People born on July 12th are expressive and fun to be around. However, they are also very indecisive and become stressed when things are out of their control. These people prefer an environment that is calm and orderly. They are extremely ambitious, determined and confident, which makes them excellent leaders. These qualities also mean that they almost always achieve their goals. Those born on July 12th also enjoy travelling around the world and inventing new things as they are extremely innovative individuals.

Sundar PichaiSundar Pichai
47, Indian, American
CEO of Google Inc
Brock LesnarBrock Lesnar
42, American
Professional Wrestler

Topher GraceTopher Grace
41, American

Malala YousafzaiMalala Yousafzai
22, Pakistani
Youngest Nobel Laureate

Bill CosbyBill Cosby
82, American

Michelle RodriguezMichelle Rodriguez
41, American
James RodríguezJames Rodríguez
28, Colombian
Football Player

Cheyenne JacksonCheyenne Jackson
44, American

Charlie MurphyCharlie Murphy
57, American

Anna FrielAnna Friel
43, British
Henry David ThoreauHenry David Thoreau
44, American
Writer and Philosopher

Phoebe TonkinPhoebe Tonkin
30, Australian
Richard SimmonsRichard Simmons
71, American
American actor

Lee Byung-hunLee Byung-hun
49, South Korean

Sami ZaynSami Zayn
35, Canadian
Professional Wrestler
Pablo NerudaPablo Neruda
69, Chilean
Chilean poet

Milton BerleMilton Berle
93, American
Lyudmila PavlichenkoLyudmila Pavlichenko
58, Russian

Erik Per SullivanErik Per Sullivan
28, American

Buckminster FullerBuckminster Fuller
87, American
Amedeo ModiglianiAmedeo Modigliani
35, Italian
Painter & Sculptor

Brooke BaldwinBrooke Baldwin
40, American
Natalie MartinezNatalie Martinez
35, American
Actress, Model

Nicole AlexanderNicole Alexander
37, American

Denise NicholasDenise Nicholas
75, American

Andrew WyethAndrew Wyeth
91, American
George EastmanGeorge Eastman
77, American
Inventor of Roll Film
Kristen ConnollyKristen Connolly
39, American

William OslerWilliam Osler
70, Canadian
Professor of Medicine, Historian, Pathologist,

Liu TaoLiu Tao
41, Chinese
Actress, Singer

Van CliburnVan Cliburn
78, American
American pianist
Josiah WedgwoodJosiah Wedgwood
64, British

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Claude BernardClaude Bernard
64, French

Denise Miller-JonasDenise Miller-Jonas
53, American
Mother of Jonas Brothers

Elias James CoreyElias James Corey
91, American
Organic Chemist

33, American
YouTube star
Natalie La RoseNatalie La Rose
31, Dutch

Julio Cesar ChavezJulio Cesar Chavez
57, Mexican
Mexican professional boxer
Tayeb SalihTayeb Salih
79, Sudanese

Willis Eugene Lamb Jr.Willis Lamb
94, American

Simone HoltznagelSimone Holtznagel
26, Australian
Mirza Fatali AkhundovMirza Fatali Akhundov
65, Azerbaijani
Writer and Philisopher

Kimberly PerryKimberly Perry
36, American
Steve HoweySteve Howey
42, American

Edward DunlopEdward Dunlop
85, Australian
Prisoner of War

Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-PittVivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt
11, French
Brad Pitt's Daughter

Knox Leon Jolie-PittKnox Leon Jolie-Pitt
11, French, American
Son of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Bryana HollyBryana Holly
27, American
Model, Social Media Personality
David KarolyDavid Karoly
64, Australian
Australian scientist

René Gerónimo FavaloroRené Gerónimo Favaloro
77, Argentinian
Cardiovascular Surgeon

Hope SchwinghamerHope Schwinghamer
21, American
TikTok Star

Issac Ryan BrownIssac Ryan Brown
14, American
Child Actor
Pocket SunPocket Sun
28, Chinese
Entrepreneur, Investor

Sky BrownSky Brown
11, Japanese
Christine McVieChristine McVie
76, British
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Songwriter, Pianist

LeSean McCoyLeSean McCoy
31, American
American Football Player

Steve YoungSteve Young
73, American
Composer, Singer-songwriter
Sanjay ManjrekarSanjay Manjrekar
54, Indian

