Died On May 31st

Discover the most famous people who died on May 31. The list includes people like Adolf Eichmann, Joseph Haydn, Jack Dempsey, Elizabeth Blackwell, Évariste Galois. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, artists, renaissance painters and actors and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, France, United Kingdom & Canada and many more countries.

Otto Adolf EichmannAdolf Eichmann
19 March 1906, German
One of the Main Organizers of the Holocaust
Jean StapletonJean Stapleton
19 January 1923, American

Jack DempseyJack Dempsey
24 June 1895, American
American professional boxer

Joseph HaydnJoseph Haydn
31 March 1732, Austrian

Millvina DeanMillvina Dean
02 February 1912, British

Mary SoamesMary Soames
15 September 1922, British
Youngest Child of Winston Churchill
Évariste GaloisÉvariste Galois
25 October 1811, French

Elizabeth BlackwellElizabeth Blackwell
03 February 1821, American
First Woman Medical Graduate

tintoretto Tintoretto
29 September 1518, Italian
Renaissance Painter

Jacques MonodJacques Monod
09 February 1910, French
James RainwaterJames Rainwater
09 December 1917, American

Timothy Francis LearyTimothy Francis Leary
22 October 1920, American
American psychologist
Martha MitchellMartha Mitchell
02 September 1918, American
Political Activists

Arlene FrancisArlene Francis
20 October 1907, American
Actor, Autobiographer, Television presenter, Radio

Louise BourgeoisLouise Bourgeois
25 December 1911, French, American
Sculptor, Visual artist, Artist, Painter
Frederick William I of PrussiaFrederick William I of Prussia
14 August 1688, German

Danny La RueDanny La Rue
26 July 1927, British
Cabaret artist, Autobiographer, Singer
Terry SawchukTerry Sawchuk
28 December 1929, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Eliphas LeviEliphas Levi
08 February 1810, French
Philosopher, Non-fiction writer, Occultist

George TillerGeorge Tiller
08 August 1941, American
Physician, Officer, Gynaecologist
Petronius MaximusPetronius Maximus
0396 AD, Ancient Roman

Jan CrouchJan Crouch
14 March 1938, American
Walther FunkWalther Funk
18 August 1890, Bulgarian, German
Journalist, Banker, Economist, Politician

Jean LannesJean Lannes
10 April 1769, French
Duc de Montebello

Lloyd WrightLloyd Wright
30 March 1890, American

Odilo GlobocnikOdilo Globocnik
21 April 1904, Austrian
Vladimir TatlinVladimir Tatlin
28 December 1885, Russian
Isaac I KomnenosIsaac I Komnenos
1005 AD, Turkish

Angus WilsonAngus Wilson
11 August 1913, British
Librarian, University teacher, Writer

Ashikaga YoshimitsuAshikaga Yoshimitsu
25 September 1358, Japanese

Corry BrokkenCorry Brokken
03 December 1932, Dutch
Géza II of HungaryGéza II of Hungary
1130 AD, Hungarian

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Raymond Davis Jr.Raymond Davis Jr.
14 October 1914, American

James T. RapierJames T. Rapier
13 November 1837, American
American Politician

William JacksonWilliam Jackson
18 April 1858, Canadian

Kamala SuraiyyaKamala Suraiyya
31 March 1934, Indian