Famous People Who Died At 40

The list of famous people who died at 40 includes John Lennon, Paul Walker, Edgar Allan Poe, Kalpana Chawla, Alexander McQueen. Famous personalities featured on this list, include emperors & kings, political leaders, military leaders and actors and from other domains of life. This list of celebrities who died at 40 includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Turkey and many more countries.

John LennonJohn Lennon
09 October 1940, British
Co-founder of 'The Beatles'
Paul WalkerPaul Walker
12 September 1973, American

Edward IV of EnglandEdward IV of England
28 April 1442, British
First Yorkist King of England

Edgar Allan PoeEdgar Allan Poe
19 January 1809, American
Author, Poet, Editor and Literary Critic

Chris BenoitChris Benoit
21 May 1967, Canadian
Canadian Professional Wrestler

Alexander McQueenAlexander McQueen
17 March 1969, British
Fashion designer
Franz KafkaFranz Kafka
03 July 1883, Austrian

Kalpana ChawlaKalpana Chawla
17 March 1962, American

Lenny BruceLenny Bruce
13 October 1925, American
Standup Comedian

Pete MaravichPete Maravich
22 June 1947, American
Basketball Player
Neferneferuaten NefertitiNefertiti
1370 BC, Egyptian
Ancient Egyptian Queen

Henry II of FranceHenry II of France
31 March 1519, French
King of France
John ColtraneJohn Coltrane
23 September 1926, American
Saxophonist, Composer

Jack LondonJack London
12 January 1876, American

Gus GrissomGus Grissom
03 April 1926, American
Simon MonjackSimon Monjack
09 March 1970, British
Film Director, Screenwriter, Producer

Mary Ann CottonMary Ann Cotton
31 October 1832, British
Serial Killer
Jean SebergJean Seberg
13 November 1938, American

Dawn BrancheauDawn Brancheau
16 April 1969, American
Animal Trainer

Vasily StalinVasily Stalin
21 March 1921, Russian
Joseph Stalin's Son
Lana ClarksonLana Clarkson
05 April 1962, American

Emily DavisonEmily Davison
11 October 1872, British
Jonah LomuJonah Lomu
12 May 1975, New Zealander
Rugby Player

Ike ClantonIke Clanton
1847 AD, American
Member of Brigand Group - The Cowboys

Roy DeMeoRoy DeMeo
07 September 1942, American

Robert CapaRobert Capa
22 October 1913, Hungarian
Joey FeekJoey Feek
09 September 1975, American
Trevor GoddardTrevor Goddard
14 October 1962, British, American

Muhammad AhmadMuhammad Ahmad
12 August 1844, Sudanese
Religious Leader

Matthew FlindersMatthew Flinders
16 March 1774, British

Agustín de IturbideAgustín de Iturbide
27 September 1783, Mexican
Emperor of Mexico
Margaret FullerMargaret Fuller
23 May 1810, American

Juan GrisJuan Gris
23 March 1887, Spanish

Louis Moreau GottschalkLouis Moreau Gottschalk
08 May 1829, American

Ľudovít ŠtúrĽudovít Štúr
28 October 1815, Slovak

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Silvestre RevueltasSilvestre Revueltas
31 December 1899, Mexican
Music composer, violinist and teacher
Andre BazinAndre Bazin
18 April 1918, French
Film Critic

0111 BC, Greek
Thracian gladiator
Vladimir KomarovVladimir Komarov
16 March 1927, Russian

Chris PennChris Penn
10 October 1965, American

Rick RudeRick Rude
07 December 1958, American
Professional wrestler, Actor
Glenn MillerGlenn Miller
01 March 1904, American
Jazz musician, Bandleader, Composer, Music

James IV of ScotlandJames IV of Scotland
17 March 1473, British
Francys ArsentievFrancys Arsentiev
18 January 1958, American

Terry SawchukTerry Sawchuk
28 December 1929, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Scott FischerScott Fischer
24 December 1955, American
Explorer, Rock climber

