A Caribbean country in North America, Haiti is the land of the high mountains. If history is to be believed, French fondly referred to the country as the Pearl of the Antilles. This was primarily because Haiti was rich both in terms of natural beauty and accumulated wealth. In fact, it was the richest colony owned by the European powers of that time. Taking the legacy of the richness forward were its nationals, Haitians, as they are known as who contributed extensively to the country’s rich political, economic, art and cultural background through their personal endeavours. Interestingly, apart from national heroes, Haiti has served as the home of many migrant Haitians who have created quite a niche for themselves and their homeland in foreign countries. Did you know that the famous singer Usher, NBA player Blake Griffith, rapper Tony Yayo and actor Jamie Hector are all Haitian descents? Additionally, there have been numerous Haitian nationals, who have done their country proud through their works. Jean Michael-Basquiat was a highly prolific painter who infused African and Caribbean culture in his canvas. Haitian women have also made noteworthy contribution. Edwidge Danticat is an award-wining writer best known for her works, ‘Breath, Eyes, Memory’ and ‘The Dew Breaker’. Read this section to find more about famous Haitians.
François DuvalierFrançois Duvalier
14 April 1907
Politician, Physician
Jean-Claude DuvalierJean-Claude Duvalier
03 July 1951
Former President of Haiti

Jean-Jacques DessalinesJean-Jacques Dessalines
20 September 1758
Haitian General

Bermane StiverneBermane Stiverne
01 November 1978
Professional Boxer

Jean-Bertrand AristideJean-Bertrand Aristide
15 July 1953
Former President of Haiti

Edwidge DanticatEdwidge Danticat
19 January 1969
Jahking GuilloryJahking Guillory
14 May 2001

Michel MartellyMichel Martelly
12 February 1961
President of Haiti

Malinda PantonMalinda Panton
31 August 1988
YouTube Star
Garcelle BeauvaisGarcelle Beauvais
26 November 1966

25 August 1992
Mia LoveMia Love
06 December 1975

Andre BertoAndre Berto
07 September 1983

Pierre DesirPierre Desir
08 September 1990
American Football player

Jean PascalJean Pascal
28 October 1982

Jean-Baptist-Point Du SableJean-Baptist-Point Du Sable
1745 AD
Yuli GurrielYuli Gurriel
09 June 1984
Baseball player

Henry ChristopheHenry Christophe
06 October 1767

Jean LouisJean Louis
05 October 1907
Artist, Screenwriter, Costume designer

Alexandre PétionAlexandre Pétion
02 April 1770
President of Republic of Haiti
Jean-Pierre BoyerJean-Pierre Boyer
15 February 1776

Samuel DalembertSamuel Dalembert
10 May 1981
Basketball player
Simone DuvalierSimone Duvalier
19 March 1913
Haitian first lady

René PrévalRené Préval
17 January 1943

Faustin SoulouqueFaustin Soulouque
15 August 1782
Emperor of Haiti
Dany LaferrièreDany Laferrière
13 April 1953

Junior GaletteJunior Galette
27 March 1988
Football player
Bernard Fils-AimeBernard Fils-Aime
24 May 1953

Gosder CherilusGosder Cherilus
28 June 1984
Football player

Paul MagloirePaul Magloire
19 July 1907
Vladimir DucasseVladimir Ducasse
15 October 1987
American Football player

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Laurent LamotheLaurent Lamothe
14 August 1972
Tennis player, Diplomat, Politician
Jean DominiqueJean Dominique
31 July 1930

Dadi NicolasDadi Nicolas
29 September 1992
Football player

Marc BazinMarc Bazin
06 March 1932

Jean Price-MarsJean Price-Mars
15 October 1876
Émile JonassaintÉmile Jonassaint
20 May 1913
Max BeauvoirMax Beauvoir
25 August 1936

The Rev. Gérard Jean-JusteThe Rev. Gérard Jean-Juste
07 February 1946

Guy DurosierGuy Durosier
01 March 1932

Claude RaymondClaude Raymond
1929 AD
Philippe Wilson DesirPhilippe Wilson Desir
06 August 1938
Freedom fighter