People born on May 11 fall under the second Sun Sign, Taurus, whose symbol is the bull. Individuals born on this date are proud, loyal, and tenacious. They take a long time to come to a conclusion, but once that decision is made, woe betide anyone who gets in their way! These individuals ponder over things privately in their minds, and seldom seek input from others, preferring to sift through details and make decisions on their own. One of the most outstanding traits of those born on May 11 is their loyalty. Once a friend, always a friend! Conversely, they have the capability to be the enemy for life as well.

Cory MonteithCory Monteith
31, Canadian
Cam NewtonCam Newton
30, American
American Football Player

Natasha RichardsonNatasha Richardson
45, British, American

Sabrina CarpenterSabrina Carpenter
20, American

Richard FeynmanRichard Feynman
69, American

Lana CondorLana Condor
22, American, Vietnamese
Blac ChynaBlac Chyna
31, American

Andrés IniestaAndrés Iniesta
35, Spanish

Frances FisherFrances Fisher
67, British

James HavenJames Haven
46, American
Actor, Producer, Brother of Angelina Jolie
James L. DolanJames L. Dolan
64, American
CEO of The Madison Square Garden Company

Louis FarrakhanLouis Farrakhan
86, American
Jeffrey DonovanJeffrey Donovan
51, American

Prince RoycePrince Royce
30, American

Mary Elizabeth EllisMary Elizabeth Ellis
40, American
Christian BrandoChristian Brando
49, American
Son of Marlon Brando

Madison LintzMadison Lintz
20, American
Karen KilgariffKaren Kilgariff
49, American

Doug McClureDoug McClure
59, American

Denver PyleDenver Pyle
77, American
Mrinalini Sarabhai Mrinalini Sarabhai
97, Indian
Classical Dancer and Choreographer

Bill AckmanBill Ackman
53, American
CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management
Margaret RutherfordMargaret Rutherford
80, British

Martha GrahamMartha Graham
96, American
Modern dancer and choreographer

Katie WagnerKatie Wagner
55, American
TV Personality

Annabelle AttanasioAnnabelle Attanasio
26, American
Jadyn WongJadyn Wong
34, Canadian
Salvador DaliSalvador Dali
84, Spanish
Surrealist Painter

Charles W. FairbanksCharles W. Fairbanks
66, American
Former American senator

Mustafa TlassMustafa Tlass
87, Syrian
Senior officer

William GlasserWilliam Glasser
88, American
Developer of reality therapy and choice theory
Camilo José CelaCamilo José Cela
85, Spanish

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James ReidJames Reid
26, Australian, Filipino

Alma GluckAlma Gluck
54, American

Antony HewishAntony Hewish
95, British
Radio Astronomer

Corey La BarrieCorey La Barrie
24, Australian
Social Media Personality
Einar JónssonEinar Jónsson
80, Icelander
Icelandic sculptor

Maureen McPhilmyMaureen McPhilmy
53, American
Ex-Wife of Bill O'Reilly
Holly FrazierHolly Frazier
49, American
Reality Television Star

Camryn BridgesCamryn Bridges
17, American

Allie BrookeAllie Brooke
20, American
YouTube Star
Marla CatherineMarla Catherine
16, American
Instagram Star

Marla Catherine HenryMarla Catherine Henry
16, American
Himesh ReshammiyaHimesh Reshammiya
50, Indian
actor, composer, composer, film score composer

Sabrina CarpenterSabrina Carpenter
20, American
Actor, Singer, Television actor

Giovani dos SantosGiovani dos Santos
30, Spanish, Mexican
Association football player

Tim Blake NelsonTim Blake Nelson
30, American

36, Brazilian
association football player
Pam FerrisPam Ferris
71, British
Television actor, Stage actor, Film actor

Thibaut CourtoisThibaut Courtois
27, Belgian

Eric BurdonEric Burdon
78, British
Singer, Actor, Songwriter, Singer-songwriter,

Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich of RussiaGrand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich of Russia
47, Russian
Politician, Military personnel
Matt LeinartMatt Leinart
36, American
American football player

Shohreh AghdashlooShohreh Aghdashloo
67, Iranian
Holly ValanceHolly Valance
36, Australian
Actor, Singer, Model

Pooja BediPooja Bedi
49, Indian

David GestDavid Gest
62, American
Irving BerlinIrving Berlin
62, American, Russian
Street artist, Composer, Pianist, Songwriter,

Laetitia CastaLaetitia Casta
41, French
Saadat Hasan MantoSaadat Hasan Manto
42, Indian, Pakistani
Screenwriter, Journalist, Writer