Anwar al-AwlakiAnwar al-Awlaki
22 April 1971, American, Yemeni

Ray CombsRay Combs
03 April 1956, American
Actor, Television actor
Richey EdwardsRichey Edwards
22 December 1967, British
Guitarist, Songwriter, Lyricist

Jim ReevesJim Reeves
20 August 1923, American
Singer, Songwriter

Eli CohenEli Cohen
06 December 1924, Israeli

0649 BC, Israeli
Leonard LakeLeonard Lake
1945 AD, American

Kevyn AucoinKevyn Aucoin
14 February 1962, American
Make-up artist, Photographer, Businessperson
Alaric IAlaric I
0370 AD, Romanian

Anita MuiAnita Mui
10 October 1963, Chinese
Actor, Singer

Howard AshmanHoward Ashman
17 May 1950, American
Composer, Screenwriter, Lyricist, Songwriter, Film
Danitra VanceDanitra Vance
13 July 1954, American
American comedian

Belle StarrBelle Starr
05 February 1848, American
Vitas GerulaitisVitas Gerulaitis
26 July 1954, American
Tennis player

Philip III of FrancePhilip III of France
30 April 1245, French

George VancouverGeorge Vancouver
22 June 1757, British
Explorer, Officer
Enver PashaEnver Pasha
22 November 1881, Turkish
Military officer

Mehmed IMehmed I
1381 AD, Turkish
Balaji Baji RaoBalaji Baji Rao
08 December 1720, Indian
Religious leader

Bodil JoensenBodil Joensen
25 September 1944, Danish
Adult Film Star, Actor

Wat TylerWat Tyler
04 January 1341, British

Víctor JaraVíctor Jara
28 September 1932, Chilean
Teacher, theater director, poet, singer-songwriter
Paddy MaynePaddy Mayne
11 January 1915, British
Solicitor, Rugby union player, Military personnel,
Galeazzo CianoGaleazzo Ciano
18 March 1903, Italian
Diplomat, Politician, Jurist, Diarist

Mike HailwoodMike Hailwood
02 April 1940, British
Formula One driver, Motorcycle racer

Wilhelmina CooperWilhelmina Cooper
01 May 1939, Dutch, American
Model, Model agent

Alex LoweAlex Lowe
24 December 1958, American
1192 AD, Mongolian
Khagan of the Mongol Empire

Feodor I of RussiaFeodor I of Russia
31 May 1557, Russian

Pier Gerlofs DoniaPier Gerlofs Donia
1480 AD, Dutch
warrior, farmer

Fausto CoppiFausto Coppi
15 September 1919, Italian
Italian cyclist

Tim HetheringtonTim Hetherington
05 December 1970, British, American
War correspondent, Photographer, Film director,
Pauly FuemanaPauly Fuemana
08 February 1969, New Zealander
Singer, Songwriter

Herod ArchelausHerod Archelaus
0023 BC, Israeli
Gaetano ReinaGaetano Reina
27 September 1889, American
gangster, businessperson

Diana TurbayDiana Turbay
09 March 1950, Colombian

Yao DefenYao Defen
15 July 1972
31 October 0420, Italian

Agathe UwilingiyimanaAgathe Uwilingiyimana
23 May 1953, Rwandan
John II of PortugalJohn II of Portugal
03 March 1455, Portuguese

Jean LannesJean Lannes
10 April 1769, French
Duc de Montebello

Mikhail FrunzeMikhail Frunze
02 February 1885, Kyrgyz

Buenaventura DurrutiBuenaventura Durruti
14 July 1896, Spanish
Anarcho-syndicalist, Anarchist, Trade unionist
19 February 1957, Austrian

Joan of France, Duchess of BerryJoan of France, Duchess of Berry
23 April 1464, French
Tancred, Prince of GalileeTancred, Prince of Galilee
1072 AD, Israeli
Political leader

David PurleyDavid Purley
26 January 1945, British
Formula One driver, Aerobatics, Racecar driver

Dominic McGlincheyDominic McGlinchey
1954 AD, British
Irish National Liberation Army

Mohammad Shah QajarMohammad Shah Qajar
05 January 1808
Marjorie GrossMarjorie Gross
18 April 1956, Canadian
Writer, Television producer, Screenwriter