The zodiac sign of people born on 30 June is cancer. Jupiter is the ruling planet of people born on this particular day. These people have a grip over their wit, they love merry making and are outgoing individuals. They have the potential to play well with their sharp wit. They are also blessed with balanced demeanor and possess a great intuition. These individuals are immensely kind and the influence of Jupiter is felt significantly with their well-poised behavior. They nurture potent rational thoughts and strike a constant balance between reality and rationality. These inquisitive individuals love to share their thoughts and ideas with the surrounding people and they have an intelligent bend of mind.

Mike TysonMike Tyson
52, American
Lizzy CaplanLizzy Caplan
36, American

Michael PhelpsMichael Phelps
33, American
Allegra VersaceAllegra Versace
32, Italian
Socialite, Model

Lena HorneLena Horne
92, American

Monica PotterMonica Potter
47, American
Molly ParkerMolly Parker
46, Canadian

Fantasia BarrinoFantasia Barrino
34, American
Thomas SowellThomas Sowell
88, American

Willam BelliWillam Belli
36, American
Angela RaiolaAngela Raiola
55, American
Reality TV Star

Susan Hayward Susan Hayward
57, American
39, American
Semion MogilevichSemion Mogilevich
72, Ukrainian, Russian

Florence BallardFlorence Ballard
32, American
Robert BallardRobert Ballard
76, American
Deep Sea Explorer

Rick GonzalezRick Gonzalez
39, American
C.N.R. RaoC. N. R. Rao
84, Indian

Willie SuttonWillie Sutton
79, American
Bank Robber

Emperor Wu of HanEmperor Wu of Han
69, Chinese
Emperor of China
Charlene de Carvalho-HeinekenCharlene de Carvalho-Heineken
64, Dutch, British

Jack DouglassJack Douglass
30, American
Serzh SargsyanSerzh Sargsyan
64, Armenian
President of Armenia

John GayJohn Gay
47, British
Dramatist & Poet
William A. WheelerWilliam A. Wheeler
67, American
19th Vice President of the U.S.A

Paul BergPaul Berg
92, American
Olga HepnarováOlga Hepnarová
23, Czech
Kirsty BertarelliKirsty Bertarelli
47, British
Former Miss UK, Wife of Ernesto Bertarelli

Cheryl Fernandez-VersiniCheryl Fernandez-Versini
35, British
Assia DjebarAssia Djebar
78, Algerian

Georgia FordGeorgia Ford
28, American
Actress, Harrison Ford’s Daughter
Mongo BetiMongo Beti
69, Cameroonian

Max PolyakovMax Polyakov
41, Ukrainian
Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Scientist

Ferdinand von MuellerFerdinand von Mueller
71, Australian, German
Botanist and Geographer
Lin Feng-JiaoLin Feng-Jiao
65, Taiwanese

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Seth AbnerSeth Abner
23, American
Jackson BrazierJackson Brazier
25, Australian
Social Media Star

Vincent D OnofrioVincent D Onofrio
59, American
30, American

Czesław MiłoszCzesław Miłosz
93, Polish
Erin GilfoyErin Gilfoy
27, American
31, Canadian
Instagram Star

Sanni McCandlessSanni McCandless
26, American
Cody RhodesCody Rhodes
33, American
Professional wrestler

Katherine RyanKatherine Ryan
35, Irish
David Alan GrierDavid Alan Grier
actor, screenwriter, stage actor, television actor

Marton CsokasMarton Csokas
52, New Zealander

Phil AnselmoPhil Anselmo
50, American
Singer, Musician, Pianist
Afzal GuruAfzal Guru
43, Indian

Alicia FoxAlicia Fox
32, American
Professional wrestler, Model
Ralf SchumacherRalf Schumacher
43, German
Formula One driver

Sanath JayasuriyaSanath Jayasuriya
49, Sri Lankan
Charles VIII of FranceCharles VIII of France
27, French

Murray CookMurray Cook
58, Australian
Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter
Tony RockTony Rock
44, American
Actor, Television actor
Walter UlbrichtWalter Ulbricht
80, German

Cheryl ColeCheryl Cole
35, British
Stanley ClarkeStanley Clarke
67, American
Bassist, Composer, Jazz musician, Film score

Arvind SwamyArvind Swamy
51, Indian
Franz HalderFranz Halder
87, German
Soldier, Writer, Diarist

Sterling MarlinSterling Marlin
61, American
NASCAR team owner, Racecar driver

Dave Van RonkDave Van Ronk
65, American
Guitarist, Singer, Jazz musician, Trade unionist
27, Polish

Robert BalesRobert Bales
45, American
Alan HamelAlan Hamel
82, Canadian
Television presenter

