For those born on May 1st, their personalities are ruled by the Sun and Venus. The specific characteristics of those with this date of birth can be the strong will that drives them to be more ambitious than the average bull. Since the Sun holds the control for this day, it tends to bring out the leadership qualities making these Taurus individuals wonderful in positions of power. In times of strife, May 1st natives will be the ones to lead the way to a brighter day with their ambition and nature of authority that comes from deep within. That strength will coincide with the charisma that runs through their bones making them one to be reckoned with.

Lady Sarah ChattoLady Sarah Chatto
55, British
Daughter of Princess Margaret
YNW MellyYNW Melly
20, American

Jamie DornanJamie Dornan
37, British
Actor, Model

Anushka SharmaAnushka Sharma
31, Indian

Wes AndersonWes Anderson
50, American
Director, Producer, Actor

Tim McGrawTim McGraw
52, American
Singer-songwriter, Musician
Abby HuntsmanAbby Huntsman
33, American
Journalist, TV Presenter

Joanna LumleyJoanna Lumley
73, British

Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of WellingtonArthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington
83, British
Former First Lord of the Treasury of the United

Calamity JaneCalamity Jane
51, American
American scout
Julie BenzJulie Benz
47, American

Glenn FordGlenn Ford
90, Canadian
Katya ZamolodchikovaKatya Zamolodchikova
37, American
Drag Queens

Jake CannavaleJake Cannavale
24, American

Nikolai YezhovNikolai Yezhov
44, Russian
Top Official of Soviet Secret Police
Chad MendesChad Mendes
34, American
American Mixed Martial Artist

Marilyn MilianMarilyn Milian
58, American
Una StubbsUna Stubbs
82, British

Nicholas BraunNicholas Braun
31, American

Kerry BishéKerry Bishé
35, New Zealander, American
Royston LangdonRoyston Langdon
47, British

Pierre Teilhard de ChardinPierre Teilhard de Chardin
73, French
Joseph HellerJoseph Heller
76, American

Charlie SchlatterCharlie Schlatter
53, American
Actor, Voice Artist

Joseph AddisonJoseph Addison
47, British
Essayist & Poet

Josef Allen HynekJ. Allen Hynek
75, American
Astronomer, Ufologist
Drew SidoraDrew Sidora
34, American
Santiago Ramón y CajalSantiago Ramón y Cajal
82, Spanish
Father of Modern Neuroscience

James MurrayJames Murray
43, American

Alex EinsteinAlex Einstein
25, American

Park Hae-JinPark Hae-Jin
36, South Korean
South Korean Actor
Henry KosterHenry Koster
83, German, American
Director, Producer

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Kenny HollandKenny Holland
24, American
Singer, Actor & Social media star

Christian AkridgeChristian Akridge
19, American
YouTuber, Viner

17, American

Kyleigh NicholeKyleigh Nichole
7, American
TikTok ( Star
Elizabeth GreeneElizabeth Greene
16, American

Jake FousheeJake Foushee
22, American
YouTuber, Voiceover Artist
Ashley SotoAshley Soto
29, American
Social Media Star

Casey Johnson (Pop Singer)Casey Johnson (Pop Singer)
24, British
Pop singer

Kelly KillorenKelly Killoren
51, American
Author, Socialite, Model
Sabrina ParrSabrina Parr
32, American
Health & Fitness Trainer

27, British
Taylor YeagerTaylor Yeager
11, American
YouTube star

Wayne WilliamsWayne Williams
86, American
Musician .

Ajith KumarAjith Kumar
48, Indian
Raider, Racing driver, Actor

Wes WelkerWes Welker
38, American
American football player

Madeline BrewerMadeline Brewer
27, American
James Badge DaleJames Badge Dale
41, American

Rita CoolidgeRita Coolidge
74, American
American songwriter

Judy CollinsJudy Collins
80, American
Singer, Street artist, Singer-songwriter,

Stephen MachtStephen Macht
77, American
Betty CooperBetty Cooper
68, British

John WooJohn Woo
73, Chinese
Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter, Film
Leonardo BonucciLeonardo Bonucci
32, Italian
Association football player

Scott Fischer(Film producer)Scott Fischer(Film producer)
53, American
Film Producer

Darius McCraryDarius McCrary
43, American
Dann FlorekDann Florek
actor, film director, film actor, television

Clint MalarchukClint Malarchuk
58, Canadian
Ice hockey player
Lizzy GreeneLizzy Greene
16, American

