Died On October 19th

Discover the most famous people who died on October 19. The list includes people like Ernest Rutherford, Jonathan Swift, Camille Claudel, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Lucy Stone. Famous personalities featured on this list, include poets, political leaders, physicists and revolutionaries and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Germany and many more countries.

John, King of EnglandJohn, King of England
24 December 1166, British
King of England
Ernest RutherfordErnest Rutherford
30 August 1871, New Zealander, British
Physicist, Chemist

Jonathan SwiftJonathan Swift
30 November 1667, Irish
Author and Satirist

Virgil EarpVirgil Earp
18 July 1843, American
Police Officer

Gig YoungGig Young
04 November 1913, American

Samora MachelSamora Machel
29 September 1933, Mozambican
Political leader
Edna St. Vincent MillayEdna St. Vincent Millay
22 February 1892, American
Poetess and Playwright

Camille ClaudelCamille Claudel
08 December 1864, French

V. Gordon ChildeV. Gordon Childe
14 April 1892, Australian
Archaeologist and Philologist

Lucy StoneLucy Stone
13 August 1818, American
Women's Rights Activist
Lyman HallLyman Hall
12 April 1724, American
Signer of United States Declaration of

Marjorie Lee BrowneMarjorie Lee Browne
09 September 1914, American
Mathematics Educator
Ludvig PuuseppLudvig Puusepp
1875 AD, Estonian
Estonian surgeon,researcher and the world's first

Alija IzetbegovicAlija Izetbegovic
08 August 1925, Bosnian
Political Activist, First President of Bosnia &

Don CherryDon Cherry
18 November 1936, American
trumpeter, composer, jazz musician
Rudy Ray MooreRudy Ray Moore
17 March 1927, American
Actor, Film producer

Marie Thérèse of FranceMarie Thérèse of France
19 December 1778, French
Tom BosleyTom Bosley
01 October 1927, American
Voice actor, Stage actor, Film actor, Television

Jacqueline du PréJacqueline du Pré
26 January 1945, British

Sergio OsmeñaSergio Osmeña
09 September 1878, Filipino
Former President of the Philippines
Martha RayeMartha Raye
27 August 1916, American

Cesare LombrosoCesare Lombroso
06 November 1835, Italian
Physician, Writer, Criminologist, Psychiatrist,
Lázaro CárdenasLázaro Cárdenas
21 May 1895, Mexican
Mexican statesman

Lu XunLu Xun
25 September 1881, Chinese
Writer, Essayist, Poet, Literary critic,

Plutarco Elías CallesPlutarco Elías Calles
25 September 1877, Mexican
Politician, Officer, Military personnel

Son HouseSon House
21 March 1902, American
Guitarist, Singer
Charles WheatstoneCharles Wheatstone
06 February 1802, British
Cryptographer, Mathematician, Physicist, Engineer,
Thomas BrowneThomas Browne
19 October 1605, British
Philosopher, Writer

Joseph WisemanJoseph Wiseman
15 May 1918, Canadian, American

Edward S. CurtisEdward S. Curtis
16 February 1868, American
Photographer, Anthropologist

George PullmanGeorge Pullman
03 March 1831, American
Inventor, Entrepreneur
James BevelJames Bevel
19 October 1936, American

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Luís I of PortugalLuís I of Portugal
31 October 1838, Portuguese

Jacobus ArminiusJacobus Arminius
10 October 1560, Dutch
Theologian, University teacher

Godfrey KnellerGodfrey Kneller
08 August 1646, German, British

Nils AstherNils Asther
17 January 1897, Danish, Swedish
Stage actor, Film actor
Charles PfizerCharles Pfizer
22 March 1824, German
Chemist, Entrepreneur

Henri MichauxHenri Michaux
24 May 1899, Belgian, French
Painter, Poet, Writer
Nathalie SarrauteNathalie Sarraute
18 July 1900, French, Russian

Marie-Thérèse-Charlotte of FranceMarie-Thérèse-Charlotte of France
19 December 1778, French
Queen consort

Vere Gordon ChildeVere Gordon Childe
14 April 1892, Australian
Australian archaeologist
John RolphJohn Rolph
04 March 1793, Canadian