Those born on February 25 have Pisces as their sun sign. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces is one of the three Water signs in the Western zodiac (along with Cancer and Scorpio). February 25 natives are very sensitive to outside influences and have a heightened awareness of the perceived impressions of others, which is further augmented by strong intuition common to water signs. As a rule, they tend to be gentle, compassionate people who always look for the good in others. One of poor traits of their personality is that they may be indecisive and unable to cope with the real world. Pisceans have active imaginations that may lead them to seek professions and situations involving the arts, especially acting, dancing or writing. They are natural peace-makers with the ability to sooth hurt feelings and restore calm.

Rashida JonesRashida Jones
43, American
George HarrisonGeorge Harrison
58, British

Shahid KapoorShahid Kapoor
38, Indian
Actor, Dancer

Sean AstinSean Astin
48, American

Ric FlairRic Flair
70, American
Professional Wrestler

Téa LeoniTéa Leoni
53, American
Anson MountAnson Mount
46, American

Princess Alice of BattenbergPrincess Alice of Battenberg
84, British
Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark

Joakim NoahJoakim Noah
34, French, American
Basketball Player

Carrot TopCarrot Top
54, American
Naga MunchettyNaga Munchetty
44, British
Television Presenter

Ibn BattutaIbn Battuta
72, Moroccan
Isabelle FuhrmanIsabelle Fuhrman
22, American

James Gilmore BackusJim Backus
76, American

Jean TodtJean Todt
73, French
Rally Driver
Pierre-Auguste RenoirPierre-Auguste Renoir
78, French

Rudolf SteinerRudolf Steiner
64, Croatian
Philosopher, social reformer, architect and
Noah JupeNoah Jupe
14, British

Danny DenzongpaDanny Denzongpa
71, Indian

Tom CourtenayTom Courtenay
82, British
Justin BerfieldJustin Berfield
33, American

Anthony BurgessAnthony Burgess
76, British
Nick LeesonNick Leeson
52, British
Derivatives Trader & Broker

Zeppo MarxZeppo Marx
78, American

John Graves SimcoeJohn Graves Simcoe
54, British
First Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada

Zahia DeharZahia Dehar
27, Algerian, French
Fashion Designer, Model
Sun Myung MoonSun Myung Moon
92, South Korean
Religious Leader
John Foster DullesJohn Foster Dulles
71, American
Former United States Secretary of State

Bernard BresslawBernard Bresslaw
59, British
Comic Actor

Benjamin TallmadgeBenjamin Tallmadge
81, American
Military Leader

Tony OllerTony Oller
28, American
Actor, Singer
Joe SantagatoJoe Santagato
27, American

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Dutchess LattimoreDutchess Lattimore
35, American
Tattoo Artist, TV Actress

Case WalkerCase Walker
16, American
TikTok ( Star

Tony PerryTony Perry
33, Mexican, American

Michelle LewinMichelle Lewin
33, Venezuelan
Fitness Model, Bodybuilder
Kitaw EjiguKitaw Ejigu
57, Ethiopian
Space Scientist

Giulio NattaGiulio Natta
76, Italian
Oliver PhelpsOliver Phelps
33, British

Roy PurdyRoy Purdy
21, American
Musician, YouTuber

18, British
YouTube star
James PhelpsJames Phelps
33, British

Brielle BiermannBrielle Biermann
22, Italian, American
Socialite, Reality TV Star
Lindsay MillsLindsay Mills
34, American
American Dancer

Kamryn BeckKamryn Beck
19, American

Chelsea HandlerChelsea Handler
44, American
actor, comedian, television actor, biographer

Divya BhartiDivya Bharti
19, Indian

Jimmer FredetteJimmer Fredette
30, American
Basketball player
Maria KanellisMaria Kanellis
37, American
Professional wrestler, Model, Singer, Playboy

Alexis DenisofAlexis Denisof
53, American

John DoeJohn Doe
66, American

Douglas HodgeDouglas Hodge
59, British
Karen GrassleKaren Grassle
77, American
American actress

Gautham MenonGautham Menon
46, Indian
Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer
Meher BabaMeher Baba
74, Indian

Soumya SarkarSoumya Sarkar
26, Bangladeshi
Bangladeshi cricketer

José de San MartínJosé de San Martín
72, Argentinian, Chilean
soldier, politician
Bobby RiggsBobby Riggs
77, American
Tennis player

Christopher GeorgeChristopher George
52, American
Sally Jessy RaphaelSally Jessy Raphael
84, American
Journalist, Actor

Davey AllisonDavey Allison
32, American
Racing driver

Enrico CarusoEnrico Caruso
48, Italian
Opera singer, Singer
Gert FröbeGert Fröbe
75, German

