Died On May 10th

Discover the most famous people who died on May 10. The list includes people like John Wayne Gacy, Joan Crawford, Paul Revere, Henry Morton Stanley, Roque Dalton. Famous personalities featured on this list, include lawyers, military leaders, explorers and actors and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, Germany, United Kingdom and many more countries.

John Wayne GacyJohn Wayne Gacy
17 March 1942, American
Serial Killer
Joan CrawfordJoan Crawford
23 March 1905, American

Louis XV of FranceLouis XV of France
15 February 1710, French
King of France

Stonewall JacksonStonewall Jackson
21 January 1824, American

Paul ReverePaul Revere
01 January 1735, American

Shel SilversteinShel Silverstein
25 September 1930, American
Henry Morton StanleyHenry Morton Stanley
28 January 1841, British, American, Welsh

Andres BonifacioAndres Bonifacio
30 November 1863, Filipino
Filipino Revolutionary

Roque DaltonRoque Dalton
14 May 1935, Salvadoran

Carroll ShelbyCarroll Shelby
11 January 1923, American
Formula One driver, Automotive designer, Racecar
31 October 1760, Japanese

Bart the BearBart the Bear
19 January 1977, American
Animal actor
Frank FrazettaFrank Frazetta
09 February 1928, American

George VancouverGeorge Vancouver
22 June 1757, British
Explorer, Officer

Walker PercyWalker Percy
28 May 1916, American
Writer, Novelist, Philosopher
Shunroku HataShunroku Hata
26 July 1879, Japanese
Military personnel

Jeanne CoyneJeanne Coyne
28 February 1923, American
Actor, Choreographer, Dancer, Stage actor
Lorenzo BandiniLorenzo Bandini
21 December 1935, Italian
Motorcycle racer, Racecar driver

Emperor NakamikadoEmperor Nakamikado
14 January 1702, Japanese

Chris BurdenChris Burden
11 April 1946, American
Konrad HenleinKonrad Henlein
06 May 1898, German
Politician, Lawyer, Q23017329

Kurt von TippelskirchKurt von Tippelskirch
09 October 1891, German
Military personnel, Military historian,
Clark L. HullClark L. Hull
24 May 1884, American

Clara RockmoreClara Rockmore
09 March 1911, Lithuanian, American

Mieszko II LambertMieszko II Lambert
0990 AD, Polish

Vasily SokolovskyVasily Sokolovsky
21 July 1897, Russian
Military commander
Peter WeissPeter Weiss
08 November 1916, German, Swedish
Playwright, Writer, Painter, Director, Film
Günther KaufmannGünther Kaufmann
16 June 1947, German
Television actor, Actor

David RiesmanDavid Riesman
22 September 1909, American
Sociologist, Lawyer, University teacher, Writer

Mikhail Saltykov-ShchedrinMikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin
27 January 1826, Russian

Stanislao CannizzaroStanislao Cannizzaro
13 July 1826, Italian
Sebastian BrantSebastian Brant
1458 AD, German
poet, writer, poet lawyer

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Mark LaneMark Lane
24 February 1927, American
politician, lawyer, writer

Thomas YoungThomas Young
13 June 1773, British

John Cameron Andrieu Bingham Michael Morton,John Cameron Andrieu Bingham Michael Morton,
07 June 1893, British

John of ÁvilaJohn of Ávila
06 January 1500, Spanish
presbyter, writer, cleric, Catholic priest