Died On December 7th

Discover the most famous people who died on December 7. The list includes people like Cicero, Rube Goldberg, Robert Graves, Thomas Nast, Potter Stewart. Famous personalities featured on this list, include poets, philosophers, diplomats and lawyers and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Italy & Germany and many more countries.

03 January 0106, Italian, Ancient Roman
Philosopher, Political Theorist
Harry MorganHarry Morgan
10 April 1915, American

Delphine LaLaurieDelphine LaLaurie
19 March 1787, French

Joan BennettJoan Bennett
27 February 1910, American

Rube GoldbergRube Goldberg
04 July 1883, American

Robert GravesRobert Graves
24 July 1895, British
Poet & Novelist
Potter StewartPotter Stewart
23 January 1915, American
Former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of

Thomas NastThomas Nast
27 September 1840, American

Ferdinand de LessepsFerdinand de Lesseps
19 November 1805, French
Developer of Suez Canal

Reinaldo ArenasReinaldo Arenas
16 July 1943, Cuban
Cuban poet
Nicholas Murray ButlerNicholas Murray Butler
02 April 1862, American
Philosopher, Educator

Wolfgang PaulWolfgang Paul
10 August 1913, German
Adrian WillaertAdrian Willaert
1490 AD, Belgian
Music Composer, Teacher, Founder of the Venetian

Martin Rodbell Martin Rodbell
01 December 1925, American

Blaže KoneskiBlaže Koneski
19 December 1921, Macedonian
Johannah PoulstonJohannah Poulston
25 March 1973, British
Louis Tomlinson's Mother

Greg LakeGreg Lake
10 November 1947, British
Guitarist, Singer-songwriter, Songwriter
Robert ListonRobert Liston
28 October 1794, British

Michel NeyMichel Ney
10 January 1769, German
Military commander

Billy BremnerBilly Bremner
09 December 1942, British
Association football player, Association football
Elizabeth EdwardsElizabeth Edwards
03 July 1949, American
Attorney at law, Lawyer, Teacher, Writer

Nurbanu SultanNurbanu Sultan
1525 AD, Turkish
Sultan Selim II
Cecilia Payne-GaposchkinCecilia Payne-Gaposchkin
10 May 1900, British, American
Astronomer, University teacher

Félix Houphouët-BoignyFélix Houphouët-Boigny
18 October 1905, Ivorian
Former President of the Ivory Coast

Otto II, Holy Roman EmperorOtto II, Holy Roman Emperor
0955 AD, Italian

Jeane KirkpatrickJeane Kirkpatrick
19 November 1926, American
Politician, Diplomat, University teacher
Romaine BrooksRomaine Brooks
01 May 1874, Italian, American
Painter, Sculptor
Pope Innocent IVPope Innocent IV
1195 AD, Italian
Catholic priest

Algernon SidneyAlgernon Sidney
15 January 1623, British
Diplomat, Politician, Writer

George DarwinGeorge Darwin
09 July 1845, British
Mathematician, Astronomer

Wilhelm von KnyphausenWilhelm von Knyphausen
04 November 1716, German
Pope EutychianPope Eutychian

Whitcomb L. JudsonWhitcomb L. Judson
07 March 1846, American
Inventor, Engineer

Gerhard LenskiGerhard Lenski
13 August 1924, American
Sociologist, University teacher

John FlaxmanJohn Flaxman
06 July 1755, British
Painter, Poet, Sculptor, Illustrator

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Peter Carl GoldmarkPeter Carl Goldmark
02 December 1906, Hungarian, American
Engineer, Physicist
Nat HikenNat Hiken
23 June 1914, American
Film director, Screenwriter, Songwriter

Phillip KnightleyPhillip Knightley
23 January 1929, Australian, British
Journalist, Historian
Nicholas M. ButlerNicholas M. Butler
02 April 1862, American
American philosopher

Thomas ReedThomas Reed
18 October 1839, American
Politician, Lawyer

Léon MinkusLéon Minkus
23 March 1826, Austrian
Thornton Niven WilderThornton Niven Wilder
17 April 1897, American
Novelist, Screenwriter, Playwright

Élie DucommunÉlie Ducommun
19 February 1833, Swiss
Peace activist