People born on May 21st fall under the sun sign Gemini. Problem solvers by nature, these individuals have an innate sense of communication and are great at it. They are intellectual and have a charming disposition but can be impatient and restless too. Since this date falls on the first day of the Gemini cycle, these individuals may also possess some traits of Taurus as well. Either way, they are intense and passionate about seeking knowledge.

Jeffrey DahmerJeffrey Dahmer
34, American
Serial Killer, Sex Offender
The Notorious BThe Notorious B.I.G.
24, American

Chris BenoitChris Benoit
40, Canadian
Canadian Professional Wrestler
Philip II of SpainPhilip II of Spain
71, Spanish
King of Spain

Mr. TMr. T
67, American

Noel FieldingNoel Fielding
46, British
Fairuza BalkFairuza Balk
45, American

Willem EinthovenWillem Einthoven
67, Dutch
Inventor of the first practical ECG
39, Australian, Belgian

Judge ReinholdJudge Reinhold
62, American
Al FrankenAl Franken
68, American

Nick CassavetesNick Cassavetes
60, American
Alexander PopeAlexander Pope
56, British
Kota IbushiKota Ibushi
37, Japanese

Fats WallerFats Waller
39, American
Jazz Pianist
Kayla ItsinesKayla Itsines
28, Australian
Instagram Star, Personal Fitness Trainer

Andrei SakharovAndrei Sakharov
68, Russian
The Father of Soviet nuclear bomb’
Olivia OlsonOlivia Olson
27, American

Anthony MundineAnthony Mundine
44, Australian
Professional Boxer

Romain GaryRomain Gary
66, French
Eston HemingsEston Hemings
47, American

Marcel Lajos Breuer Marcel Breuer
79, Hungarian
Architect & Furniture Designer
Anatole LitvakAnatole Litvak
72, French, Ukrainian, American, Russian
Director, Screenwriter, Producer

Léon BourgeoisLéon Bourgeois
74, French
French Statesman
Albrecht DurerAlbrecht Durer
56, German

Anjulie PersaudAnjulie Persaud
36, Canadian
Pop Singer, Songwriter, Musician
Asa HowardAsa Howard
19, American
Social Media Star
Bengt I. SamuelssonBengt I. Samuelsson
85, Swedish

Brandi MaxiellBrandi Maxiell
36, American
Reality TV Star
17, American
TikTok star

Josh TryhaneJosh Tryhane
25, Canadian
26, Finnish
Singer, Songwriter

Areana LopezAreana Lopez
14, American

Kevin QuinnKevin Quinn
22, American
Rebecca TrujilloRebecca Trujillo
23, American

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59, Indian
Actor, Film producer, Singer
Andrew NeilAndrew Neil
70, British

Raymond BurrRaymond Burr
76, Canadian
Stage actor, Film actor
Aditya ChopraAditya Chopra
48, Indian
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer

Dennis DayDennis Day
72, American
Singer, Actor, Television actor, Military
Lisa EdelsteinLisa Edelstein
53, American
Playwright, Television actor, Actor, Film actor,
Brett TuckerBrett Tucker
47, Australian
Actor, Singer, Film actor

Tom DaleyTom Daley
25, British
Leo SayerLeo Sayer
71, British
Artist, Singer-songwriter, Singer

Mary AnningMary Anning
47, British
Robbie MagasivaRobbie Magasiva
49, New Zealander

Bruce BufferBruce Buffer
62, American
Announcer, Kickboxer

Anthony CassoAnthony Casso
79, American
Malcolm FraserMalcolm Fraser
84, Australian

Loretta LynchLoretta Lynch
60, American
Former Attorney General of the United States
Mengistu Haile MariamMengistu Haile Mariam
82, Ethiopian
Politician, Military personnel

Briana BanksBriana Banks
41, German, American
Adult Film Star, Glamour model, Model
Henri RousseauHenri Rousseau
66, French
Painter, Visual artist, Artist

Mutya BuenaMutya Buena
34, British
Singer-songwriter, Singer
Stuart BinghamStuart Bingham
43, British
Snooker player
Mark CavendishMark Cavendish
34, Manx, British
Track cyclist, Sport cyclist, Autobiographer

Lázaro CárdenasLázaro Cárdenas
75, Mexican
Mexican statesman
Angelo BrunoAngelo Bruno
69, Italian