Flavia PennettaFlavia Pennetta
37, Italian
Tennis player
Diane BakerDiane Baker
81, American

Alexei RykovAlexei Rykov

Néstor KirchnerNéstor Kirchner
60, Argentinian
Lawyer, Politician

Ralph StanleyRalph Stanley
89, American
Singer-songwriter, Banjoist, Musician
Elkie BrooksElkie Brooks
74, British
Eduardo da SilvaEduardo da Silva
36, Brazilian, Croatian
Brazilian-Croatian footballer

Amanda KellerAmanda Keller
57, Australian

Younès BelhandaYounès Belhanda
29, French, Moroccan
French-Moroccan Footballer

Karl MayKarl May
70, German
Writer, Novelist, Children's writer, Screenwriter
Daniel PowterDaniel Powter
48, Canadian
Singer, Pianist

Shehu ShagariShehu Shagari
94, Nigerian

Farokh EngineerFarokh Engineer
81, Indian

Jorge SolerJorge Soler
27, Cuban
Baseball player

Al IndelicatoAl Indelicato
50, American
Eric Edgar CookeEric Edgar Cooke
33, Australian
Serial killer

José María AznarJosé María Aznar
66, Spanish
Benedetto CroceBenedetto Croce
86, Italian
Philosopher, Politician, Art historian, Writer,

Ahmed IIAhmed II
51, Turkish

Gerran HowellGerran Howell
28, British
Actor, Film actor
Amin MaaloufAmin Maalouf
70, Lebanese
Journalist, Writer, Librettist, Science fiction

Nabil DirarNabil Dirar
33, Belgian, Moroccan
Milan BadeljMilan Badelj
30, Croatian
Croatian footballer

Pierre LaportePierre Laporte
49, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer, Journalist

Lisa MonacoLisa Monaco
51, American
Jurist, Lawyer

William II of WürttembergWilliam II of Württemberg
73, German
Justin JeffreJustin Jeffre

Carlo GoldoniCarlo Goldoni
85, Italian
Playwright, Writer, Librettist, Screenwriter,
Jerome KaganJerome Kagan
90, American

Karen FinermanKaren Finerman
54, American
Sylvie GuillemSylvie Guillem
54, French
Ballet dancer, Choreographer

S. RajaratnamS. Rajaratnam
90, Singaporean
Journalist, Politician
Sidney J. FurieSidney J. Furie
86, Canadian
film director, film producer, screenwriter

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on February 25

Although not readily evident, people born on February 25 have a strong streak of independence. They have a lot of ideas, not all of which are practical, and if dismissed harshly, they will shut down and turn inward. On the positive side, their steadfast belief in a positive outcome through respectful collaboration often makes them the quiet cheerleader in a team. Pisceans are always ready with a shoulder to cry on, and are helpful, caring friends. Despite their best intentions, involvement in others' lives may be viewed as interfering and gossipy. They love romance and sentimentality, and have a deep appreciation of history. They are delighted by little expressions of thoughtfulness and will generously return the favor whenever possible.

More so than most, it's crucial for Pisceans to find ways to recharge spiritually. They should seek quiet places where they can connect with nature and meditate. Outstanding caregivers, they may ignore their own health. It's especially important for them to preserve their musculo-skeletal structure and "inner core" because they tend to absorb tension from others. They also need to protect their respiratory health, and watch out for tendency towards addictive substances that help them escape from reality. On the positive side, they are always able to get back on the wagon and rededicate themselves to a healthy regimen.

February 25 people are very creative but may not be good overall money managers. Generous to a fault, they have a tendency to over-spend. They find working with Sagittarius and Gemini very challenging, and do better in business with Capricorn and Taurus, who provide the practicality needed to be successful.

Pisceans display exceptional artistry, often expressed through painting, writing and music. They are also drawn to the healing arts, sometimes involving alternative or veterinary medicine. They also have a deep connection with nature that makes them suited for career option such as, horticulture and landscape design.

Relationships, Marriage and Children
They encourage those around them to pursue their dreams and "I believe in you" is a phrase often associated with their supportive behavior. Always trying to maintain a romantic environment of unconditional love, Pisceans may not see flaws in a partner until it's too late. On the negative side, they may become sullen and possessive, sabotaging relationships with unrelenting criticism. Parents need to understand that for children born on February 25, the world of make-believe is as real as the immediate world. They will help their child by finding gentle ways to show that moderation and practicality can be fun. Piscean parents need to remember that discipline, when appropriately applied, will help rather than harm their child's development.

Lucky Colors: Silver, Sea-green
Lucky Numbers: 7, 16, 25, 52, 61, 70
Lucky Days (of the week): Thursday, Monday
Lucky Days (of the month): 7th, 9th