Died On November 20th

Discover the most famous people who died on November 20. The list includes people like Leo Tolstoy, Francisco Franco, Robert Altman, Giorgio de Chirico, Allan Sherman. Famous personalities featured on this list, include philosophers, political leaders, actors and economists and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Spain & Italy and many more countries.

Francisco FrancoFrancisco Franco
04 December 1892, Spanish
Dictator of Spain
Leo TolstoyLeo Tolstoy
09 September 1828, Russian

Alexandra of DenmarkAlexandra of Denmark
01 December 1844, British
Queen of Great Britain (1901-1910)

Robert AltmanRobert Altman
20 February 1925, American
Film Director

Giorgio de ChiricoGiorgio de Chirico
10 July 1888, Italian

Allan ShermanAllan Sherman
30 November 1924, American
Trofim LysenkoTrofim Lysenko
29 September 1898, Russian

Francis William AstonFrancis William Aston
01 September 1877, British
Chemist & Physicist

Rosalie EdgeRosalie Edge
03 November 1877, American
Women’s Right Activist & Environmentalist

Sylvia BrowneSylvia Browne
19 October 1936, American
Essayist, Psychic
Ian SmithIan Smith
08 April 1919, Zimbabwean

Erving GoffmanErving Goffman
11 June 1922, Canadian, American
Sociologist, Non-fiction writer
Maud of WalesMaud of Wales
26 November 1869, Norwegian, British

John I of FranceJohn I of France
15 November 1316, French

Caroline of AnsbachCaroline of Ansbach
01 March 1683, British
José Antonio Primo de RiveraJosé Antonio Primo de Rivera
24 April 1903, Spanish
Politician, Poet, Advocate

John Jellicoe, 1st Earl JellicoeJohn Jellicoe, 1st Earl Jellicoe
05 December 1859, British
Politician, Military personnel
Anton RubinsteinAnton Rubinstein
28 November 1829, Russian
Composer, Pianist, Conductor, Musicologist, Music

Hugh D. AuchinclossHugh D. Auchincloss
15 August 1897, American
Officer, Stockbroker, Lawyer

Buenaventura DurrutiBuenaventura Durruti
14 July 1896, Spanish
Anarcho-syndicalist, Anarchist, Trade unionist
Benedetto CroceBenedetto Croce
25 February 1866, Italian
Philosopher, Politician, Art historian, Writer,

Keith MichellKeith Michell
01 December 1928, Australian
Film actor, Stage actor, Singer
0254 AD, Syrian

John McEwenJohn McEwen
29 March 1900, Australian
Politician, Diplomat

David DackoDavid Dacko
24 March 1930, Cameroonian, Congolese (Republic)
Former President of the Central African Republic

Amintore FanfaniAmintore Fanfani
06 February 1908, Italian
Politician, Diplomat, Economist, University
Chalmers JohnsonChalmers Johnson
06 August 1931, American
Political scientist, Consultant, Historian,
Christian GoldbachChristian Goldbach
18 March 1690, Russian

Kitanoumi ToshimitsuKitanoumi Toshimitsu
16 May 1953, Japanese

Dieter HildebrandtDieter Hildebrandt
23 May 1927, German
Actor, Cabaret artist, Screenwriter, Writer

Abraham TuckerAbraham Tucker
02 September 1705, British
Philosopher, Writer
John BauerJohn Bauer
04 June 1882, Swedish
painter, illustrator

Edwin H. HallEdwin H. Hall
07 November 1855, American