectacular architectural galore, rich history, diverse landscape and indigenous blend of culture and heritage make Mexico one of the most coveted countries in the world. And due credit for the same goes to its talented pool of nationals who have constantly worked hard to help Mexico stand tall in the world forum. Talking specifically about Mexican men, the list goes far and wide for there have been umpteenth men who have greatly contributed to the country’s rich heritage and culture through their progressive thinking.

Ernesto Fonseca CarrilloErnesto Fonseca Carrillo
(Drug Lord)

01 August 1930

Guillermo del ToroGuillermo del Toro
(Filmmaker, Screenwriter)

09 October 1964

Andrés Manuel López ObradorAndrés Manuel López Obrador

13 November 1953

Carlos SlimCarlos Slim

28 January 1940

Enrique Peña NietoEnrique Peña Nieto
(President of Mexico)

20 July 1966

Javier HernándezJavier Hernández

01 June 1988

Pancho VillaPancho Villa

05 June 1878

Diego RiveraDiego Rivera
(Painter, Muralist)

08 December 1886

Anthony QuinnAnthony Quinn

21 April 1915

Luis MiguelLuis Miguel

19 April 1970

Emiliano ZapataEmiliano Zapata
(Mexican Political figure)

08 August 1879

Cesar MillanCesar Millan
(Dog Behaviourist)

27 August 1969

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Hirving LozanoHirving Lozano

30 July 1995

Alberto Del RioAlberto Del Rio
(Mixed Martial Artist)

25 May 1977

Juan GabrielJuan Gabriel

07 January 1950

Ryan GuzmanRyan Guzman

21 September 1987

Carlos VelaCarlos Vela

01 March 1989

(Comic Film Actor)

12 August 1911

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Ariel CamachoAriel Camacho
(Singer, songwriter)

08 July 1992

Juanpa ZuritaJuanpa Zurita

29 March 1996


21 February 1929

Agustín de IturbideAgustín de Iturbide
(Emperor of Mexico)

27 September 1783

(Last Aztec Emperor)

1495 AD

Octavio PazOctavio Paz
(Writer, Poet, Diplomat and Noble Prize Laureate)

31 March 1914

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Carlos Slim DomitCarlos Slim Domit
(Businessman, Son of Carlos Slim Helu)

28 February 1967

Carlos FuentesCarlos Fuentes
(Mexican novelist)

11 November 1928

Chumel TorresChumel Torres
(YouTube Star, Writer)

07 May 1982

Mario J. MolinaMario J. Molina

19 March 1943

Tony PerryTony Perry

25 February 1986

Rey Misterio Sr.Rey Misterio Sr.

08 January 1958

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Julio Cesar ChavezJulio Cesar Chavez
(Mexican professional boxer)

12 July 1962


28 December 2000

Manuel GonzalezManuel González Flores
(31st President of Mexico)

18 June 1833

Silvestre RevueltasSilvestre Revueltas
(Music composer, violinist and teacher)

31 December 1899

Alfonso García RoblesAlfonso García Robles

20 March 1911

Sebb ArgoSebb Argo

20 September 1995

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Benito JuarezBenito Juarez
(Mexican lawyer)

21 March 1806

Oscar MoralesOscar Morales

26 September 1996

Jorge BlancoJorge Blanco
(Musician, Actor)

19 December 1991

(Professional Wrestler)

22 December 1982

Carlos ChavezCarlos Chavez
(Composer, conductor)

13 June 1899

Mario BautistaMario Bautista
(Musical Artist)

05 March 1996

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José BastónJosé Bastón

13 April 1968

Alejandro Gonzalez InãrittuAlejandro Gonzalez Inãrittu
(Film Director)

15 August 1963

Marco Antonio Slim DomitMarco Antonio Slim Domit
(Son of Carlos Slim)

30 April 1968

Ryan DeBoltRyan DeBolt
(Sara Ramirez’s Husband)

25 September 1980

Alfonso CuarónAlfonso Cuarón

28 November 1961

Diego LunaDiego Luna
(Television actor, Film producer, Film actor, Film director)

29 December 1979

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28 September 1962

Alejandro González IñárrituAlejandro González Iñárritu
(Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, Composer, Film editor)

15 August 1963

Gael García BernalGael García Bernal
(actor, film director, television actor, film actor)

30 November 1978

Ricardo MontalbánRicardo Montalbán
(Television actor, Film actor, Character actor, Stage actor)

25 November 1920

Vicente FernándezVicente Fernández
(Singer, Actor, Film actor)

17 February 1940

Raúl JiménezRaúl Jiménez
(Mexican footballer)

05 May 1991

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Vicente FoxVicente Fox
(Politician, Economist)

02 July 1942

Antonio López de Santa AnnaAntonio López de Santa Anna
(Politician, Officer, Military personnel)

21 February 1794

Eugenio DerbezEugenio Derbez
(Actor, Television actor, Film actor)

02 September 1961

Demián BichirDemián Bichir
(Actor, Television actor, Film actor)

01 August 1963

Felipe CalderónFelipe Calderón
(Former President of Mexico)

18 August 1962

Juan Manuel MárquezJuan Manuel Márquez

23 August 1973

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Porfirio DíazPorfirio Díaz
(Mexican general)

15 September 1830

Diego BonetaDiego Boneta
(Actor, Singer, Association football player, Television actor)

29 November 1990

Emmanuel LubezkiEmmanuel Lubezki
(cinematographer, film director, photographer, film producer, painter, Director of National Intelligence)

1964 AD

Vicente Carrillo FuentesVicente Carrillo Fuentes
(Drug trafficker)

16 October 1962

Jaime CamilJaime Camil
(Singer, Actor)

22 July 1973

Marco Antonio BarreraMarco Antonio Barrera

17 January 1974

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Luis BuñuelLuis Buñuel
(Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, Film editor, Writer)

22 February 1900

Abner MaresAbner Mares

28 November 1985

Adan CantoAdan Canto
(Actor, Television actor, Film actor)

05 December 1981

Antonio MargaritoAntonio Margarito

18 March 1978

Rafael MárquezRafael Márquez
(Association football player)

13 February 1979

Orlando SalidoOrlando Salido

16 November 1980

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Giovani dos SantosGiovani dos Santos
(Association football player)

11 May 1989

Pedro InfantePedro Infante
(Actor, Singer, Film actor, Carpenter)

18 November 1917

Bruno BichirBruno Bichir
(Television actor, Stage actor, Film actor)

06 October 1967

Vicente Carrillo LeyvaVicente Carrillo Leyva
(Drug trafficker)

19 July 1976

Ernesto ZedilloErnesto Zedillo
(Economist, University teacher, Author)

27 December 1951

Gabriel SotoGabriel Soto
(Actor, Television actor, Model, Beauty pageant contestant)

17 April 1975

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Hugo SánchezHugo Sánchez
(Association football player, Association football manager)

11 July 1958

Guillermo OchoaGuillermo Ochoa
(Association football player)

13 July 1985

Miguel Hidalgo y CostillaMiguel Hidalgo y Costilla

08 May 1753