Famous Finnish Artists & Painters

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 1 Tove Jansson

Tove Jansson
Famous As: Novelist
Birthdate: August 9, 1914
Sun Sign: Leo
Birthplace: Helsinki, Finland
Died: June 27, 2001
Finnish author Tove Jansson was the woman behind the phenomenally successful children’s books and comics on the fictional white hippo-like creatures she called Moomins. While the Moomins books have been translated into more than 50 languages, Jansson’s literary works also include several other novels and short stories.

 2 Tom of Finland

Tom of Finland
Famous As: Painter, Illustrator
Birthdate: May 8, 1920
Sun Sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Kaarina
Died: November 7, 1991

 3 Tuulikki Pietila

Tuulikki Pietila
Famous As: Graphic Artist
Birthdate: February 18, 1917
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Birthplace: Seattle, Washington, United States
Died: February 23, 2009
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 4 Akseli Gallen-Kallela

Akseli Gallen-Kallela
Famous As: Finnish painter
Birthdate: April 26, 1865
Sun Sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Pori
Died: March 7, 1931

 5 Mauno Manninen

Mauno Manninen
Famous As: Poet
Birthdate: June 26, 1915
Sun Sign: Cancer
Birthplace: Helsinki, Finland
Died: September 14, 1969

 6 Helene Schjerfbeck

Helene Schjerfbeck
Famous As: Painter
Birthdate: July 10, 1862
Sun Sign: Cancer
Birthplace: Helsinki, Grand Duchy of Finland
Died: January 23, 1946

 7 Albert Edelfelt

Albert Edelfelt
Famous As: Painter
Birthdate: July 21, 1854
Sun Sign: Cancer
Birthplace: Porvoo, Finland
Died: August 18, 1905
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 8 Hugo Simberg

Hugo Simberg
Famous As: Painter
Birthdate: June 24, 1873
Sun Sign: Cancer
Birthplace: Hamina, Grand Duchy of Finland, Russian Empire (now Hamina, Finland)
Died: July 12, 1917

 9 Wäinö Aaltonen

Wäinö Aaltonen
Famous As: Artist
Birthdate: March 8, 1894
Sun Sign: Pisces
Birthplace: Karinainen
Died: May 30, 1966