Louie GiglioLouie Giglio
60, American
Wayne SwanWayne Swan
64, Australian

Tony HatchTony Hatch
79, British
Composer, Songwriter, Record producer, Pianist,
Vincent KlynVincent Klyn
58, New Zealander
Billy MillsBilly Mills
80, American
Officer, Marathon runner, Long-distance runner,

John, Prince of AsturiasJohn, Prince of Asturias
19, Spanish
Momina DuraidMomina Duraid
47, Pakistani
Television producer, Television director,

Stanley SpencerStanley Spencer
68, British
Alain FinkielkrautAlain Finkielkraut
69, French, Polish
Philosopher, Radio personality, Writer, University

Joseph Dalton HookerJoseph Dalton Hooker
94, British
Botanist, Explorer, Pteridologist, Bryologist

Oswald PohlOswald Pohl
58, German
Politician, Torturer
Glenn ShorrockGlenn Shorrock
74, Australian
Singer, Songwriter

Julie EngelbrechtJulie Engelbrecht
34, German
Viktor SchaubergerViktor Schauberger
73, Austrian
Forester, Inventor, Writer

Jamie McLennanJamie McLennan
47, Canadian
Ice hockey player
Kristoffer OlssonKristoffer Olsson
23, Swedish
Association football player

Jayson CastroJayson Castro
32, Filipino
Basketball player
Jean-Yves Le DrianJean-Yves Le Drian
71, French
Politician, Historian
Josef JakobsJosef Jakobs
43, German
Double agent

Ed KavaleeEd Kavalee
39, Australian
Radio personality
André HazesAndré Hazes
Singer-songwriter, Singer

Ahmed Zaki YamaniAhmed Zaki Yamani
88, Saudi Arabian
Fernando LugoFernando Lugo
67, Argentinian, Paraguayan
politician, sociologist, cleric, Catholic priest

87, Indian
Poet, Writer
Horace VernetHorace Vernet
73, French

Gilles KepelGilles Kepel
63, French
Political scientist, Sociologist
Justo VillarJusto Villar
41, Paraguayan

Paul François Jean Nicolas, vicomte de BarrasPaul François Jean Nicolas, vicomte de Barras
73, French
James MartinJames Martin
46, British

Alice WongAlice Wong
70, Canadian
Juan BoschJuan Bosch
92, Dominican
Politician, Historian, Writer

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on June 30
People born on this day are blessed with an immense intelligence potential, which always makes them stand out from the crowd. They are kind hearted and always love to lend a helping hand to the needy. They love to balance out everything in their life and have a rational approach towards everything. They earn money and love to share their earnings to help out individuals who are in real need. These individuals also respect the importance of ambition and work in life. They endeavor success but they never forget their family and friends while doing so. People born on June 30 are outgoing and fun loving but at the same time they protect their privacy from intruders. They are very choosy about their friends and they always focus and believe in quality rather than quantity. Natives of June 30 have an incredible memory and a creative flair. They have innumerable interests and hobbies and sometimes are struck with mood swings. They know how to keep themselves busy and they also know how to utilize their free time by reading books and gaining knowledge. They are outstanding individuals who love to share their knowledge with the people surrounding them.

Natives of June 30 sometimes suffer from digestive disorders because they are foodaholic individuals. They love to experiment with different cuisines. This particular habit sometimes results in overeating and hence, leads to an imbalance in the digestive enzymes. When unhappy, these individuals also fill in the void by indulging in food. This results in the occurrence of minor digestive ailments. They sometimes fail to strike a balance between the nutritional intakes. Proper relaxation and a regular exercise regime are what are required to keep them healthy and fit.

Natives of June 30 sometimes end up in impulsive purchases. This tendency results in financial tantrums; otherwise, they properly know how to manage their private funds. They love to work hard in order to afford and enjoy the luxuries of life and hence, they know how to respect their hard earned money. The impulsive purchases, sometimes, result in over expenditure, which may cause financial difficulties.

People born on June 30 have an entrepreneurial mind and personality. They always focus on the positive side of the game and hence, they succeed in balancing the failures and successes in their life. They love to work hard in order to meet the standards of their daily living. They always choose a career that provides them with the opportunity to grow immensely in terms of creativity and intellect. People born on this particular day are experts in finding out decent opportunities that will result in a good earning. They love their creative freedom.

Relationships, Marriage and Children
Natives of June 30 are incredibly romantic people who always seek for a kind-hearted life partner. They are mature individuals who realistically maneuver in a love relationship and do not dwell in a dreamland. They are realistic and hardworking individuals who believe and know the truth of love that it requires deep understanding, respect and faith to bloom over the years. People born on June 30th are extremely fond of intimacy with their partner. They are loving parents too and they love to spend time with their family and kids.

Lucky Colors: Red, Pink, Blue and White.
Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 6, 9, 16, 36, 78.
Lucky Days (Of The Month): 3, 8, 20, 15.
Lucky Days (Of The Week): Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday.