People born on May 2 are down to earth, sensible, and responsible. They are hard workers (even to the extent of being workaholics) with a strong will. Exuding a calm and capable aura, they crave security and stability. Though very practical, they set their sights high. Charm and tactful, they draw people towards them through their charm and charisma. However, they do not get close to many people but enjoy the company of others. May 2nd natives have notable gifts of communication and have a knack for saying the right thing at the right time.

Dwayne JohnsonDwayne Johnson
47, American
Catherine the GreatCatherine the Great
67, Russian
Empress of Russia

David BeckhamDavid Beckham
44, British
Former English Footballer

Princess Charlotte of CambridgePrincess Charlotte of Cambridge
4, British
Daughter of Prince William

Ellie KemperEllie Kemper
39, American

Paul GeorgePaul George
29, American
Basketball Player
Donatella VersaceDonatella Versace
64, Italian

Satyajit RaySatyajit Ray
70, Indian
Indian filmmaker

Manfred von RichthofenManfred von Richthofen
25, French, Polish
Fighter Pilot

Bianca JaggerBianca Jagger
74, Nicaraguan, British
Brian LaraBrian Lara
50, Trinidadian
Trinidadian Cricketer

James DysonJames Dyson
72, British
Kay PanabakerKay Panabaker
29, American
Actress, Voice-Over Artist

Yook Sung-jaeYook Sung-jae
24, South Korean
South Korean Singer

Theodor HerzlTheodor Herzl
44, Austrian, Hungarian
Jo Ann PflugJo Ann Pflug
79, American

28, Puerto Rican
Singer, Songwriter
Hedda HopperHedda Hopper
80, American

John AndreJohn André
30, British
18th Century British Army Officer & Spy

Thomas McDonellThomas McDonell
33, American
Wilm HosenfeldWilm Hosenfeld
57, German
Army Officer

Link WrayLink Wray
76, American
Benjamin Spock Benjamin Spock
94, American
Pediatrician and Political Activist

Jerome K. JeromeJerome K. Jerome
68, British

Yongle EmperorYongle Emperor
64, Chinese

Gaius CharlesGaius Charles
36, American
Harris JHarris J
22, British
Sam TsuiSam Tsui
30, American
Singer & Songwriter

28, German
Philosopher & Poet

Jigme Dorji WangchuckJigme Dorji Wangchuck
43, Bhutanese
Third King of Bhutan

27, American
Actor, Rapper
Philippe HalsmanPhilippe Halsman
73, American

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H2O DeliriousH2O Delirious
32, American
YouTuber, Gamer

Mr. NightmareMr. Nightmare
27, American

22, Thai

Aaron MelloulAaron Melloul
17, American
Instagram Star
Olivia AttwoodOlivia Attwood
28, British
Reality Star

Elizabeth LyonsElizabeth Lyons
27, American
Sara Maria ForsbergSara Maria Forsberg
25, Finnish
Finnish Singer, Songwriter

Connor HutchersonConnor Hutcherson
23, American
Josh Hutcherson's Brother

Noen EubanksNoen Eubanks
18, American
TikTok star
Christine BaranskiChristine Baranski
67, American
American actress

Lily AllenLily Allen
34, British
Singer, Singer-songwriter
Matt BerryMatt Berry
45, British
Actor, Screenwriter

Kyle BuschKyle Busch
34, American
NASCAR team owner, Racecar driver

David SuchetDavid Suchet
73, British

Mika BrzezinskiMika Brzezinski
52, American

Paul DarrowPaul Darrow
78, British
Lesley GoreLesley Gore
68, American
Singer, Musician, Actor

Lou GrammLou Gramm
69, American
Singer, Singer-songwriter

Jimmy WhiteJimmy White
57, British
Snooker player, Pool player, Screenwriter

David NugentDavid Nugent
34, British
Football Player
Poppy HarlowPoppy Harlow
37, American

Julia Hartley-BrewerJulia Hartley-Brewer
51, British
Bruce GloverBruce Glover
87, American

Robert BuckleyRobert Buckley
38, American

Yasir ShahYasir Shah
33, Pakistani
Jenna von OÿJenna von Oÿ
42, American

Thabo SefoloshaThabo Sefolosha
35, Swiss
Basketball player
Roscoe Lee BrowneRoscoe Lee Browne
81, American