Cheryl LaddCheryl Ladd
68, American
Evelyn SharmaEvelyn Sharma
30, German, Indian
actor, model

Kyrsten SinemaKyrsten Sinema
43, American

Tamsin GreigTamsin Greig
53, British
Luke ShawLuke Shaw
24, British
Association football player

Brian GrazerBrian Grazer
68, American
Eric CarrEric Carr
41, American
Drummer, Musician

Annabel CroftAnnabel Croft
53, British
Tennis player

Gareth GatesGareth Gates
35, British
Singer, Singer-songwriter

Loni LoveLoni Love
48, American
Christian VieriChristian Vieri
46, Italian
Association football player
Louis B. MayerLouis B. Mayer
73, Belarusian, Ukrainian, American
Film Producer

John PetrucciJohn Petrucci
52, American
Virtuoso Guitarist, composer and producer

Sam J. JonesSam J. Jones
65, American

Bambi WoodsBambi Woods
64, American
Adult Film Star
Oscar Hammerstein IIOscar Hammerstein II
65, American
Songwriter, Librettist, Song book, Screenwriter,

Joe DeRitaJoe DeRita
83, American

Jamey SheridanJamey Sheridan
68, American

Jay ThomasJay Thomas
71, American
Actor, Radio personality, Film actor, Television

Pooja SharmaPooja Sharma
30, Indian
Liz MitchellLiz Mitchell
67, Jamaican

Jordyn WieberJordyn Wieber
24, American
Artistic gymnast
Sharon den AdelSharon den Adel
45, Dutch
Singer, Songwriter

Munaf PatelMunaf Patel
36, Indian

Xian LimXian Lim
30, Filipino
Actor, model, singer, blogger
Rick HusbandRick Husband
45, American

Jeff GlorJeff Glor
44, American
Wilko JohnsonWilko Johnson
72, British
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Actor

Jessica BarthJessica Barth
39, American

Gaby RoslinGaby Roslin
55, British
Television presenter

Antonio CassanoAntonio Cassano
37, Italian
Association football player
Simone VerdiSimone Verdi
27, Italian
Association football player

Alison WrightAlison Wright
43, British
Tom BensonTom Benson
90, American

Jean HersholtJean Hersholt
69, Danish, American
Film actor, Actor, Linguist, Writer, Translator
Sandi PattySandi Patty
63, American

Akbar BugtiAkbar Bugti
79, Pakistani
Robert FiskRobert Fisk
73, British
Journalist, Historian, Writer, War correspondent

Personality Traits & Characteristics Of Famous People Born On July 12th

Those born on the 12th of July have a desire to be deeply connected to others. They also have curious minds that allow them to dream big and set high goals. These individuals are naturally caring and warm. They do, however, tend to get easily bored and may become moody if they are not entertained. Those born on this day overcome obstacles with ease, because, they are able to think about them realistically. These talented and confident individuals have the potential to make it big.

Overall, people born on July 12th are healthy. However, they often struggle with excess stress owing to reasons which are beyond their control. Since, excess stress often causes these individuals to have dermatological issues, it is important that they find a way to reduce that anxiety. Heading outdoors to exercise or simply relaxing in a serene surrounding is a beneficial way for those born on the 12th of July to reduce stress and remain healthy.

Those born on the 12th of July are excellent at saving money. Since a high salary is not a top priority for these individuals, they tend to be very smart about putting money aside for the rainy days. These individuals do not need a lot of money to feel comfortable and secure.

People who are born on July 12th work the best in jobs that allow them to utilize their communication skills. Since, they are such caring individuals, professions such as nursing and teaching can be the top choices. These people always get along with their colleagues.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Those who are born on the 12th of July enjoy extremely close relationships with their immediate family members, but often tend to hesitate to form romantic relationships. This is because they have an idealistic view of their partner and will turn down anyone who is not perfect in their eyes. These high expectations often mean that, those born on July 12th settle down late in life. These individuals are not extremely fond of children and prefer a quiet and peaceful time at home. They often make very strict parents.

Lucky Colors: Orange, Reddish-Orange & Cream
Lucky Numbers: 2, 20, 25
Lucky Days (of the Week): Monday, Thursday
Lucky Days (of the Month): 7th, 16th