People born on May 14 share the Taurus zodiac sign, but generally desire more independence than other bulls. For this particular birthday, the ruling astrological planet is Mercury, which plays a part in making these individuals hardworking, and creative. These individuals are known to be flexible, and have a strong sense of sympathy and compassion towards others. These May 14 natives love to be social, but also hold a desire, for sense of independence. They are known to have a warm and big heart, which makes them highly likeable among others. These individuals are ambitious, and are motivated by visions of a future, which is filled with great happiness and love.

Mark ZuckerbergMark Zuckerberg
35, American
Founder of Facebook
Cate BlanchettCate Blanchett
50, Australian

Rob GronkowskiRob Gronkowski
30, American
American Football Player

Miranda CosgroveMiranda Cosgrove
26, American
Actor, Singer

George LucasGeorge Lucas
75, American
Film Director

Tim RothTim Roth
58, British
Sofia CoppolaSofia Coppola
48, American

David ByrneDavid Byrne
67, American, Scottish
American-Scottish musician

Margaret of France Margaret of Valois
61, French
Queen consort of France

Danny HustonDanny Huston
57, Italian, American
23, Moroccan

Martin GarrixMartin Garrix
23, Dutch
DJ, Record Producer, Musician
Anjelah JohnsonAnjelah Johnson
37, American
Actress, Comedian

Ryland AdamsRyland Adams
28, American

Francesca AnnisFrancesca Annis
74, British
Zack RyderZack Ryder
34, American

Olly MursOlly Murs
35, British
Choreographer, Composer, Singer, Musician,
Emery BinghamEmery Bingham
12, American

Jahking GuilloryJahking Guillory
18, Haitian

Norodom SihamoniNorodom Sihamoni
66, Cambodian
Ruler of Cambodia
Robert OwenRobert Owen
87, Welsh

Suzy KolberSuzy Kolber
55, American
Thomas GainsboroughThomas Gainsborough
61, British
Landscape painter

James RallisonJames Rallison
23, American
YouTube Star

Ne WinNe Win
91, Burmese
Burmese Politician

Patrick BruelPatrick Bruel
60, French
Clay MatthewsClay Matthews
33, American
American Football Linebacker
22, British

Taylor DarlingTaylor Darling
22, American

Apple MartinApple Martin
15, British
Gwyneth Paltrow's Daughter

Roque DaltonRoque Dalton
39, Salvadoran
Woody McclainWoody Mcclain
30, American
Actor, Comedian

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Sian PhillipsSian Phillips
86, Welsh

Nikki PhillippiNikki Phillippi
32, American

Cole BennettCole Bennett
23, American
Founder of Lyrical Lemonade

Joya TillemJoya Tillem
49, American
Jon Favreau's Wife
Rina LipaRina Lipa
18, British

Roy HalladayRoy Halladay
40, American
Baseball Players
Jack BruceJack Bruce
71, British
Composer, Singer, Jazz musician, Diarist, Pianist,

Bobby DarinBobby Darin
37, American
Singer, Actor, Jazz musician, Songwriter

Greg DaviesGreg Davies
51, British
Robert ZemeckisRobert Zemeckis
67, American

Pusha TPusha T
42, American
songwriter, rapper
Dan AuerbachDan Auerbach
40, American
Singer, Musician, Guitarist

Jill SteinJill Stein
69, American

Raphael SaadiqRaphael Saadiq
53, American

Urijah FaberUrijah Faber
40, American
Mixed martial artist

Lina EscoLina Esco
34, American
Danny WoodDanny Wood
50, American
musician, singer

Camila SodiCamila Sodi
33, Mexican
Actor, Television actor, Film actor, Model

Dennis PraetDennis Praet
25, Belgian
Association football player

Big Van VaderBig Van Vader
64, American
Actor, Professional wrestler, Television actor
Sasha SpielbergSasha Spielberg
29, American

Fab MorvanFab Morvan
53, French
Model, Singer, Dancer, Songwriter
Steven WilliamsSteven Williams
49, American

Ian AstburyIan Astbury
Singer, Association football player, Songwriter

Ada NicodemouAda Nicodemou
42, Australian
Actor, Film actor
Charles IV, Holy Roman EmperorCharles IV, Holy Roman Emperor
62, Czech

Gabriel MannGabriel Mann
47, American
Martine McCutcheonMartine McCutcheon
43, British

Greg KurstinGreg Kurstin
50, American
Composer, Songwriter, Pianist, Record producer

Sachin KhedekarSachin Khedekar
54, Indian
Natalie AppletonNatalie Appleton
46, Canadian
Actor, Singer, Musician

