Individuals born on March 11 are traditionally under the 12th sun sign, which is Pisces. Individuals born on this date feel a strong sense of spiritual calling, and can be driven by an overwhelming sense of destiny. They are interested in knowing about almost everything. They are indecisive and can be easily confused. However, when needed, they can face almost anything that the situation demands. They can brilliantly cover up their emotional sensitivity and pose as strong individuals.

Anthony DavisAnthony Davis
26, American
Basketball Player
Rupert MurdochRupert Murdoch
88, American
Media Mogul

Anton YelchinAnton Yelchin
30, American

Benji MaddenBenji Madden
40, American

Terrence HowardTerrence Howard
50, American

Johnny KnoxvilleJohnny Knoxville
48, American
Poonam PandeyPoonam Pandey
28, Indian
Model, Actress

Harold WilsonHarold Wilson
79, British
Former British Prime Minister

Joel MaddenJoel Madden
40, American
Pop Punk Singers

Alex KingstonAlex Kingston
56, British
Lucy DeVitoLucy DeVito
36, American

Antonin ScaliaAntonin Scalia
79, American
Austin SwiftAustin Swift
27, American
Photographer, Actor

Douglas AdamsDouglas Adams
49, British, American

Jude DemorestJude Demorest
27, American
Alahna LyAlahna Ly
19, American
Instagram Star, Singer

Shemp HowardShemp Howard
60, American
Actor, Comedian
Joey ButtafuocoJoey Buttafuoco
63, American

Lawrence WelkLawrence Welk
89, American

Anissa JonesAnissa Jones
18, American
Fabio CoentraoFabio Coentrao
31, Portuguese
Football Player

Barbara Alyn WoodsBarbara Alyn Woods
57, American
Taras KulakovTaras Kulakov
32, Russian

Darya Nikolayevna SaltykovaDarya Nikolayevna Saltykova
71, Russian
Serial Killer

Robert Treat PaineRobert Treat Paine
83, American
Former Massachusetts Attorney General

Camden ScottCamden Scott
28, American
Nicolaas BloembergenNicolaas Bloembergen
97, American
Ricardo MartinelliRicardo Martinelli
67, Panamanian
Former President of Panama

19, American
YouTuber & Animal Jam Gamer

Jacob CruikshankJacob Cruikshank
18, American
YouTuber, Vlogger

Gina KirschenheiterGina Kirschenheiter
35, American
Reality TV Star
23, British
YouTube Star

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Galina BeckerGalina Becker
32, American
Fitness model, Roman Reigns' Wife

Callum McGinleyCallum McGinley
27, British
YouTube Star

13, Australian

Grace SharerGrace Sharer
19, American
Rainey QualleyRainey Qualley
29, American

Jodie ComerJodie Comer
26, British
Didier DrogbaDidier Drogba
41, Ivorian
Ivorian Footballer

Andrew RobertsonAndrew Robertson
25, Scottish
association football player

Elias KoteasElias Koteas
58, Canadian
Jimmy IovineJimmy Iovine
66, American
Entrepreneur, Music Producer

Nina HartleyNina Hartley
60, American
Vinnie PaulVinnie Paul
55, American
Drummer, Musician, Composer

John BarrowmanJohn Barrowman
52, British, American, Scottish

Peter BergPeter Berg
55, American

Emma ChambersEmma Chambers
53, British

Lisa LoebLisa Loeb
51, American
American singer-songwriter
Bobby McFerrinBobby McFerrin
69, American
Musician, conductor, arranger, producer

Jack RodwellJack Rodwell
28, British

Rob PaulsenRob Paulsen
63, American
Voice Actor

Paul WallPaul Wall
38, American
Disc jockey, Musician, Singer, Songwriter
Renzo GracieRenzo Gracie
52, Brazilian
Mixed martial artist, Judoka

David BoiesDavid Boies
78, American
Craig ParkinsonCraig Parkinson
43, British, American

David AndersDavid Anders
38, American

Vannevar BushVannevar Bush
84, American
Scientist, Engineer, Politician, University
Colson WhiteheadColson Whitehead
50, American

Melissa RycroftMelissa Rycroft
36, American
Nigel LawsonNigel Lawson
87, British
Journalist, Politician, Editor