Mary RobinsonMary Robinson
75, Irish
Former President of Ireland
Julie VegaJulie Vega
16, Filipino
Model, Singer, Actor

Sergey ShoyguSergey Shoygu
64, Russian
Politician, Military personnel, Economist

Kathleen WynneKathleen Wynne
66, Canadian
Hudson TaylorHudson Taylor
73, British
Physician, Translator, Theologian, Non-fiction

Quinton FortuneQuinton Fortune
42, South African
Association football player
Leon SchusterLeon Schuster
68, South African
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Film actor

Elizabeth FryElizabeth Fry
65, British
Princess Stéphanie of BelgiumPrincess Stéphanie of Belgium
81, Belgian

Miriam ToewsMiriam Toews
55, Canadian
Sergio MayerSergio Mayer
53, Mexican
Actor, Model, Television actor
Christian AudigierChristian Audigier
57, French
Designer, Fashion designer

Eduardo VerásteguiEduardo Verástegui
45, Mexican
Singer, Film actor, Actor, Television actor, Model
Lucien BonaparteLucien Bonaparte
65, Italian
French statesman

Lemn SissayLemn Sissay
52, British
Joseph FouchéJoseph Fouché
61, French

Tony SheridanTony Sheridan
72, British
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist

Kevin FongKevin Fong
48, British
Consultant, Television presenter, Lecturer
Prabhat Ranjan SarkarPrabhat Ranjan Sarkar
69, Indian

Abdulla YameenAbdulla Yameen
60, Maldivian
Anika MoaAnika Moa
39, New Zealander

Guy de RothschildGuy de Rothschild
98, French
Art collector, Banker, Lawyer
Reginald JohnstonReginald Johnston
64, Scottish
Politician, Diplomat, Teacher

Pete SandovalPete Sandoval
56, Salvadoran, American
46, Indian
Heinrich BärHeinrich Bär
43, German

Robert CreeleyRobert Creeley
78, American
Poet, Writer, University teacher
Rene KrhinRene Krhin
29, Slovenian
Association football player

Konstantin PobedonostsevKonstantin Pobedonostsev
79, Russian
jurist, politician, philosopher
Tudor ArgheziTudor Arghezi
87, Romanian
poet, writer, journalist, children's writer

Günter BlobelGünter Blobel
81, German, Polish, American
Charles Albert GobatCharles Albert Gobat
70, Swiss
Swiss lawyer

Armand BorelArmand Borel
80, Swiss, American
Swiss mathematician
Gaspard-Gustave CoriolisGaspard-Gustave Coriolis
51, French

Emile VerhaerenEmile Verhaeren
61, French
Belgian poet
Maurice NadeauMaurice Nadeau
61, French
Editor, Literary critic, Writer, Q3029418,

Līga DekmeijereLīga Dekmeijere
36, Latvian
Tennis player
Peter StricklandPeter Strickland
46, British
film director, screenwriter

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on May 21

People born on May 21 are never content with standing still. They are always looking to push forward and learning something new. This trait leads them to wanting to know about everything without ever becoming an expert in one thing. These people are also known to be great communicators and are driven to be ahead of everyone else.

People born on May 21st have their own share of health problems. This usually arises due to poor diet and lack of exercise. These individuals should avoid binging on processed food and indulge in sensible eating instead of dieting to reduce weight.

People born on May 21 are known to be entrepreneurs. However, as successful as they are at making money, they aren’t smart enough to save the same. Their drive and passion will lead to poor decisions that can quickly lead to the loss of their hard earned money. Their inability to be patient causes them to frequently lose a lot of money.

With their talent for being social, they are best in field of sales and marketing. Additionally, their passion makes them perfect candidates to run their own business. Naturally, they would also be gifted journalists, translators, writers, tour guides, and teachers. Any job with an emphasis on communication is suitable for someone born on May 21.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
One skill that May 21st individuals have is being able to attract their mates. They bring an irresistible passion to their relationships, but they have problems staying committed to them. When they do get married, their divorce rate is high. Other than their restlessness, they will often have trouble staying married, because of their inability to stabilize their financial situation. People born on this day are great with children, because they are a lot of fun and will know how to communicate well with kids. However, their instability will cause them to seek a babysitter or a nanny to help them deal with the hardships of taking care of a child.

Lucky Colors: Yellow
Lucky Numbers: 3, 8
Lucky Days (of the week): Wednesday
Lucky Days (of the month): 3, 21, 30