Famous People Who Died At 23

The list of famous people who died at 23 includes River Phoenix, Bhagat Singh, Selena, Ernie Davis, Charles IX of France. Famous personalities featured on this list, include emperors & kings, soldiers, political leaders and actors and from other domains of life. This list of celebrities who died at 23 includes people from United States, France, Italy & India and many more countries.

River PhoenixRiver Phoenix
23 August 1970, American
Selena QuintanillaSelena
16 April 1971, American
Singer, Songwriter

Bhagat SinghBhagat Singh
27 September 1907, Indian

Gavrilo PrincipGavrilo Princip
25 July 1894, Bosnian, Czech, Serbian
Assassinator of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Charles IX of FranceCharles IX of France
27 June 1550, French
King of France

Saint GeorgeSaint George
0280 AD, Greek, Israeli
Christian martyr
Geli RaubalGeli Raubal
04 June 1908, Austrian, Hungarian
Hitler’s Niece

Michel TrudeauMichel Trudeau
02 October 1975, Canadian
Pierre Trudeau's son

Ernest R. Davis Ernie Davis
14 December 1939, American
American Football Player

Olga HepnarováOlga Hepnarová
30 June 1951, Czech
Charles IXCharles IX
27 June 1550, French
King of France

Ian CurtisIan Curtis
15 July 1956, British
Anneliese MichelAnneliese Michel
21 September 1952

Seung-Hui ChoSeung-Hui Cho
18 January 1984, South Korean

Ivan VI of RussiaIvan VI of Russia
23 August 1740, Russian
Emperor of Russia
Bart the BearBart the Bear
19 January 1977, American
Animal actor

Aloysius GonzagaAloysius Gonzaga
09 March 1568, Italian
Faisal II of IraqFaisal II of Iraq
02 May 1935, Iraqi

Bruno MussoliniBruno Mussolini
22 April 1918

Rachel CorrieRachel Corrie
10 April 1979, American
Diarist, Biographer
Salvador SánchezSalvador Sánchez
26 January 1959, Mexican

Ylenia CarrisiYlenia Carrisi
29 November 1970, Italian
Violette SzaboViolette Szabo
26 June 1921, French

Bobby FullerBobby Fuller
22 October 1942, American
Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist

Kurt KnispelKurt Knispel
20 September 1921, German

Gaius CaesarGaius Caesar
0020 BC, Italian
Roman officer
Hannah SzenesHannah Szenes
17 July 1921, Hungarian
Writer, Poet
David HeroldDavid Herold
16 June 1842, American

Otto WeiningerOtto Weininger
03 April 1880, Austrian
Philosopher, Writer, Psychologist

Ivan VIIvan VI
23 August 1740, Russian
Emperor of Russia

0688 AD, Spanish
Grégory LemarchalGrégory Lemarchal
13 May 1983, French

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Georg BüchnerGeorg Büchner
17 October 1813, Swiss, German

Harihara IHarihara I
1333 AD, Indian

Clovis IIClovis II
0634 AD, French

Tony SteinTony Stein
30 September 1921, American
John MasonJohn Mason
10 January 1945, Indian
Schoolmaster, Educationist

Fatima bint MuhammadFatima bint Muhammad
27 July 0609, Saudi Arabian
Ali's wife