Shane RichieShane Richie
55, British

Elton BrandElton Brand
40, American
Basketball Player
Mircea MonroeMircea Monroe
37, American

Dock EllisDock Ellis
63, American
Baseball player
Nina HagenNina Hagen
64, German
Actor, Singer

Qasem SoleimaniQasem Soleimani
65, Iranian
military personnel, officer

Frederick IX of DenmarkFrederick IX of Denmark
72, Danish

David LaChapelleDavid LaChapelle
56, American
James FleetJames Fleet
67, British
Jose Mari ChanJose Mari Chan
74, Filipino
Singer, Songwriter

Robert GlenisterRobert Glenister
59, British

Mohit ChauhanMohit Chauhan
59, Indian

Hiroshi MikitaniHiroshi Mikitani
56, Japanese
Ajantha MendisAjantha Mendis
34, Sri Lankan
Sri Lankan cricketer

Thomas GravesenThomas Gravesen
43, Danish

Alessandro FlorenziAlessandro Florenzi
28, Italian
Association football player

Roy ShawRoy Shaw
76, British

Michael PolanyiMichael Polanyi
84, Hungarian
Philosopher, Economist, Chemist
Abdul Razak HusseinAbdul Razak Hussein
53, Malaysian
Prime Minister

Lindsey McKeonLindsey McKeon
37, American
Cornelius CastoriadisCornelius Castoriadis
75, French, Greek
Philosopher, Economist, Writer, University

Malcolm CampbellMalcolm Campbell
63, British
Journalist, Racecar driver

Vijay HazareVijay Hazare
89, Indian
Henry CowellHenry Cowell
68, American
Composer, Musicologist, Music theorist, Pianist

J. C. R. LickliderJ. C. R. Licklider
75, American
Computer scientist, Psychologist
Andrés VelencosoAndrés Velencoso
41, Spanish
Model, Actor

Torquato TassoTorquato Tasso
51, Italian
Poet, Writer, Playwright, Poet lawyer

Marius PetipaMarius Petipa
51, French
Dancer, Ballet master, Choreographer, Librettist,

Alan YentobAlan Yentob
72, British
Television presenter
Benji WebbeBenji Webbe
52, British

Elena BerkovaElena Berkova
34, Ukrainian
Adult Film Star, glamour model
Urbain Le VerrierUrbain Le Verrier
66, French
Astronomer, Mathematician, Politician

Thomas StarzlThomas Starzl
90, American
George KooymansGeorge Kooymans
Singer, Record producer, Guitarist, Composer,

Ferdy MayneFerdy Mayne
81, German
Walter BrueggemannWalter Brueggemann
86, American
theologian, university teacher

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on March 11

March 11th Pisces often take things to extremes. When they get into something, they push it as far as they can. They see a continuity of personality within themselves, but do not realize that other people see them to have drastically shifting moods. This leads some people to think of these individuals as weird, or maybe even a little crazy as they seem to have either multiple personalities or very mercurial emotions.

People born on the 11th of March have healthy ideals, but it is hard to say whether they will live up to them or not. They may make studies of everything they would need to do to be healthy, but then simply never get around to doing any of it. They can be very careless in matters of their health. Experimentation with drugs could be a running theme in the life of a March 11 Pisces.

March 11 Pisces have a love-hate relationship with money. On one hand, they think of it as useless, and on the other they can be plagued with debts. It is not uncommon for those who are born on this day to 'forget' to pay their bills. They may know a lot about financial matters, but using the knowledge is an entirely different question indeed.

These individuals are well suited for a variety of tasks, but they will really shine bright so long as there is some kind of novelty behind what they are doing. Fields involving performance and travel are really good career fields for these kinds of people. Otherwise jobs wherein they can work alone, and even set their own schedules are the best options for them.

Relationships, Marriage, and Children
From the very start, these people can be passionate and dedicated. March 11 people give as much as they can to their lovers, but sometimes they get obsessed. They may face difficulty settling with a partner, because it is their nature to second guess everything. Once a relationship sours though, these people may become detached, but have a hard time getting out of a relationship. In matters of children, people with this birthdate love to inculcate in the young ones a strong spiritual base.

Lucky Colors: Cream, White, Green
Lucky Numbers: 2, 11, 20, 29, 38, 47, 56, 65, 74
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Thursday, & Sunday
Lucky Days (of the month): 12, 22, 27