These people born on July 6th fall under the zodiac sign of Cancer. Ruled by the moon, water is element which influences the Cancerians. Cancerians are often very passionate, strong and assertive individuals. He/she can also be a bit over-sensitive at times along with being sentimental. The Cancerian born on July 6 isn't afraid to go after what he/she wants and can be rather tenacious in his/her efforts! These individuals are very strong-willed, confident and are try to achieve perfection in whatever they do.

Sylvester StalloneSylvester Stallone
73, American
Actor, Director
George W. BushGeorge W. Bush
73, American
43rd U.S. President

Kevin HartKevin Hart
40, American

50 cent50 Cent
44, American

Zion WilliamsonZion Williamson
19, American
Basketball Player

Frida KahloFrida Kahlo
47, Mexican
Eva GreenEva Green
39, French
Model, Actress

Christopher ScarverChristopher Scarver
50, American
Serial Killer

Pau GasolPau Gasol
39, Spanish
Basketball Player, Actor
Dalai LamaDalai Lama
84, Tibetan
Spiritual Leader of Tibet

Richard Beckinsale Richard Beckinsale
31, British
TV & Film Actor
Susan WojcickiSusan Wojcicki
51, American
CEO of YouTube

Janet Leigh Janet Leigh
77, American

Nancy ReaganNancy Reagan
94, American
Former First Lady of the United States

Tia MowryTia Mowry
41, American

Merv GriffinMerv Griffin
82, American
TV Host
Burt WardBurt Ward
74, American

Tamera MowryTamera Mowry
41, American

Nicholas I of RussiaNicholas I of Russia
58, Russian
Emperor of Russia

Maximilian I of MexicoMaximilian I of Mexico
34, Austrian
John Paul JonesJohn Paul Jones
45, American
Scottish American Sailor

Marc ChagallMarc Chagall
97, Belarusian, French, Russian
Viola DesmondViola Desmond
50, Canadian, American

Heinrich HarrerHeinrich Harrer
93, Austrian

Courtney HadwinCourtney Hadwin
15, British
Conrad Hilton Jr.Conrad Hilton Jr.
42, American
Socialite, Entrepreneur

Nursultan NazarbayevNursultan Nazarbayev
79, Kazakh
1st President of Kazakhstan
Della ReeseDella Reese
86, American
Singer, Actress

Peter SingerPeter Singer
73, Australian

Luigi Di MaioLuigi Di Maio
33, Italian
Party leader of the Five Star Movement
Stamford RafflesStamford Raffles
44, Jamaican, British
Former Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies

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Tay ZondayTay Zonday
37, American
Singer, Musician, YouTube star
21, American

Brianna WuBrianna Wu
39, American
Video Game Developer

Glenn ScarpelliGlenn Scarpelli
53, American

Patty MayoPatty Mayo
32, American
Syama Prasad MookerjeeSyama Prasad Mookerjee
51, Indian
Indian Politician
Elton CasteeElton Castee
29, American
YouTuber, Viner

Daithi De NoglaDaithi De Nogla
27, Irish

Lauren ElizabethLauren Elizabeth
21, American
YouTube Star & Actress

Hugo TheorellHugo Theorell
79, Swedish
Swedish scientist
John Lindley ByrneJohn Byrne
69, American
Comic-book Writer & Artist

Dylan KingwellDylan Kingwell
15, Canadian

Klailea BennettKlailea Bennett
16, American

Jack DuffJack Duff
20, Irish

Kalvin GarrahKalvin Garrah
19, American
Larsa YounanLarsa Younan
45, Syrian, American
Scottie Pippen's Wife

Daniel KyreDaniel Kyre
21, American
YouTuber, Musician
Ranveer SinghRanveer Singh
34, Indian

Jennifer SaundersJennifer Saunders
61, British

Geoffrey RushGeoffrey Rush
68, Australian
Hilary MantelHilary Mantel
67, British
Writer, Novelist, Essayist, Film critic, Poet

Nnamdi AsomughaNnamdi Asomugha
38, American
American football player, Actor
Ned BeattyNed Beatty
82, American

