Find out more about the greatest Finns, including Linus Torvalds, Jean Sibelius, Tove Jansson, Alvar Aalto and Martti Ahtisaari.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Finland? Endless winter, frozen lakes, subzero temperature and, pure wilderness! You might be right about these things. But then, there is more to it than just its quirky, eerie, snow smothered image. Agreed, Finnish are skittish by nature and just way too humble to blow their own trumpet. But that does not, in any way, miniscule the importance of the country and its people. In fact, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that behind its snow-covered façade lies a cutting-edge urban space and a gamut of industrious men and women. Yes, the inspirational country of the Finns teems with memorable people whose contribution in the upliftment of the land and the world at large has been colossal. Get to know all about the lives of some famous Finnish people in the biographies below that charter the lives and feats of these men through their timelines, trivia, and interesting facts.
Simo HäyhäSimo Häyhä

17 December 1905

Linus TorvaldsLinus Torvalds
(Software Engineer)

28 December 1969

Jean SibeliusJean Sibelius

08 December 1865

Alvar AaltoAlvar Aalto

03 February 1898

Tove JanssonTove Jansson

09 August 1914

Matti NykänenMatti Nykänen
(Olympic athlete)

17 July 1963

Martti Oiva Kalevi AhtisaariMartti Ahtisaari
(Former President of Finland)

23 June 1937

Isac ElliotIsac Elliot
(Singer, Songwriter)

26 December 2000

Ragnar GranitRagnar Granit

30 October 1900

Hella WuolijokiHella Wuolijoki

22 July 1886

(Singer, Songwriter)

21 May 1993

Uuno KailasUuno Kailas

29 March 1901

Sara Maria ForsbergSara Maria Forsberg
(Finnish Singer, Songwriter)

02 May 1994

Kim DotcomKim Dotcom
(Entrepreneur, Computer scientist, Programmer, Businessperson, Hacker)

21 January 1974

Teemu SelänneTeemu Selänne
(Ice hockey player)

03 July 1970

Tuukka RaskTuukka Rask
(Ice hockey player)

10 March 1987

Tarja TurunenTarja Turunen
(Singer, Opera singer, Composer, Pianist, Songwriter)

17 August 1977

Pekka RinnePekka Rinne
(Ice hockey player)

03 November 1982

Mika HäkkinenMika Häkkinen
(Finnish racing driver)

28 September 1968

Eero SaarinenEero Saarinen
(Architect, Designer)

20 August 1910

Keke RosbergKeke Rosberg
(Formula One driver, Racecar driver)

06 December 1948

Ville ValoVille Valo
(Singer, Songwriter, Drummer)

22 November 1976

Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimCarl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim
(Statesman, Explorer, Politician, Officer)

04 June 1867

Jari LitmanenJari Litmanen
(Association football player)

20 February 1971

Tom of FinlandTom of Finland
(Painter, Illustrator)

08 May 1920

Sami HyypiäSami Hyypiä
(Association football player, Association football manager)

07 October 1973

Teemu PukkiTeemu Pukki
(Association football player)

29 March 1990

Sauli NiinistöSauli Niinistö

24 August 1948

(Disc jockey, Record producer)

17 July 1975

Tuomas HolopainenTuomas Holopainen
(Pianist, Composer, Poet, Record producer, Songwriter)

25 December 1976


24 August 1998

Alexi LaihoAlexi Laiho
(Guitarist, Singer, Composer)

08 April 1979

Kasperi KapanenKasperi Kapanen
(Ice hockey player)

23 July 1996

Peter SundePeter Sunde
(Computer scientist, Politician)

13 September 1978

Aki KaurismäkiAki Kaurismäki
(Finnish screenwriter)

04 April 1957

Heikki KovalainenHeikki Kovalainen
(Formula One driver)

19 October 1981

Michael MonroeMichael Monroe
(Singer, Saxophonist, Pianist)

17 June 1962

Marco HietalaMarco Hietala
(Bassist, Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter)

14 January 1966

Mikko KoivuMikko Koivu
(Ice hockey player)

12 March 1983

Mikael ForssellMikael Forssell
(Association football player)

15 March 1981

Paavo NurmiPaavo Nurmi
(Long-distance runner, Marathon runner, Athletics competitor)

13 June 1897

Urho KekkonenUrho Kekkonen
(Politician, Diplomat, Athletics competitor, Lawyer, Journalist)

03 September 1900

Jari KurriJari Kurri
(Ice hockey player)

18 May 1960

Saku KoivuSaku Koivu
(Ice hockey player)

23 November 1974

Leo KomarovLeo Komarov
(Ice hockey player)

23 January 1987

Jussi JääskeläinenJussi Jääskeläinen

19 April 1975

Olivia MerilahtiOlivia Merilahti
(singer, composer, guitarist)

1982 AD

Tony HalmeTony Halme
(Boxer, Politician, Singer, Professional wrestler)

06 January 1963

Raymond EbanksRaymond Ebanks
(rapper, singer)

02 January 1969

Henri ToivonenHenri Toivonen
(Rally driver, Motorcycle racer, Racecar driver)

25 August 1956

Tarja HalonenTarja Halonen
(Politician, Diplomat, Lawyer)

24 December 1943

Jukka NevalainenJukka Nevalainen
(Musician, Drummer)

21 April 1978

Shefki KuqiShefki Kuqi
(Association football player, Association football manager)

10 November 1976

Mikael GranlundMikael Granlund
(Ice hockey player)

26 February 1992

Eliel SaarinenEliel Saarinen

20 August 1873

Roman EremenkoRoman Eremenko
(Association football player)

19 March 1987

Risto RytiRisto Ryti
(Politician, President)

03 February 1889

Joel PohjanpaloJoel Pohjanpalo
(Association football player)

13 September 1994

Jouko AholaJouko Ahola
(Actor, Film actor, Powerlifter)

01 December 1970

Tommi MäkinenTommi Mäkinen
(Racing driver)

26 June 1964

Mika SaloMika Salo
(Formula One driver, Racecar driver)

30 November 1966

Lasse VirénLasse Virén
(Finnish runner)

22 July 1949

Lauri YlönenLauri Ylönen
(Singer-songwriter, Singer)

23 April 1979

Miikka KiprusoffMiikka Kiprusoff
(Ice hockey player)

26 October 1976

Ari VatanenAri Vatanen
(Rally driver, Politician)

27 April 1952

Esa TikkanenEsa Tikkanen
(Ice hockey player)

25 January 1965

Niklas MoisanderNiklas Moisander
(Association football player)

29 September 1985

Olli JokinenOlli Jokinen
(Ice hockey player)

05 December 1978

Eicca ToppinenEicca Toppinen
(Cellist, Composer, Musician, Drummer, Pianist)

05 August 1975

Timo TolkkiTimo Tolkki
(Record producer, Guitarist)

03 March 1966

Andy McCoyAndy McCoy
(Musician, Guitarist)

11 October 1962

Juha KankkunenJuha Kankkunen
(Rally driver)

02 April 1959

Ilmari JuutilainenIlmari Juutilainen
(Aviator, Military personnel)

21 February 1914

Tomi JoutsenTomi Joutsen
(Singer, Drummer)

30 April 1975

Jyrki KatainenJyrki Katainen

14 October 1971