Died On January 8th

Discover the most famous people who died on January 8. The list includes people like Galileo Galilei, François Mitterrand, Eli Whitney, Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell, Arcangelo Corelli. Famous personalities featured on this list, include physicists, political leaders, artists and soldiers and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, Italy, United Kingdom & Germany and many more countries.

Galileo GalileiGalileo Galilei
15 February 1564, Italian
Astronomer, Mathematician, Philosopher, Rebel
Yvonne De CarloYvonne De Carlo
01 September 1922, Canadian, American

Steve ClarkSteve Clark
23 April 1960, British

François MitterrandFrançois Mitterrand
26 October 1916, French
Former President of France

Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-PowellRobert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell
22 February 1857, British
Founder of the Scout Movement

Eli WhitneyEli Whitney
08 December 1765, American
American inventor
Pat ButtramPat Buttram
19 June 1915, American

Jim ElliotJim Elliot
08 October 1927, American

Akbar Hashemi RafsanjaniAkbar Hashemi Rafsanjani
25 August 1934, Iranian
Former President of Iran

Arcangelo CorelliArcangelo Corelli
17 February 1653, Italian
Michael TippettMichael Tippett
02 January 1905, British

Melvin Ellis CalvinMelvin Calvin
08 April 1911, American
Dave ThomasDave Thomas
02 July 1932, American
American businessman

Wesley RugglesWesley Ruggles
11 June 1889, American
Film Director

Aleksandr ProkhorovAleksandr Prokhorov
11 July 1916, Russian
Zhou EnlaiZhou Enlai
05 March 1898, Chinese
Politician, Diplomat

Joseph SchumpeterJoseph Schumpeter
08 February 1883, Austrian, Czech
Economist, Professor, Book collector

Paul VerlainePaul Verlaine
30 March 1844, French
Poet, Essayist, Writer, Librettist

Sara CarterSara Carter
21 July 1898, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer
Adam WorthAdam Worth
1844 AD, German
art thief

15 February 1564, Italian
Astronomer, Scientist
Kurt SchwittersKurt Schwitters
20 June 1887, German
Painter, Artist, Sculptor, Graphic designer,

Tony HalmeTony Halme
06 January 1963, Finnish
Boxer, Politician, Singer, Professional wrestler

Joseph Franklin RutherfordJoseph Franklin Rutherford
08 November 1869, American
Lawyer, Judge

Yuen Siu-tienYuen Siu-tien
27 November 1912
Actor, Film actor
Gerhard BarkhornGerhard Barkhorn
20 March 1919, German
Aviator, Officer
George BellowsGeorge Bellows
19 August 1882, American
Painter, Artist, University teacher

Nate SaintNate Saint
30 August 1923, American

Giotto di BondoneGiotto di Bondone
30 June 1266, Italian
Painter, Architect

Art ClokeyArt Clokey
12 October 1921, American
American animator
David Marshall WilliamsDavid Marshall Williams
13 November 1900, American

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Alasdair MilneAlasdair Milne
08 October 1930, British
Television producer, Journalist

Andrei BelyAndrei Bely
14 October 1880, Russian
poet, writer, autobiographer,playwright, literary

Richard John NeuhausRichard John Neuhaus
14 May 1936, American
Television presenter, Author, Journalist,

Alexander ProkhorovAlexander Prokhorov
11 July 1916, Russian
Nicolai GeddaNicolai Gedda
11 July 1925, Swedish
Opera singer, Singer, Music educator

Pope Celestine IIIPope Celestine III
1106 AD, Italian
Władysław TurowiczWładysław Turowicz
23 April 1908, Polish
Physicist, Aerospace engineer

Jane BolinJane Bolin
11 April 1908, American
American judge

George Maxwell RichardsGeorge Maxwell Richards
01 December 1931, Trinidadian
Former President of Trinidad and Tobago
Xavier MertzXavier Mertz
06 October 1882, Swiss
Explorer, Alpine skier

Joshua A. NortonJoshua A. Norton
04 February 1818, British, American, South African
Nikolai Alekseevich NekrasovNikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov
10 December 1821, Ukrainian