Died On March 28th

Discover the most famous people who died on March 28. The list includes people like Dwight D. Eisenhower, Virginia Woolf, Marc Chagall, Jim Thorpe, Modest Mussorgsky. Famous personalities featured on this list, include military leaders, political leaders, composers and novelists and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, France, Russia & United Kingdom and many more countries.

Virginia WoolfVirginia Woolf
25 January 1882, British
Dwight D. EisenhowerDwight D. Eisenhower
14 October 1890, American
34th U.S. President

Ivan the TerribleIvan the Terrible
25 August 1530, Russian
First Russian Tsar

Jim ThorpeJim Thorpe
28 May 1888, American

Sergei RachmaninoffSergei Rachmaninoff
01 April 1873, American, Russian

Marc ChagallMarc Chagall
06 July 1887, Belarusian, French, Russian
Jerry BrudosJerry Brudos
31 January 1939, American
Serial Killer

Modest MussorgskyModest Mussorgsky
21 March 1839, Russian
Composer and Songwriter

Guru AngadGuru Angad
31 March 1504, Indian
Second Sikh Guru

Marquis de CondorcetMarquis de Condorcet
17 September 1743, French
Mathematician, Philosopher
Stephen LeacockStephen Leacock
30 December 1869, Canadian
Canadian writer

Christopher MorleyChristopher Morley
05 May 1890, American
Journalist, Novelist
Jack Butler YeatsJack Butler Yeats
29 August 1871, Irish, British
Irish artist

Richard GriffithsRichard Griffiths
31 July 1947, British

Peter UstinovPeter Ustinov
16 April 1921, British
01 August 0126, Italian

Earl ScruggsEarl Scruggs
06 January 1924, American
Composer, Banjoist
W. C. HandyW. C. Handy
16 November 1873, American
Trumpeter, Composer, Songwriter, Autobiographer,

Dick HaymesDick Haymes
13 September 1918, Argentinian
Actor, Musician, Singer

Christine KaufmannChristine Kaufmann
11 January 1945, German
Ballet dancer, Stage actor, Film actor, Television
Tikka KhanTikka Khan
07 July 1915, Pakistani

Anthony PowellAnthony Powell
21 December 1905, British
Writer, Novelist, Diarist, Literary critic
Emperor Go-TobaEmperor Go-Toba
06 August 1180, Japanese
Emperor ,Sovereign

Arthur CrudupArthur Crudup
24 August 1905, American
musician, singer, guitarist, composer

Sherman FairchildSherman Fairchild
07 April 1896, American
Aerospace engineer, Engineer, Financier,

Ahmed KathradaAhmed Kathrada
21 August 1929, South African
Politician, Activism
Sulim YamadayevSulim Yamadayev
21 June 1973, Russian
Pope Martin IVPope Martin IV
27 March 1210, French

Ivan IVIvan IV
03 September 1530, Russian
Grand Prince of Moscow

William GiauqueWilliam Giauque
12 May 1895, Canadian, American

Eugene IonescoEugene Ionesco
26 November 1909, French, Romanian
Christopher Darlington MorleyChristopher Darlington Morley
05 May 1890, American

Dr. Benjamin Elijah MaysDr. Benjamin Elijah Mays
01 August 1894, American

Győző CziglerGyőző Czigler
19 July 1850, Hungarian

Nicolas de Caritat, marquis de CondorcetNicolas de Caritat, marquis de Condorcet
17 September 1743, French
Died at 51 (1743-1794)