Died On June 20th

Discover the most famous people who died on June 20. The list includes people like William IV of the United Kingdom, Georges Lemaître, Jack Kilby, Salim Ali, Kurt Alder. Famous personalities featured on this list, include political leaders, journalists, soldiers and emperors & kings and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, Germany, United Kingdom and many more countries.

William IV of the United KingdomWilliam IV of the United Kingdom
21 August 1765, British
King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Bugsy SiegelBugsy Siegel
28 February 1906, American

Sophie GradonSophie Gradon
25 October 1985, British

Georges LemaîtreGeorges Lemaître
17 July 1894, Belgian
Scientist & Priest

Salim AliSalim Ali
12 November 1896, Indian

02 November 1974, American
Jack KilbyJack Kilby
08 November 1923, American
Inventor of integrated circuit

Lil SnupeLil Snupe
13 June 1995, American

Kurt AlderKurt Alder
10 July 1902, German

Louis I The PiousLouis The Pious
16 April 0778, German, French
King of Aquitaine, King of Franks & Co-Emperor
Emil CioranEmil Cioran
08 April 1911, French, Romanian
Philosopher, Writer, Diarist, Aphorist

Empress WanrongEmpress Wanrong
13 November 1906
Conrad SchumannConrad Schumann
28 March 1942, German

Erwin ChargaffErwin Chargaff
11 August 1905, American
Biochemist, Chemist, Writer

Axel von Fersen the YoungerAxel von Fersen the Younger
04 September 1755, Swedish
Emmanuel Joseph SieyèsEmmanuel Joseph Sieyès
03 May 1748, French
French clergyman

Clara ZetkinClara Zetkin
05 July 1857, German
Politician, Journalist, Feminist
Manuel BelgranoManuel Belgrano
03 June 1770, Argentinian
Lawyer, Journalist, Economist, Politician,

William E. FairbairnWilliam E. Fairbairn
28 February 1885, British

LeRoy NeimanLeRoy Neiman
08 June 1921, American
Artist, Painter
Josef BreuerJosef Breuer
15 January 1842, Austrian
Physician, Psychologist, University teacher,

Willem BarentszWillem Barentsz
1550 AD, Dutch
explorer, cartographer
Andrew SarrisAndrew Sarris
31 October 1928, American
Writer, Film critic, Journalist

Mostafa ChamranMostafa Chamran
08 March 1932
Politician, Scientist

Hitoshi AshidaHitoshi Ashida
15 November 1887, Japanese
Prime Minister, politician

Bernard Mannes BaruchBernard Mannes Baruch
19 August 1870, American
Karl Friedrich AbelKarl Friedrich Abel
22 December 1723, German
Fyodor II of RussiaFyodor II of Russia
1589 AD, Russian