Jamaal WilkesJamaal Wilkes
66, American
Basketball player

Alessandro DiamantiAlessandro Diamanti
36, Italian
Association football player
Lorenzo MusicLorenzo Music
64, American
Actor, Voice actor, Writer, Television producer,

Emily HartEmily Hart
33, American
Faisal II of IraqFaisal II of Iraq
23, Iraqi

Stephen DaldryStephen Daldry
59, British
film director, film producer, theatre director

Penny PritzkerPenny Pritzker
60, American

Belinda StronachBelinda Stronach
53, Canadian
Politician, Businesswoman, Philanthropist
Theodore BikelTheodore Bikel
91, Austrian, American
Florian Henckel von DonnersmarckFlorian Henckel von Donnersmarck
46, German
Film director, Screenwriter

Athanasius KircherAthanasius Kircher
78, Italian

Geoffrey EdelstenGeoffrey Edelsten
76, Australian
Entrepreneur, Physician

Bruce RobinsonBruce Robinson
73, British
Dave WinerDave Winer
64, American
Software developer

William J. SeymourWilliam J. Seymour
52, American

Tina MazeTina Maze
36, Slovenian
Alpine skier

Alessandro ScarlattiAlessandro Scarlatti
65, Italian
Composer, Musician

Bernard SladeBernard Slade
89, Canadian
Screenwriter, Playwright
Lorenz HartLorenz Hart
48, American
Lyricist, Composer, Playwright, Songwriter,

Gemma FlynnGemma Flynn
29, New Zealander
Field hockey player
Valery GergievValery Gergiev
66, Russian

Eve Kosofsky SedgwickEve Kosofsky Sedgwick
58, American
Academic Scholar

Beram KayalBeram Kayal
31, Israeli
Association football player
Tiago MendesTiago Mendes
38, Portuguese
Association football player

Elijah McCoyElijah McCoy
85, Canadian
American-Canadian inventor
Tomer HemedTomer Hemed
32, Israeli, Polish
Association football player

Eddie CollinsEddie Collins
63, American
Baseball Player

Edward FrenkelEdward Frenkel
51, American

Tokugawa HidetadaTokugawa Hidetada
52, Japanese
Brad RichardsBrad Richards
39, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Maynor FigueroaMaynor Figueroa
36, Honduran
Association football player
William Petty, 2nd Earl of ShelburneWilliam Petty, 2nd Earl of Shelburne
68, Irish, British
Prime Minister

William CamdenWilliam Camden
72, British
Jacques RoggeJacques Rogge
77, Belgian
Physician, Surgeon, Rugby union player

Mark CutifaniMark Cutifani
61, Australian
Zhang ZhileiZhang Zhilei

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on May 2

People born on May 2nd have a straightforward approach to life. They believe in results not speculation. They are admired for their intelligence and logical, coherent thoughts. They can be blunt and fiercely honest, preferring to tell others the way it is. May 2nd natives are inquisitive and are not easily fooled. Respected for their intelligence and honesty, their bluntness can still come across as insensitive, sometimes creating needless enemies. As perfectionists, they shine in whatever task is placed before them. They motivate others to follow their incredible organizational skills. They work well in a team, however are most productive as individual contributors.

People born on May 2nd should take care to not overwork themselves in their pursuit to achieve results. This can cause stress to themselves as well as their personal relationships. Periodic vacations and time off are a must. With respect to diet, they need to make sure they eat plenty of fruits, whole grains, and vegetables while boosting their mood with fats from fish, seeds, and nuts. Regular exercise is also recommended.

Even though hard working, money can be become a destabilizing factor for May 2nd borns, as they sometimes favor professions where income can change constantly. Also, since they prefer doing things they love, salary is not much of an issue to these people.

These people have a noticeable propensity for technical careers, especially the caring vocations, such as scientific research or medicine. Their luck and opportunities help in other non-technical career paths such as advertising, writing, media and acting. Also appealing are building, management, and social reform. Their practical nature could also lead to a business career.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Relationships for people born on May 2nd are affected by their tendency to suppress or hide part of themselves. They tend to fall for the underdog or people that have problems, but also are fulfilled in a 50/50 partnership, where give and take is equal between partners. Since May 2nd born people are good listeners, they have effective communication channels with their children. This aspect becomes even more important when the kids reach adolescence. It shows that their compassion goes beyond basic generational differences.

Lucky Colors: Silver, Pale Blue, Green
Lucky Numbers: 2, 11, 20, 38, 47, 56
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Friday
Lucky Days (of the month): 2, 7