Geraldine JamesGeraldine James
69, British

Shweta TripathiShweta Tripathi
34, Indian

Brian Van HoltBrian Van Holt
50, American

Inspectah DeckInspectah Deck
49, American
Brian PosehnBrian Posehn
53, American

Kate NashKate Nash
32, British

Audrey FleurotAudrey Fleurot
42, French

Fred DryerFred Dryer
73, American
American actor
Phyllis HymanPhyllis Hyman
45, American

Robin AntinRobin Antin
58, American
Ballet dancer, Choreographer, Television
Bill HaleyBill Haley
55, American
Singer, bandleader, conductor,yodeler

Shelley HackShelley Hack
72, American

Makhaya NtiniMakhaya Ntini
42, South African
John RichJohn Rich
86, American

Alessandro JulianiAlessandro Juliani
44, Canadian
Nanci GriffithNanci Griffith
66, American

Peter HedgesPeter Hedges
57, American

Nathalie BayeNathalie Baye
71, French
Actor, Voice actor
Sami KhanSami Khan
39, Pakistani

Michael ShrieveMichael Shrieve
70, American
Composer, Percussionist
Daniel MorganDaniel Morgan
66, American

Mike RileyMike Riley
66, American
American football player

M. BalamuralikrishnaM. Balamuralikrishna
86, Indian
Singer, Music director, Multi-instrumentalist

Wojciech JaruzelskiWojciech Jaruzelski
90, Polish
Vladimir AshkenazyVladimir Ashkenazy
82, Icelander, Russian
Pianist, Conductor, Composer
Zé RobertoZé Roberto
45, Brazilian, German
Association football player

Prince JohnsonPrince Johnson
67, Liberian

Susan FordSusan Ford
62, American

Josh ElliottJosh Elliott
48, American
Sports commentator
Gauri ShindeGauri Shinde
45, Indian
Film director, Author, Screenwriter

Wouter BassonWouter Basson
69, South African

Shalimar SeiuliShalimar Seiuli
21, American Samoan

Adi ShamirAdi Shamir
67, Israeli
Mathematician, Cryptologist, Computer scientist

Louie BellsonLouie Bellson
84, American
Marc BlochMarc Bloch
57, French
Historian, Medievalist, University teacher, Writer

David KarpDavid Karp
33, American
Internet Entrepreneurs
Darrell RoyalDarrell Royal
88, American
Football Player

Jet HarrisJet Harris
71, British
Robb DerringerRobb Derringer
52, American
Peter MansbridgePeter Mansbridge
71, Canadian
Journalist, News presenter

Personality Traits & Characteristics Of Famous People Born On July 6th

The individuals born on July 6 relentlessly pursue their goals whatever they may be! They approach life with great enthusiasm and tend to influence others with their vibrant and infectious optimism. Though, they love to lead a luxurious life, they are basically down-to-earth and find pleasure in helping the less fortunate ones. They always tend to lead an adventurous life, full of happiness, success and longevity.

This moon ruled Cancerians must be careful when dabbling in experiments. These individuals will often have to deal with the problems associated with addiction. It is best for the July 6 borns to stay away from alcohol and drugs. By the same token, food is likely to become an issue for this these people. They tend to stick to a healthy balanced diet and try to remain in good shape.

People born on July 6th believe in utilizing their talents to make big buck! They have an abundance of charisma and others tend to flock to them, making it easy for them to acquire partners in business. Money is never an issue for these Cancerians!

The career oriented Cancerians born on July 6 will stop at nothing to prove their worth. They desire success and believe in molding their own destiny. Their remarkable insight usually leads them down the path of self-employment. Often the July 6 Cancerians make great teachers, inspirational speakers or excellent performers. These individuals achieve great things when given the opportunity to showcase their talents!

Relationships, Marriage & Children
This particular Cancer does not easily fall in love, but; when they do, they make loyal, romantic and loving partners. Beware! However, these people can be a tad bit needy at times. People born on July 6th make wonderful parents, but at times they need to try and understand their children better.

Lucky Colors: Yellow, Pastel Blues, Silver, Indigo & Black.
Lucky Numbers:  2, 3, 5 & 9
Luck Day (of the Week): Monday.
Lucky Days (of the Month): 4th & 6th