People born on January 4th fall under the zodiac sign of Capricorn. The symbol of Capricorn is goat. The individuals born under the influence of this zodiac are known for their caring, yet sure-footed, strong and alert nature. The individuals born on January 4th are ruled by the planet Uranus, due to which these people are goal-orientated, fun-loving and sometimes emotionally demanding. Capricorns are often hyper-aware of goals and goal motivation is an important part of their lives. Because of their career-orientated nature, Capricorns make excellent employees at any level of a company. People born on January 4th have several personality traits other Capricorns may not possess, including, a quirkier personality, charm and the desire to please and make others around them comfortable.

Isaac NewtonIsaac Newton
84, British
Physicist, Mathematician, Astronomer
Darlie RoutierDarlie Routier
49, American

Emma MackeyEmma Mackey
23, French, British
Dyan CannonDyan Cannon
82, American

Tina KnowlesTina Knowles
65, American
Fashion Designer

Toni KroosToni Kroos
29, German
Michael StipeMichael Stipe
59, American

Emilie LivingstonEmilie Livingston
36, Canadian
Lea Elui GinetLea Elui Ginet
18, French
TikTok ( & Instagram Star

Matt FrewerMatt Frewer
61, American
Kerry CondonKerry Condon
36, Irish

Liza SoberanoLiza Soberano
21, Filipino, American
Cindy VelaCindy Vela
40, American
Kris BryantKris Bryant
27, American
Baseball Player

Louis BrailleLouis Braille
43, French
Inventor of Braille
John Bennett PerryJohn Bennett Perry
78, American

Kang Hye-jungKang Hye-jung
37, South Korean
Sorrell BookeSorrell Booke
64, American

Jaeden LieberherJaeden Lieberher
16, American

Vanity (Singer)Vanity (Singer)
57, Canadian
Greg CipesGreg Cipes
39, American
Actor/ Voice Actor/ Musician

Peyton KennedyPeyton Kennedy
15, Canadian
Benjamin RushBenjamin Rush
67, American

Erin CahillErin Cahill
39, American
Shane CarwinShane Carwin
44, American
Mixed Martial Artist

Coco JonesCoco Jones
21, American
Everett McKinley DirksenEverett Dirksen
73, American
Former U.S. Senator
C. L. R. JamesC. L. R. James
88, Trinidadian, British
Journalist, Writer, Historian, Theorist, Socialist

Ms. Juicy BabyMs. Juicy Baby
47, American
Kate ElisabethKate Elisabeth
19, British

Brian JosephsonBrian Josephson
79, British
Bob BlackBob Black
68, American
American author

Charles MeltonCharles Melton
28, American

Alexa CurtisAlexa Curtis
15, Australian
Kalin WhiteKalin White
24, American

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25, American
YouTuber, Gamer
25, Canadian
YouTube Prankster

Christopher O'FlyngChristopher O'Flyng
22, American
Rudan CustodioRudan Custodio
25, American
You Tube Personality

Aidan ZahnAidan Zahn
16, American
TikTok Star
Brittany JohnsonBrittany Johnson
18, American
Instagram Star
James MilnerJames Milner
33, British
Association football player

Harmony KorineHarmony Korine
46, American
James BondJames Bond
89, American

Till LindemannTill Lindemann
56, German
Singer, Actor, Poet, Swimmer, Writer, Carpenter,
Peter SteelePeter Steele
48, American
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Singer

Julia OrmondJulia Ormond
54, British

Quincy PromesQuincy Promes
Association football player
Aditya PancholiAditya Pancholi
54, Indian

Rick SteinRick Stein
72, British
Chef, Cook
Dave FoleyDave Foley
56, Canadian

Graham ElliotGraham Elliot
42, American
Domestic worker cook, Chef, Restaurateur
Sterling HollowaySterling Holloway
87, American
Voice actor, Film actor, Stage actor, Television

Bernard SumnerBernard Sumner
63, British
Guitarist, Singer-songwriter, Lyricist, Singer
Floyd PattersonFloyd Patterson
71, American
Don ShulaDon Shula
89, American
American football player

Gurdas MaanGurdas Maan
62, Indian
Actor, Lyricist, Songwriter
Maureen ReaganMaureen Reagan
60, American

Doris Kearns GoodwinDoris Kearns Goodwin
76, American
Journalist, Historian
Deana CarterDeana Carter
53, American