Art FlemingArt Fleming
70, American
Officer, Radio personality

Caitlin StaseyCaitlin Stasey
29, Australian
Actor, Singer
Manna DeyManna Dey
94, Indian
Actor, Singer, Autobiographer, Composer

Balraj SahniBalraj Sahni
59, Indian, Pakistani
Henry ZebrowskiHenry Zebrowski
35, American

Marc-Vivien FoéMarc-Vivien Foé
28, Cameroonian

Bailey ChaseBailey Chase
47, American

Cecilia PeckCecilia Peck
61, French, American
Film producer
Kate SmithKate Smith
79, American
Curtis MartinCurtis Martin
46, American
American Football Players

Violante PlacidoViolante Placido
43, Italian
Actor, Singer

Ray Parker Jr.Ray Parker Jr.
65, American

Jack PaarJack Paar
85, American
Terry GoodkindTerry Goodkind
71, American

Diana HaydenDiana Hayden
46, Indian

Chuck BednarikChuck Bednarik
89, American
Football player

Darijo SrnaDarijo Srna
37, Bosnian, Croatian
Croatian footballer

Mark W. ClarkMark W. Clark
87, American
Alexander HlebAlexander Hleb
38, Belarusian
Association football player

Antony Worrall ThompsonAntony Worrall Thompson
68, British
Sally MannSally Mann
68, American

Little WalterLittle Walter
37, American
Guitarist, Street artist, Singer, Songwriter

Glen BallardGlen Ballard
66, American
Record producer, Songwriter
Wilhelmina CooperWilhelmina Cooper
40, Dutch, American
Model, Model agent

Scott CarpenterScott Carpenter
88, American
Test pilot, Aquanaut, Astronaut, Autobiographer,
Sacha DhawanSacha Dhawan
35, British

Winthrop RockefellerWinthrop Rockefeller
60, American

Oliver BierhoffOliver Bierhoff
51, German
Association football player, Manager

Matěj VydraMatěj Vydra
27, Czech
Association football player
Gordon GreenidgeGordon Greenidge
68, Barbadian

Ho ChingHo Ching
66, Singaporean
chief executive officer
Ralf DahrendorfRalf Dahrendorf
80, German, British
Philosopher, Politician, Sociologist, Political

Otto KretschmerOtto Kretschmer
86, German
Soldier, Submariner
Gabriele AmorthGabriele Amorth
91, Italian
Catholic priest, Writer, Theologian

Danielle DarrieuxDanielle Darrieux
91, French
Singer, Stage actor, Film actor
Tommy RobredoTommy Robredo
37, Spanish
Tennis player

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on May 1

Taurus individuals born on the first day of May hold a strong creative nature that can feel as if it is controlling to other individuals, while in reality this sign brings out the great inner strength that can be the master of any situation. However, that forceful personality can lead to many difficulties when dealing with others who long to be the leader of the pack. While these individuals strive to be the ‘boss’ of most circumstances, their strong drive can overpower others and cause them to be hyper-critical of those around them. Keeping those parts of their personality under control will be the one driving force in this May 1st born Taurus’ life.

As a strong person, people born on this date will experience health that is most generally very good simply because their controlling nature keeps their lives simple. Adopting routines that include proper diet and exercise will work well in their favor when coupled with an active life style. That life should consist of activities that promote a stress-free existence which will prevent countless illnesses and ailments that are caused by stress. While working on keeping stress from their lives these Taurus individuals should pay close attention to foods that will help to control their weight which is a weak point in their lives.

Taurus people born on May 1st will have the controlling tendency to seek out employment or careers that are in a higher financial bracket. Since these individuals are driven by the desire to control any situation including the desire to control their money, having a steady financial stability will play huge role in their credit worthy world.

Just as their ambition works to motivate their finances this Taurus should look toward the job market that will take advantage of their strong and almost overpowering charisma. Long days are not a problem for this driven personality and professions that require perseverance are perfect for them

Relationships, Marriage & Children
This Taurus is one that shows extreme charismatic charm and can be extremely romantic when matters of the heart are involved, that generosity of nature makes them a perfect candidate for love. Humor comes naturally as breathing and brings many potential companions into their lives. However, that charisma and charm can also lead to impulsive behavior when this Taurus is still young so looking for a mate that can help to guide him/her in the correct path will be a must. For May 1st natives, their perfect partner will generally be someone who shares their love of life and possesses intense loyalty.

Lucky Colors: Copper and Gold
Lucky Numbers: 1, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, 64, 73 and 82.
Lucky Days (of the week): Sunday, Monday and Thursday
Lucky Days (of the month): 5th, 14th and 23rd