Famous People Who Died At 29

The list of famous people who died at 29 includes Hank Williams, Christine Chubbuck, Mangal Pandey, Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., Reeva Steenkamp. Famous personalities featured on this list, include emperors & kings, political leaders, poets and actors and from other domains of life. This list of celebrities who died at 29 includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Egypt and many more countries.

Hank WilliamsHank Williams
17 September 1923, American
Father of contemporary country music
Lee Thompson YoungLee Thompson Young
01 February 1984, American

Christine ChubbuckChristine Chubbuck
24 August 1944, American
TV Reporter

Mangal PandeyMangal Pandey
19 July 1827, Indian

Reeva SteenkampReeva Steenkamp
19 August 1983, South African

Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.
25 July 1915, American
Anne BrontëAnne Brontë
17 January 1820, British

Rani LakshmibaiRani Lakshmibai
19 November 1828, Indian
Queen of Jhansi State

James II of ScotlandJames II of Scotland
16 October 1430, Scottish
King of Scots

Cassie GainesCassie Gaines
09 January 1948, American
Monica SpearMónica Spear
01 October 1984, Venezuelan
Model, Actress

P B ShelleyP B Shelley
04 August 1792, British
George JacksonGeorge Jackson
23 September 1941, American
African-American Left-Wing Activist & Marxist

Slava RaskajSlava Raškaj
02 January 1877, Croatian

Percy Bysshe ShelleyPercy Bysshe Shelley
04 August 1792, British
Linguist, Poet, Translator, Writer, Playwright,
Michael P. MurphyMichael P. Murphy
07 May 1976, American

Christopher MarloweChristopher Marlowe
26 February 1564, British
Playwright, Poet, Writer, Translator
Ronnie Van ZantRonnie Van Zant
15 January 1948, American
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Musician, Composer,

Marc BolanMarc Bolan
30 September 1947
Guitarist, Singer-songwriter, Singer

04 April 0188, Turkish
Roman emperor
Saint StephenSaint Stephen
0005 AD, Israeli
Martyr, Saint

Philip V of FrancePhilip V of France
1293 AD, French
Nero Claudius DrususNero Claudius Drusus
14 January 0038, German
Roman Politician

Paul SniderPaul Snider
15 April 1951, Canadian

Henri ToivonenHenri Toivonen
25 August 1956, Finnish
Rally driver, Motorcycle racer, Racecar driver

Mike HawthornMike Hawthorn
10 April 1929, British
Formula One driver
Astrid of SwedenAstrid of Sweden
17 November 1905, Swedish
Ivan V of RussiaIvan V of Russia
27 August 1666, Russian

Tommy HansonTommy Hanson
28 August 1986, American
Baseball player

Roland GarrosRoland Garros
06 October 1888, French
aviator, rugby union player

Marie-Adélaïde, Grand Duchess of LuxembourgMarie-Adélaïde, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
14 June 1894, Luxembourgian
Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
Mustafa IVMustafa IV
08 September 1779, Turkish

Sandeep AcharyaSandeep Acharya
04 February 1984, Indian

Tom SimpsonTom Simpson
30 November 1937, British
Sport cyclist

0350 BC, Egyptian

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Maria Leopoldina of AustriaMaria Leopoldina of Austria
22 January 1797, Austrian, Brazilian
Queen consort
Etty HillesumEtty Hillesum
15 January 1914
Writer, Diarist, Teacher, Biographer

Ptolemy V EpiphanesPtolemy V Epiphanes
0210 BC, Egyptian
Piero ManzoniPiero Manzoni
13 July 1933, Italian
Artist, Painter

Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr.Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr.
25 July 1915, American
Pilot, Soldier

John ScaliseJohn Scalise
1900 AD, American
David BrainerdDavid Brainerd
20 April 1718

Tony CostaTony Costa
02 August 1944, American
Serial killer
Anita BerberAnita Berber
10 June 1899, German
Actor, Stage actor, Model

Amenemhat IAmenemhat I
1991 BC, Egyptian

Pauline Chan Bo-LinPauline Chan Bo-Lin
23 May 1973, Hong Konger

Jean VigoJean Vigo
26 April 1905, French
Film director, Film editor, Screenwriter

Mitsuyasu MaenoMitsuyasu Maeno
1947 AD, Japanese
actor, film actor
0495 AD, French

Thomas Lynch Jr.Thomas Lynch Jr.
05 August 1749, British, American

Cleopatra I of EgyptCleopatra I of Egypt
0205 BC, Egyptian

Jūkichi YagiJūkichi Yagi
09 February 1898, Japanese
Poet, Writer
Matiur RahmanMatiur Rahman
29 October 1941, Bangladeshi
Military pilot

J.P. RichardsonJ.P. Richardson
1930 AD
Songwriter, Singer
Saskia van UylenburgSaskia van Uylenburg
02 August 1612, Dutch
Rembrandt's wife

Ferdinand EisensteinFerdinand Eisenstein
16 April 1823, German

0813 AD, Turkish