Patty LovelessPatty Loveless
62, American
American singer

Malcolm Wheeler-NicholsonMalcolm Wheeler-Nicholson
75, American
Entrepreneur, Writer
Graham RahalGraham Rahal
30, American
Racecar driver

Don ArdenDon Arden
81, British
Impresario, Talent agent, Talent manager
Archana KaviArchana Kavi
29, Indian

August DiehlAugust Diehl
43, German
Stage actor, Film actor
Yvan AttalYvan Attal
54, French, Israeli
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Dub actor

Wat TylerWat Tyler
40, British
Jacob GrimmJacob Grimm
78, German
Kimo LeopoldoKimo Leopoldo
51, American
Mixed Martial artist

April WinchellApril Winchell
59, American
Actor, Radio personality, Stage actor, Television
Carlos SauraCarlos Saura
87, Spanish
Film director, Screenwriter, Photographer, Writer

George P. CosmatosGeorge P. Cosmatos
64, Greek, Italian
Film director, Screenwriter
Augustus JohnAugustus John
83, British
Painter, Etcher

Giovanni Battista PergolesiGiovanni Battista Pergolesi
26, Italian
Composer, Organist

Ross TurnbullRoss Turnbull
34, British
Younès KaboulYounès Kaboul
33, French
Association football player

Nels ClineNels Cline
63, American
Composer, Guitarist, Jazz musician, Jazz guitarist
Robin GuthrieRobin Guthrie
57, Scottish
Record producer, Composer, Audio engineer,

David MillarDavid Millar
42, British
Sport cyclist
Omar ChávezOmar Chávez
29, Mexican

Günter SchabowskiGünter Schabowski
86, German
Journalist, Politician
Gao XingjianGao Xingjian
79, Chinese, French
Writer, Painter, Translator, Novelist, Playwright,
Olivia TennetOlivia Tennet
28, New Zealander

Paul VirilioPaul Virilio
87, French
Philosopher, Writer, Architect, Urban planner,
André MassonAndré Masson
91, French
Painter, Engraver

Marsden HartleyMarsden Hartley
66, American
Painter, Poet, Journalist
Helmut JahnHelmut Jahn
79, German, American

Bobbi EdenBobbi Eden
Columnist, Adult Film Star, Writer, Actor, Model
Gianni VattimoGianni Vattimo
83, Italian
Philosopher, Politician, University teacher

May-Britt MoserMay-Britt Moser
56, Norwegian
Professor, Neuroscientist, Psychologist, Physician
Marie-Louise von FranzMarie-Louise von Franz
83, Swiss
Psychologist, Scientist, Writer

Christopher CassidyChristopher Cassidy
49, American
36, British
Musician, Record producer

Miguel MonteiroMiguel Monteiro
39, Portuguese
François RudeFrançois Rude
71, French

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on January 4th

Capricorns are logical and intelligent people who are excellent problem solvers, although they often demonstrate the desire to solve problems in their own heads before presenting a solution. Capricorns can be vocal about their opinions to the point of being offensive as other people's feelings are not usually of concern to a Capricorn. Individuals born on this day, often love debating and showing off their intelligence. They may present misleading information in order to strengthen their stand, before presenting their argument. These people are often melancholy, humorless, and they tend to see the glass as ‘half empty’ rather than ‘half full’. Capricorns may also suffer from frequent mood swings and can be melancholy one moment and witty the next.

People born on January 4th are often healthy individuals, although they should watch out for stress, which may lead to frequent headaches. Capricorns tend to suffer from skin illnesses such as rashes, boils and in some cases even leprosy. They are more susceptible to injuries, particularly in their legs. Since Capricorns are often melancholy individuals, they should be aware of the signs of depression.

People born on January 4th are considered to be naturally lucky when it comes to finances. This comes handy for these people, because they are often not particularly concerned with their finances.

Although Capricorns are often goal-oriented, people born on January 4th tend not be as career driven. Their versatility often means that they do not choose a career right away, but when they do they are often very successful.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
These people are often shy and reserved in the early stages of relationships. Once they let their guards down, they are supportive and loving. These Capricorns are known to be extremely devoted towards their partners. Once these people have children, they show their light-hearted nature and become at ease with expressing their emotions to their children.

Lucky Colors: Brown & other Dark Colors
Lucky Numbers: 4, 5
Lucky Days (of the Month): 4th, 8th, 16th
Lucky Days (of the Week): Saturday & Sunday