Mychal JudgeMychal Judge
68, American
Catholic priest

Amrinder GillAmrinder Gill
43, Indian
Actor, Singer
Jeremy PaxmanJeremy Paxman
69, British
Journalist, Television presenter, Writer, Radio

Edsger W. DijkstraEdsger W. Dijkstra
72, Dutch
Mathematician, Physicist, Computer scientist,
Phil SilversPhil Silvers
74, American
Actor, Stage actor, Television actor

Foster BrooksFoster Brooks
89, American

Christoph SchneiderChristoph Schneider
53, German
Drummer, Musician

Sadashiv AmrapurkarSadashiv Amrapurkar
64, Indian
Martha QuinnMartha Quinn
60, American
Actor, Television actor, Radio personality
Miguel VelosoMiguel Veloso
33, Portuguese
Association football player

Coby BellCoby Bell
44, American

Abou DiabyAbou Diaby
33, French
Association football player

Apache IndianApache Indian
52, British
Musician, Singer, Songwriter
William Grant StillWilliam Grant Still
83, American
Conductor, Songwriter

Concha BuikaConcha Buika
47, Spanish
Singer, Film score composer

Kardinal OffishallKardinal Offishall
43, Canadian
musician, record producer, composer

Frederick Russell BurnhamFrederick Russell Burnham
86, American
Explorer, Writer

Victor MatfieldVictor Matfield
42, South African
Rugby union player
Benoît MagimelBenoît Magimel
45, French

Valentino GaravaniValentino Garavani
87, Italian
James BrayshawJames Brayshaw
52, Australian
Cricketer, Television presenter, Radio personality

Jane Percy, Duchess of NorthumberlandJane Percy, Duchess of Northumberland
61, British

Princess Irene of Greece and DenmarkPrincess Irene of Greece and Denmark
77, Greek
Frank ThringFrank Thring
68, Australian
Stage actor, Film actor

Vyloppilli Sreedhara MenonVyloppilli Sreedhara Menon
74, Indian
Poet, Writer
Kit LambertKit Lambert
45, British
Record producer, Film director, Talent agent,

Matthew LeskoMatthew Lesko
76, American

Charlotte LawsCharlotte Laws
59, American

Anton MussertAnton Mussert
Civil engineer, Engineer, Non-fiction writer
Carla BleyCarla Bley
83, American
bandleader, composer, conductor, jazz musician

Eliad CohenEliad Cohen
31, Israeli
Actor, Model
R. Dean TaylorR. Dean Taylor
80, Canadian
singer, songwriter, record producer

Roberto InsigneRoberto Insigne
25, Italian
Association football player
Yaacov AgamYaacov Agam
91, Israeli
Artist, Sculptor, Experimental artist, Visual

Thomas R. PickeringThomas R. Pickering
88, American
Darío ConcaDarío Conca
36, Argentinian
Association football player

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on May 11

May 11th individuals are impulsive, loyal, practical, emotional, and sensual. They dislike changes, and can be downright inflexible. Appealing to their sensual nature may help. They have a very distinct view of how things should be done, and will not hesitate to explain it to you. Others may at times see them as exasperating know-it-alls, but they really just want to share what they’ve learned with everyone. They are incredible friends-- patient, faithful, and generous. They are the ones whom you can turn to at the time of crises, who would stay calm and methodically, choose the best course of action, and render plenty of emotional support.

These individuals need to be on guard against throat infections and asthma. Their love for good food can lead to be a healthy diet, but remember, too much of even the very best food can be a problem. Taking a conscious effort to keep the weight in check is a must for May 11th individuals.

Due to their love for luxury, May 11th individuals understand that money is the key to getting what they want. They are practical and cautious in money matters, and are likely to be quite comfortable financially from a very early age.

The patience and practicality of these individuals make them excellent candidates for the banking and accounting fields, as well as architecture. But their sensuality, and willingness to get their hands dirty both literally and metaphorically, means that they also excel at artistic endeavors, and farming. The influence of Venus may lend them an especially lovely singing voice.

These individuals are not likely to fall in love “at first sight”. They approach matters of the heart, slowly and with much consideration. They prefer to get to know a potential partner before entering into a romantic relationship. Once they have made up their mind, however, they are wonderful, thoughtful lovers, showering their partner with affection and generosity. They are passionate in the bedroom, and quietly demonstrative in public. As a parent, they are patient and pragmatic. They’re affectionate and indulgent, and always ready to kiss a skinned knee or soothe that first broken heart. The children of May 11th borns know beyond a doubt that they are deeply loved.

Lucky Color: Cream, White, Green
Lucky Numbers: 5, 14, 23
Lucky Days (of the week): Friday, Monday
Lucky Days (of the month): 7, 8,16,17,26