Magnus HirschfeldMagnus Hirschfeld
67, German
Physician, Writer, Psychologist, Screenwriter,
Tom CochraneTom Cochrane
66, Canadian
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Singer, Writer

Pranav MistryPranav Mistry
38, Indian
Computer scientist

Moanes DabourMoanes Dabour
27, Israeli
Association football player

François SteynFrançois Steyn
32, South African
Rugby union player
Eric MorecambeEric Morecambe
58, British
actor, comedian
36, Mexican
Singer songwriter, Actress, Record producer dancer

Sidney BechetSidney Bechet
62, American
Composer, Clarinetist, Saxophonist, Jazz musician

Sabine SchmitzSabine Schmitz
50, German
Television presenter, Racecar driver, Socialite

Daniel M. LewinDaniel M. Lewin
31, Israeli
Computer scientist
Eoin ColferEoin Colfer
54, Irish
Irish author

Tony PérezTony Pérez
77, Cuban
American baseball player

Zarine KhanZarine Khan
32, Indian

Eric PetersonEric Peterson
55, American

Alain VigneaultAlain Vigneault
58, Canadian
Ice hockey player, Ice hockey coach
Sally MartinSally Martin
34, New Zealander

Otto KlempererOtto Klemperer
88, German, Polish
John BeshJohn Besh
51, American

Mickaël LandreauMickaël Landreau
40, French

Nigel Reo-CokerNigel Reo-Coker
35, British
Jon LandauJon Landau
72, American
record producer, music critic, talent manager,

Ronan TynanRonan Tynan
59, Irish
Irish tenor singer
Veruschka von LehndorffVeruschka von Lehndorff
80, German
Actor, Model

Arthur RostronArthur Rostron
71, British

Kurt EisnerKurt Eisner
51, German
Politician, Writer, Journalist

Wilhelm ListWilhelm List
91, German
Vic FlickVic Flick
82, British

H. JonesH. Jones
42, British
Anne WiazemskyAnne Wiazemsky
72, French
Actor, Film director, Novelist, Screenwriter,

Svyatoslav VakarchukSvyatoslav Vakarchuk
44, Ukrainian
Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Politician
Nikolai TikhonovNikolai Tikhonov
92, Russian
Politician, Engineer, Metallurgist

Agha Hasan AbediAgha Hasan Abedi
73, Pakistani
Financier, Banker
Michael RensingMichael Rensing
35, German
Association football player

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on May 14
People born on this day are known to show their artistic side, through their strong personality. These individuals are very active and intellectual, and can pursue great things, when they put their mind to it. They are very patient emotionally, making them sociable by nature. Those who share this birthday are known to be stubborn at times, and a bit of perfectionists. They will go above and beyond to be helpful, as long as it means minimizing, and fixing the imperfections. They are confident, and like to be alone from time to time, giving them space to manifest their destiny, and work towards achieving their goals and aspirations.

People born on this day are very active. Therefore, they never have to worry about being overweight. These individuals do not need to think about restricting their diet or going on extreme exercise regimens, since their lifestyle is already so active. The only health issue these individuals frequently face is that brought on by stress. May 14 natives are easily prone to stress, which may affect their sleep. It is important that they wok towards eliminating stress from their life, so that they have healthy sleeping patterns. Besides stress, those born on May 14 are usually very healthy, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Finances do not drive May 14 natives, but they do not particularly like others managing, or helping to deal with their finances. They prefer to solely budget their own finances, and will rarely ever ask for help. They do not carelessly spend their money, and always love a good bargain. These individuals are able to save their money, and will rarely deal with financial hardship.

These individuals are blessed with numerous talents, which often make it hard to choose a particular career profession. People with a May 14th birthday will take time to figure out the right career path. They are more than often seen having career in media, art, or communication. These individuals are hard workers, and will be successful in any job in these industries.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
People born on May 14 look for friendships that will support their emotional and intellectual needs. When it comes to love, they are enthusiastic about love and enjoy romance. They focus on a partner, who can be both a lover and a best friend to them. These individuals hate being in an argument, and will be the first ones to apologize after a quarrel. As parents, they strive for a smooth relationship with their children, once their children have grown up, since they never desire to get authoritative. They do not like demonstrating discipline to their children, since it makes them have to be serious, and fall away from their light hearted personality.

Lucky Colors: Any shade of green
Lucky Numbers: 14, 23, 32, and 41
Lucky Days (of the week): Saturday, Wednesday, and Friday
Lucky Days (of the month): 5, 14, and 23