Died On January 21st

Discover the most famous people who died on January 21. The list includes people like Vladimir Lenin, George Orwell, Louis XVI of France, Cecil B. DeMille, Jack Lord. Famous personalities featured on this list, include actors, political leaders, philosophers and directors and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Russia and many more countries.

Vladimir LeninVladimir Lenin
22 April 1870, Russian
Former Premier of the Soviet Union
George OrwellGeorge Orwell
25 June 1903, British

Louis XVI of FranceLouis XVI of France
23 August 1754, French
King of France

Emiliano SalaEmiliano Sala
31 October 1990, Argentinian, Italian

Cecil Blount DeMilleCecil B. DeMille
12 August 1881, American
Film Director, Producer

Carl SwitzerCarl Switzer
07 August 1927, American
Jack LordJack Lord
30 December 1920, American
Television actor

Susan StrasbergSusan Strasberg
22 May 1938, American

Mrinalini Sarabhai Mrinalini Sarabhai
11 May 1918, Indian
Classical Dancer and Choreographer

Camillo GolgiCamillo Golgi
07 July 1843, Italian
Physician, Pathologist, Biologist
Alexander HerzenAlexander Herzen
06 April 1812, Russian
Father of Russian socialism

Charles BrownCharles Brown
13 September 1922, American
American singer
George MooreGeorge Moore
24 February 1852, Irish
Irish novelist

Ashley LovelaceAshley Lovelace
07 November 2002, American
Instagram Star

Jackie WilsonJackie Wilson
09 June 1934, American
Peggy LeePeggy Lee
26 May 1920, American
Film actor, Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Jazz

Colonel Tom ParkerColonel Tom Parker
26 June 1909, Dutch, American
Talent Manager
Georges MélièsGeorges Méliès
08 December 1861, French
Actor, Film director, Animator, Film editor,

Ann SheridanAnn Sheridan
21 February 1915, American

Michael WinnerMichael Winner
30 October 1935, British
Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter,
Bassel al-AssadBassel al-Assad
23 March 1962
Politician, Engineer

Elisha GrayElisha Gray
02 August 1835, American
James BeardJames Beard
05 May 1903, American
Chef, Non-fiction writer

Vince CamutoVince Camuto
04 June 1936, American

Billy TiptonBilly Tipton
29 December 1914, American
Pianist, Jazz musician, Saxophonist

Mustafa IIIMustafa III
28 January 1717, Turkish
Joseph SchildkrautJoseph Schildkraut
22 March 1896, Austrian, American
Screenwriter, Stage actor, Film actor
Ibrahim RugovaIbrahim Rugova
02 December 1944, Kosovar
Political leader

Pope Paschal IIPope Paschal II
1050 AD, Italian

Blaise CendrarsBlaise Cendrars
01 September 1887, Swiss, French
War correspondent, Journalist, Poet, Writer,

John Couch AdamsJohn Couch Adams
05 June 1819, British
Mathematician, Astronomer, University teacher
Bernard MandevilleBernard Mandeville
15 November 1670, Dutch
Philosopher, Economist, Writer

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Yazdegerd IYazdegerd I

Franz GrillparzerFranz Grillparzer
15 January 1791, Austrian, Hungarian
Austrian writer

Arthur SiftonArthur Sifton
26 October 1858, Canadian
Politician, Judge, Lawyer

Ludwig Achim von ArnimLudwig Achim von Arnim
26 January 1781, German
Albert LortzingAlbert Lortzing
23 October 1801, German
German composer

Giles Lytton StracheyGiles Lytton Strachey
01 March 1880, British
Jiří SequensJiří Sequens
23 April 1922, Czech
Film director, Screenwriter